Colorburned Texture Pack Giveaway!

Contests October 15, 2008

Looking for awesome high-quality textures to use in your designs? Well, why pay for them when you can win six, yes six rockin’ Texture Packs right here for free! Each pack comes with a variety of textures and the winner of this giveaway will get one of each of the six packs in the Colorburned Shop, which amounts to over 300 free textures.

The Colorburned Shop offers professional quality resources to graphic designers. Its mission is to help graphic designers quickly build a massive reserve of resources for use in their projects.

For a limited time Colorburned will also let you buy all 300 textures for 50% off their normal price. This means you’ll receive all 300 textures for just over $35. So if you don’t win you can still get a hell of a deal!

How to Enter

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment below telling us which texture pack you think you will end up using the most in your designs. One lucky winner will get one copy of all 6 of the texture packs which amounts to over 300 textures! You must leave a comment before October 24th, 2008.

Sample Textures

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  • Toby Cummings

    I would probably use the metal and rust textures the most. They tend to really spice up my designs when I use them on typography or other graphics.

  • Morgan

    mmmm… concrete and stone!

  • Rajesh Pancholi

    Which one you ask… I “wood” if I could : )

  • Devlin

    Great contest, I like the clouds texture pack. Getting decent pictures of clouds is pretty difficult.

  • Linda

    I just ran across your site a few days ago because of Twitter! Glad I found your site.. it’s great!

  • Tadd Mencer

    Clouds – hands down – are the ones I would use the most. I try and have as many cloud textures as possible. They’re so versatile you can do just about anything with them. Space nebula, explosions, grungy back grounds … with the right tweaking they’re perfect for anything.

    I’m working on a large graphic project and man .. these packs would DEFINITELY come in handy.

    Here’s some fingers crossed!!

  • Franz Jeitz

    I’ll certainly be using the Metal&Rust Texture Pack the most. I just love some good grunge textures to spice up my work.

  • gfxchick

    It was really difficult to choose but I think I would use “Wood” the most. thanks!

  • BryanZ

    I would love to have . . .

    METAL . . METAL and RUST (to the tune of Diamonds & Rust for those of us old enough to know the song).

    Bryan Z

  • Andrew

    definitly wood. I’m always on the lookout for a fresh set of grains, yo.

  • Joseph Sites

    I’d probably use the Metal/Rust texture pack the most, but I’m not seeing actual samples of the texture images on the site… so we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Ryan Brunsvold

    Great contest, thanks. I believe I would probably use the “Concrete and Stone” pack the most.

  • Albie


  • Michelle Hayes

    I definitely think the metal and rust textures will be used the most! It was a hard decision!

  • brisbane printers

    Hi and thanks very much for the contest.

    It’s a bit of a hard choice, but I think I would get the most use out of the ‘Metal & Rust’ texture range.

    Thanks again :)

  • Peggy

    I would probably use the metal and rust the most then probably the next most used would have to be the wood.

  • Steve

    I would use the metal and rust pack the most. I am working on a new layout called heavy metal so this would be perfect.

  • Cosmo Kramer

    I would use the wood textures a lot, you can never have to much wood. But the rest of them look great to.

  • Eduardo Lares

    Shoot I will use them all or any. I love creating abstract images for my custmers on their business cards and media so i would be extremly grat full for any of the packs. Thanks!

  • Brent

    While I think the metal and rust would be extremely interesting I would probably end up using concerete and stone or wood the most due to the fact that most of the design I’m currently working on has a very earthy feel to it.

  • Cthulhu Saves

    These textures look great. The metal and rust offerings would be what I’d use most.

  • Trent

    Definitely the wood textures…

  • NaldzGraphics

    il go for metal!!:)

  • Misa

    They’re all great, but I think I’d use the wood the most.

  • Allen Bivins

    I like the WOOD pack

  • Steve Scott

    Concrete and Stone

  • Vicky Boackle


  • Sandy

    clouds or wood

  • David

    I had an extremely hard time choosing between these textures. I could probably use each of them in different and interesting ways. Yet if I were to choose only one would want the wood texture pack.

  • Redbyte

    Definitely ‘Metal & Rust’ for me.

    BTW this is a really cool competition :)

  • Anonymous

    concrete and stone definitely!

  • Christian Castañeda

    concrete and stone definitely!

  • Jed


  • Ant

    I do a lot of underground design so definitely the Metal and Rust would go down well

  • Grzegorz Biziel

    Probably concrete and stone would be the most used, but I think all of them are great!

  • fREn

    I would use the pavement textures, and also metal and rust ;D.

  • Ed

    I think the bricks are for me. Need to close that “whole in the wall”. :=)

  • Kathy Scott

    Concrete and stone.

  • Jussi

    I dig bricks, so propably those.

  • Sean Bahr

    Hi! I would probably use the wood textures the most because a lot of my clients are resorters who like the woodsy/rustic look. Thanks!

  • Katie

    I think I would use the Concrete & Stone textures most often, they would be such excellent resources for grunging up a background or any other type of graphic. I’ve got a real soft spot in my heart for grunge. ^_^


  • maxwell ariss

    I think I would definitely use the metal/rust pack the most, only because Im a sucker for grunge designs.

    Dont get me wrong though, I would make use of all the texture packs ;)

  • Matthew

    I think I’d use rust the most because I don’t have many rust textures currently.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Pamela

    I would probably use Metal and Rust the most, but they are all great. I’ve never met a texture I didn’t love.

  • Sarah Balderas

    I definitely love textures, so I can foresee using the metal and rust textures the most.

  • Jonathan

    I’ll use the Metal and Rust textures the most, probably because I’m sort of addicted to them.

  • Josh Bader

    I LOVE WOOD!!!

  • greg anderson

    i would use the wood templates mostly.

  • Anonymous

    since I am a sucker for wood-textures in all its variaties, Id go with the wood pack.

  • Calle Höjer

    Since I am a sucker for wood textures in all its variaties, Id go with the wood-pack

  • K-IntheHouse

    I love the clouds texture and would be great to use it in my upcoming projects. Thanks for a cool giveaway! :-)

  • Dainis Graveris

    Already saw these ones and yeah, really appreciate sharing! :))

  • Kristine S

    I like metal and rust ones the most and they wold be nice to use in grunge designs :)

  • saul

    I like textures cuz they make 2d more tasty and deep and i woul use the metal rust textures to grunge my design

  • Robert

    I think clouds would definitely get the most usage. So many different uses for them. Granted that goes for most textures, but clouds especially!

  • Paula

    i want to use them all

  • Jami

    awesome contest….i would probably use concrete or wood the most….looking forward to hearing who wins!

  • Monique Rizzo

    Love the Wood Textures! Very cool.

  • John Mindiola III

    Metal and rust for sure. I live in a big metro area!

  • jmaturo

    good “wood”

  • Marc Hughes

    The metal and rust for sure.The concrete ones could be a lot of fun too though.

  • Daniel

    I think the Metal & Rust one would definitely be the most used and most practical of all of them.

  • Carah Kristel

    I would use the metal and rust one the most. Grunge is so popular right now.

  • Mike

    Textures are the basis of 99 % of my work and i would love to have a free pack from colorburned. thanks guys!!

  • Mark

    Concrete and Stone for me, hard to find really good quality textures like these.

  • Andrew

    Heck, I’m sure I’d use them all…

    But probably wood.


  • Ariel Jakobovits

    I would use the wood textures.

  • David

    I’d you rust the most as it’ll go with the rust that I can see on my old PC!!

  • Frank Pellon

    Would definitely use the pavement pack ALOT, working on multiple layouts that involve carsd and construction and the pavement would help me out big time

  • Els Dens

    Great textures!
    I like the stone texture pack the most.

  • Kenneth Ballenegger

    Either Concrete, or Metal & Rust.

  • marcushiro

    anything that is organic. wood textures would be nice. cheers!

  • firebubble – Logo Design UK

    I really like the wood, clouds and pavement packs but I think if I had to pick one I would have to go with the wood texture pack as I can think of lots of ways I could incorporate these textures within graphic design projects. Thank you for the post, love these freebies!

  • Alex

    I would probably use the concrete and stone textures the most. I love incorporating grunge textures into my designs and they really give the design something extra. It would be a huge aid in my designs as a college student as it is often difficult to find good textures online, and time constraints make it difficult to find my own textures in the real world.

  • Sean

    Wow these look great, would love to win these! thanks!

  • Amy Stewart

    Excellent textures. I think I would most likely use Wood the most.

  • Santaigo Madrid

    Hi and thanks very much for the contest.

    Difficult all textures are amazing, but I think I would get the most use out of the ‘Metal & Rust’ texture range.Secondly clouds

    Thanks again

  • Nikki


  • Juan Pedro Gonzalez

    I would have to say ´Wood´, for sure.

  • Jason Esquenazi

    I believe this is a trick question, if I won received 300 free textures, there is no way you will hold me down to just one. I’d use them all!!!! muahhhhahahhhhhahahahahaaaa (evil laugh)

  • Cameron

    Definately the clouds pack. I am constantly vectoring clouds.

  • Anonymous

    metal & rust would fit the work i have been doing latley!

  • Cyndi Masters

    I follow you on Twitter and I think I would use the wood textures the most!

  • Timothy Sternberg

    I would probably use the metal and rust textures the most.

  • Maxim Barkhatov


  • http://none RICKs

    Metal and Rust i love the look of my wallpapers with a unsaturated texture and a overlay.

  • alex

    I like wood!

  • Elizabeth Williams

    I’d probably end up using Metal & Rust the most! These textures are awesome. Makes me miss Mayang ):

  • Tonya Froemel

    Metal & Rust i think is the one id use the most

  • yannik

    clouds definetly

  • Leah

    First off, I would totally use them ALL! But, forced to chose one, I would go with metal and rust.

  • zohar avgar

    I would use the pavement textures

  • SE7EN

    I’ll choose “Wood”

  • Jana Knepper

    I believe that I would be able to use the “Pavement” texture pack in all of my designs regardless of the style of assignment. It has a good variety of tones(contrasts), depths, line work and over all textures.

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone! =D

  • kindle

    concrete and stone, most definitely.


    wind and water

  • susan varney

    i would love the metal and rust

  • Deborah Stinson

    Concrete and Stone. Or Metal and Rust! Can’t say as I would probably use them all!

  • Walie

    I work do mostly architectural work, so i would use the metal textures

  • Matthew Haltom

    I would definitely use them all because they are a great resource, but I would probably use the clouds and/or wood textures in many of my designs.

  • Dermot Holmes

    Metal & Rust, nothing like a bit O grime!

  • Allan Levitt

    Chances are I’d go for Metal & Rust. Though the Concrete & Stone one is very, very good too.

    Nice packs all-round.

  • david basile

    Metal & Rust

  • Alassea

    I’d pick the Metal&Rust Texture Pack :)

  • Kelly

    wow, all fantastic! I would say the Metal and Rust textures would come in the most, but I could certainly use the whole family!!!

  • DeeAnn S

    I think I would get more use out of the metal and rust set.

  • Laura

    I would use metal&rust the most…but they’re all great!

  • jffryclough

    i’m all about wood, so wood is good, understood? you should…

  • Doug

    Roses are red, but violets are blue. If I had cloud textures, fun designs would I do!

  • djp

    love something new

  • Kristin

    For me the wood textures would be great.

  • Rudella Custer

    Absolutely metal and rust! Awesome textures in all 6 though.

  • Rosanne Morrison

    like the clouds

  • claudette flanigan

    I love them all…but I have ideas for the “WOOD”

  • Kristine Chan

    Wood would be great for websites!

  • Anthony Hedden

    metal and rust

  • Joanna Smith

    It’s between Concrete & Stone and Metal and Rust. I do a lot of digital artwork and I can see myself using either one of these on a regular basis. It really depends on what type of project I am working on and what I want to express at that time. These are awesome tools!

  • Adrian Lamont

    I would use the brick textures the most.

  • Marcia S

    I love the color and organic vs machined textures of metal and rust. What a cool giveaway!

  • Melissa Hong

    It’s a toss up for me between “metal and rust” and “concrete and stone”! Ultimately, I’d have to pick the stone though. Looks great.

  • walter

    I would probably use the metal the most. ty!

  • Jonathan Cutrell

    I’d have to say in order: metal and rust, concrete and stone, pavement, wood, clouds, then brick. But I would use every single one eventually.

  • Kyle

    The stone textures are amazing! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • kathy pease

    id use the concrete and stone the most :)

  • Tammy

    I love the pavement one, I’d use that quite a bit I think!

  • jjean

    Clouds, I use them all the time

  • Gianna

    I love the clouds texture pack :)

  • melissa

    i like concrete and stone quite a bit!

  • Donna K

    I would like the clouds

  • Carole

    I’m just partial to clouds so that would be my first choice.

  • Heather C

    Not sure if my post went through, so trying again. I choose clouds.

  • haize.rava

    Rust and Metal

  • Sharon

    I would use them all, but metal and rust the most.

  • Tadd

    Any idea when this drawing occurs?

  • ivonne adel- bureos

    i would use them all. in the urban environment there is everything and everything should be used….noone is left behind