Designious Vector Pack Giveaway

Contests October 10, 2008 has a wide variety of amazing Vector Packs for all your graphic design needs including packs such as: Holidays, Skulls, Scrolls, Wings, Florals, Buildings and much more. The are truly at the top of the vector pack game and winning one of these vector packs couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is leave a comment telling us which item you would pick from their online store if you won.

The Prizes

We will be handing out one free vector pack to 5 lucky winners.

End Date

Leave a comment before October 18th

Sample Vector Packs From

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  • Rock Kauser

    I would select the people pack – the lips vectors look quite nice.

  • tb4

    If I got to choose any vector pack I would take the Giga Vector Pack 1.

  • Nina Bull Eide

    I would pick the Illustrations Set 7

  • tb4

    If I got to choose any vector pack I wanted it would be the Giga Vector Pack1.

  • Braden Young

    Woo Hoo! First to leave a comment! I am a fan of the chaos vector pack 1. I like the shattered glass look that they have and would have a field day with it.

    Hope i win!


  • Tom Eloph

    I am working on a few websites, garments and stickers/stencils relating to the scuba diver community. I’d love to have more access to the “sea creatures” pack! Specifically I’d use the silhouettes. I can’t find enough ocean/dive related vectors!

    Thanks for the great blog!

  • Carrie Drazin

    I would pick the scrolls! GREAT CONTEST GIVEAWAY!

  • Marloes

    I would pick the Floral vector pack 18

  • Allen Bivins

    Great prize off the site I would pike the GIGA VECTOR PACK 2
    it looks really nice

  • Joe Nicklo

    Sweet :)

  • shannon Baas

    The Halloween vector pack

  • Luis

    The Wings!!! They are beautiful.

  • Curvball

    Ah yeah! New sets of some brillant looking vectors. I love having vector sets at my disposal – saves time and sometimes the supplied images just need a little tweak and they’re good to go.
    Even if one doesn’t use them for production or final projects, they can be a great source of inspiration.

  • Anne

    I really like the Tech Shapes Vector Pack! Very cool! Thanks

  • Christopher Chung

    My, my, my… that’s an awesome prize pack. I hope I win!

  • John Mindiola III

    Wings. If I win, I would like the Wings pack. Thank you.

  • AmandaK

    I can’t decide between the music vector pack or holidays. Ok… I think I finally decided on one. I’m picking the holidays vector pack!

  • Devlin

    Great site. Great vectors. I like the Floral Vector Pack 18.

  • Erica C.

    the people pack looks the best

  • Gaye McGill

    If I win, I’ll pick the Nature pack.

  • palmateerâ„¢

    Designious produces some quality work. I would definitely say that the Nature pack is the one I would go with. It looks to be extremely versatile. Thanks for making this availabe to us!

  • susan varney

    the Tech Shapes Vector Pack is my favorate

  • carmen

    I really like these vectors and i think are very useful… i would like to win a pack :P .Thanks!

  • Madichiban

    Vintage mega pack 4 – with out a doubt…it is perfect for the direction I am going with my design now a days.

  • Sandy


  • Daniel

    I would pick the Mega pack Illustrations Set 1!


  • Joseph Sites

    I’d probably go with one of the Floral Design sets. I always have trouble making good looking organic shapes such as plants or vines, so having something to work with as a starter point that could then be modified would be great.

  • Radius

    I would go for the Esignious Mega pack – amazing!

  • Radius

    I would go for the GIGA VECTOR PACK 1 – Amazing!!!!

  • Gina Stratos

    I love Retro Girls pack 1

  • Jodi Renshaw

    Ooooohhhhh…. count me in. Nice stuff.


  • Jodi Renshaw

    I would pick the Floral Vector pack – if I had my choice.


    ~ Jodi

  • Christian

    Nice vectors! Love the giveaway ; )

  • Creative Volition

    I would pick scrolls. You can’t ever have enough scrolls!

  • EEC

    I really like the Halftone Vector Pack 1.

  • PreCod3r

    I like the mouse over pop up very handy for that site. Umm very nice collection. I wonder if I can be greedy and ask for ‘The set1 Illustrations’ otherwise if I couldn’t get that than any of the scrolls vector packs pretty please :)

  • Jed

    If I get to pick one it would be Illustrations Set 7

  • Mahmoud Hamam

    I would take any set of the illustration sets … the mega pack for sure!

  • Natalie

    After browsing all of them and really it was hard to decide between the Floral, the Nature and the Wings. In the end I decided I want the WINGS pack.

  • Jash

    Will get lucky atleast this time!
    They are awesome… Will use it my projects as well
    Thanks in advance

  • Kenneth Ballenegger

    I really like the buildings skyline, but i’d have to do with illustrations set 7.

  • Mike Rogers

    I really like the Halloween Vector Pack!

  • david basile

    HOLIDAYS seems to be the one

  • Julie

    I would pick the scrolls

  • Katie

    I would love to get my hands on the Floral Pack(s). Any of them look as though they could be made to suit a myriad of purposes, and you can never have too many Designious vectors!


  • Henrique Beier

    Skulls Vector Pack 6 is good for me.

  • Angel


  • Linda

    The Wings pack is what i want.

  • Eduardo

    I would def. have chosen the Giga Vector Pack 1

  • reeva

    I would probably pick the GIGA VECTOR PACK 2 from the site.

    Great giveaway! I hope i’m one of the lucky winners.

  • mollie

    i’d definitely go for the music pack… i live for working with musicians, and do charity work to put on benefit shows. so that would absolutely ROCK. no pun intended.

  • Frank Pellon

    Id love to get the buildings vector pack, could get great use out of that set!

  • brian Fleming

    Buildings of course – I am a commercial realtor.

  • Rick

    Skull Pack 6 would come in handy.

  • Danny

    I would go with the Grunge pack because I like it dirty.

  • Michel Greco

    I would surely take the wing package… i think that besides hand.. wings are very dificult to draw because of their curliness but also their complexity in their shape.. anyway i really like those vector pack they really look good!!

  • Ken Robinson

    I could use the HOLIDAYS vector pack in my house. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  • calvin

    definitely the skulls cos they never fade with time.

  • Cookie503

    I would probabilly go for the Illustrations Set 7, I love it!

  • Satyajit

    I tink…..I will ….. Pick….Tuf one ….hmmmmmm….WINGS pack……..

  • Kayce C

    I’d get the Tech shapes vector pack.

  • Constantin Potorac

    These are amazing. I would really love the skulls pack. I want to use them into my art and create some really great stuff.

  • The kid

    Very interesting way of giveaway vectors pack!
    Just easy as leave a comment

    I choose the skulls!

    amazing pack!

  • Nyle Buss

    If I won I would choose the Heraldry Pack.

  • Donald R. Anderson

    I could really use one of the floral packs, one like the Baroque one. Why? Because I’m always needing decorative curves and swishes and spirals and drops and I could work with those the best.

  • Lore!

    Well.. I would like all of your pack! They’re fantastic!
    But, if i had to choos, I’d go for one of the Illustration Pack.

  • Angela J

    The holidays pack looks neat

  • Steven

    Looks really great! :D

  • Jorge

    I want Vector pack 8! Wings always make designs look awesome. Pick me! pick me! *wink

  • James Kurtz III

    Giga Vector Pack 2. FTW!

  • matt

    I would be happy to won any of this vectors becouse every one of them got something realy great i just lovve to have it….to play ….to work whys;)greatings

  • Dan

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I think I would go with the Wings vector pack. Definitely some attractive looking options in that one.

  • Dawn Yates

    Great stuff! I’d pick the sea creatures. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • boom

    Scrolls followed closely by the wings. They are both awesome packs but i can see getting more use out of the scrolls.

  • Barbara Baker

    WOW…what an awesome giveaway. I would definitely chose the skulls pack. My son is a phynatic about skulls and gift giving is right around the corner again…making this the perfect most awesome gift to give him. He want’s to be a tattoo artist when he gets older and this would be so cool to start with (for inspiration).

  • Tonya Froemel

    I love the Abstract Trees vector pack.

  • MichaelK

    I’m going to have to go with Vintage Mega Pack 4!

  • frank buynsters

    i’ll take the skulls. they’re brutal!

  • bloglicious

    I would pick up the skulls pack as I have a team of zombies that will be running a coffin race at the end of the month and these will be perfect for our designs. Thx for the contest

  • matt

    I would love to have Heraldry vector pack. Thank You

  • Daniel N.

    There’s a looot of nice artwork to choose from and naturally I would like one of the bigger packs, Giga Pack 2. I would be very, very appreciated!

    Thank you

  • starlight86

    I like the Floral Vector Pack 29.I wish that i could win..:D

  • Paul

    Tough choice! Some really nice packs here. I’m gonna go with the floral pack. :)

  • Cookie503

    I’d probabily make great use of the Floral vector pack 19. That’s what I would go for.

  • Sven

    I would go for the stamps & stickers pack….We’re gonna make ourselves a new website for the band and this would come in very handy! Also to use for promo purposes.

  • Zak

    I like the abstract trees vector pack. They would make a great addition to some of my designs!

  • Joost

    give me give me,

    Really looks great

  • Aline

    Oh! is so hard to choice… I like the floral one and I love a grunge style.. emmm… Yes, I’ve decided on one… I’m picking the floral vector pack :P

  • charline s

    I like the nature one,

  • Crys L

    I like the Fashion Mega Pack, but specifically the Cartoon Girls and Retro Girls packs.

  • BryanZ


    I’ll take Vector Pack 5 please.

  • CiNoRi

    The florals and grunges are my faves…either one would be awesome!

  • Peter Rust

    Definitely the Splashes vector pack…

  • designer

    I like griffins Vector Pack 1

  • Jon C

    I’ve got to say that I would choose the Giga Vector Pack 1. With all the different brushes, the possibilitys would be endless as to what I could create.

  • Forgaria

    I would take the Giga Vector Pack 1. Thanks!

  • Stuart


  • Mike Brice

    I’m looking at you Mr. Grunge and Halftone Pack

  • Ariel Jakobovits

    I like the Floral Vector Pack 21.

  • Chi

    So many cool ones to choose from! :) I think I’d take Floral first, followed shortly by Tech :D

  • Jenn S.

    I think the Floral vector pack 17 is my favorite.

  • Mark

    All the packs are great, but I would see myself using the Mega Pack Vintage 4 the most, both for professional and personal work.

  • Holly Wise

    Wow, what a great site! I’d have to say Giga Vector Pack 1

  • Stef

    I think I’d have most use for the People Pack

  • Maggie Mannwieler

    Oh, I can’t decide between the Floral and Wings packs, they’re both awesome! Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Saul Rivera

    its great and make us work easier and have more time to be creative

  • bzy1

    Hmmm…tough choice but I think I would go with the people Vector Pack or Summer Vector pack. I’d have to flip a coin:)

  • Todd

    I would get Illustrations Set 3

  • Vicky Boackle

    the halloween vector pack.

  • Mike

    these are some great vector packs i want the people pack…pleeeese

  • crazyhunk

    aahh…. I am obsessed with skulls and florals…. any one wud be gr8…. ;)

  • Tim Smith

    I would get the Vintage megapack 4!!!!

  • Christina

    I love both the Wings and the Floral Vector packs. What a great idea! Who could draw such beautiful wings and flowers as adornments – well, obviously someone from Designious’s Vector Packs!

  • Ant

    The people pack is cool – I like it

  • Drew Karaniuk

    If I won it would certainly like the floral pack.

  • Gemma

    I’d love the grunge vector pack, I’d get alot of use out of it ;)

  • Moulde

    I think i would chose the giga pack 2 :)

  • plastic_stress

    oh, i’d really love to have that lips pack..

  • Ned

    Please, please, please can I have the people pack – looks absolutely fabulous.

  • Kristne

    I really like Tech Shapes Vector Pack :)

  • ecvis17

    I would like more than one off-course, the grunges, the Communism for the fun of it, nature is also nice …well!

  • firebubble

    Some of the vector artwork is incredibly detailed especially in the vintage packs. This is a really cool competition to be giving away creative gifts for free! I think I would have to go for the GIGA VECTOR PACK 2 as there is a wider subject selection than in the Giga 1 pack as in the Giga 1 pack its mainly about the vintage style but in the 2nd pack you get nature, symbols, floral and fashion which could come in handy for lots of creative graphic design backgrounds. For example I think it would be really nice to have one of those floral backgrounds spreading across the backdrop of a double page spread for a magazine or brochure. If I had to pick one individual pack (not bundle pack/Giga) I would probably go for the Floral 1 pack. Thanks very much for the great post.

  • Ward

    I would go for the floral pack…

  • Kristne

    I really like Tech Shapes Vector Pack. great post


    my posts never appear on this site :(

  • DeRone Bell

    I really love the vector art and I am beginning to cross over to these new graffiti designs, I would love to be able to have the giga vector pack one or two

  • Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

    I love the scrolls…Count me in!

  • Hipocrates

    I think that the trend is curly floral hsapes so I pick the FLORAL pack, which have more uses and options to make portraits and a lot of digital and photomanipulations.

  • tim brown

    vector pack 6

  • J’Nel

    it would most definitely be the vintage mega pack. SO AWESOME! i could do loads with those

  • nate

    illus. 6 for me

  • Rob

    I can definitely see myself using Floral Vector Pack 26 in an upcoming piece!

  • Erich

    I think I would get most use out of the Holiday pack.

  • Baltazar

    the Floral Mega Pack 2 looks great. Please.

  • Shirley

    I would select Floral Vector Pack #29

  • aaron

    Florals! Always need more floral brushes for some reason.

  • Brian Pate

    Vintage Mega Pack 3. If that’s not an option, I would take the surfer silhouettes vector pack.

  • Kelly

    I would choose Giga Vector Pack 1, but if I were limited on funds, I think I’d start with one of the Floral Mega vector packs and go from there.

  • Dave

    So many amazing designs, but if I can choose only one, I will choose the Trees Vector Pack. Thank you for this great contest.

  • Dermot Holmes

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  • Katti

    I’d go for the Giga Vector Pack 1, of course, but if I had to choose a single pack rather than a combo, I guess I’d go for Griffins 2

  • Aimee

    I would choose either the Giga Vector 1 or the Vintage Mega 4.

  • Rhonda Struthers

    I could really use the Nature pack. It would go great in my house.

  • http://na gregory Arthur Anderson

    awesome vectors, the skulls are my favorite, wings are a close second

  • Kyle

    Vector Pack, YES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather B

    I would LOVE the nature pack!

  • Monique

    Floral vector pack 26 is my fave, the designs are very stunning!

  • Luke

    I think the vintage packs would be versatile.

  • Karen Gonyea

    Gotta say that I love the skulls.

  • Erica G

    The Butterfly vector pack.

  • Cam R

    I would like the Communism pack, please.

  • poof

    Great prize! I would have to go with the scrolls.

  • David Schmeikal

    Love the skulls!!!

  • Joe Nicklo

    Awesome vector packs :)

  • Adam

    Nice prize pack! I would take the Wings..

  • Dave Tuttle

    I would choose the Vintage Mega Pack 2; because let’s face it, War and Communism are HILARIOUS.

  • jen

    if I won, I would definitely pick the skulls, b/c I’m edgy like that.

  • Anthony Hedden

    skulls pack

  • sarah


  • Rachel Cobb

    Oh to choose, but right now I’d use the grunge or the floral more. I have been trying to get more into the floral so I’m going to go with the floral.

  • Sam

    Any vector pack is good.

  • Sylvia Belle

    I would like the skull package

  • Rosanne Morrison

    Abstract trees

  • Chris

    It wouldn’t even matter which one I got, they are all so great and useful. Definitely something any graphic designer could use in their everyday designing.

  • tim armstrong

    I would pick nature as it is the source of all inspiration

  • Kelly

    Giga Vector Pack 1.

    Wow, there is really a lot of nice stuff on designious. I can imagine this site becoming a regular source.

  • Erma Hurtt

    I would like to win the skulls pack, thanks.

  • Katrine Lykke

    uuuh, nice vectors. I did fall in love with, nature, floral and holiday. Maybe nature would be the one for me…

  • Paula Harmon

    All my kids (4) have electric guitars (yes, I own earplugs), and they would tell me to get the music one.

  • Sean Bahr

    I want the Floral pack – you can almost smell the goodness

  • Cindy Andrews

    Floral vector pack 18

  • Alisha

    I would go with the wings. They are sweet.

  • Jeff Russell

    I’ll take anything for free.

  • Mandi Sisson

    Oh WOW! BRILLIANT sets! I would definitely choose Illustration Pack 5. AMAZING STUFF, INDEED!

  • Carla Pullum

    I like the Scrolls pack!!!

  • Rudella Custer

    I am in love with the abstract trees vector pack, and the wings pack 4. There are really some great designs here! I love that the site is designed in such a way that all you have to do is scroll over the pics for an enlarged view! Also I think the buildings are awesome, thanks for the chance to win!

  • K-IntheHouse

    I would love to win the People pack. Thanks!

  • Shriya

    Nature pack, please.

  • hazel hunt

    I really like the Tech Shapes Vector Pack! Very cool! Thanks

  • kyle privette

    Those skulls are way RAD! perfect time time buy them just before Halloween…. sweet.

  • Billy

    Hard to choose from, being a vector freak, I will go with anything, but to give a option, floral 1

  • Carah Kristel

    It’s so hard to pick just one. I think the scrolls are my favorite.

  • billy

    Being a vector freak, option floral, think that will do. Regards …

  • billy

    Any vector based graphics, giving a option Flower

  • billy

    the skull affects looks nice

  • ruan

    flowers must be flowers

  • Nicole

    Out of this world vectors

  • Candie L

    I like the people sets

  • Sherry Campbell

    I think Floral Mega Pack 2 would be awesome.

  • Julianne

    I really like the floral vector pack 8 or 28. Both could be incorporated into tuscan interior design. However, my daughter who is the photoshop pro would probably beg me to go with something else that she could use.

  • Timothy Sternberg

    I would select the people pack.

  • jen gersch

    Illustrations Set 7

  • Tammy

    With our upcoming vacation to the Caribbean and the photos I know I’ll want to digiscrap I think I’d chose the Palm Trees.

  • Samantha Pruitt

    i really like the The Halloween vector pack!

  • marcushiro

    i like the scrolls. it’s hard to vectorize. cheers!

  • James Murray

    Victor pack

  • Jane Hoh

    The floral vector pack 18 looks great

  • Allan Levitt

    I would choose the Symbols Mega Pack, it sounds varied and versatile. Useful in more than just 1 sort of design direction/style.

  • Kirby McCauley

    I totally want the Vintage Mega Pack 4

  • Janet


  • Jennifer S.

    WOW!!! What a fantastic contest! I’m shaking just entering this one! I would love to have the Giga Vector Pack 2! Thank you so much for the great contest!

  • Deborah

    Patterns for me. I can see all kinds of creative possibilities. :)

  • kathy pease

    id pick the floral vector pack 26

  • Lyudmila

    I would to pick the first sample!

  • Gianna

    The Religion vector pack :)

  • Santiago Madrid

    I would choose the wings pack they are pefects for my works

    thanks a lot!

  • Nikki

    I would pick the Patterns Pack.

  • Joanna Smith

    I love to experiment so any of the Vector packs are like candy to me! The Tech Shapes Vector Pack looks neat and I would use that alot, as I would any of the them! Very cool prize! Thank you for the unique giveaway!

  • alison

    I’d dig the Esignious Mega pack. Thanks!

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would choose the Skulls Vector Pack 6

  • Cameron

    I’d Take floral pack 21!

  • Cam Starr

    I would LOVE floral pack 18

  • DL Stephens

    I like any of the Illustration Sets

  • ivan vazquez

    I would like the Vintage Mega Pack 4

  • Lily Kwan

    I love the Giga Vector Pack 1!

  • Heather C

    Floral vector pack 19 is my choice. Lots of things to do with these flowers and curly lines. Thanks!

  • Miranda Allen

    Splashes vector pack

  • Laura


    Scrolls vector pack 5

    Product Information
    Scrolls vector pack 5

    The ultimate Scrolls Vector Pack 5 contains 26 old style vintage scrolls. These elements were created for special designs because these are special.

  • Laura

    pack 5 this is cool

  • Jana Knepper

    you said “before” so it is it too late? :-D

  • Jana Knepper

    hey… nevermind, can you delete both of these? i am very sorry. durr.

  • adriano

    sweet set

  • adriano

    i would definetly choose the wings

  • Mike Popovici

    Hi everyone,
    I would pick VECTOR PACK 5. “SCROLLS”

    Mike Popovici
    iART Canada

  • yalda layeghi

    I’d like to win “Skulls Pack 6″

  • Jeremy Darko

    These are all amazing… thanks so much for sharing them. I would use them to implement in my various endeavors as a graphic artist. I would also use them as a source to improve upon my skills. May the best contestant win!

  • Ricky

    Dang those look sweet

  • MontgomeryQ

    I’d get the t-shirt mega-pack. Great ideas in there.

  • Shaktiz

    hey thanx for a nice contest…
    i would surely go for Floral packs.

  • IdealHut

    I like the pack no. 6! Thanks for the useful post!

  • Betty Ann

    what a great selection! I would pick Florals.