Page Flip Flash Component Giveaway!

Contests May 10, 2008

As you know we are always finding new loot to give away to you guys for free so here is another mini contest! This time you will be commenting for a chance to win a page flipping component by Flipping Book that provides for software page caching.

This allows caching control and provides maximum comfort for viewers, doing away with annoying blinks while another page is being loaded from the browser cache. Flipping Book has an online demo of this product for anyone interested in seeing whats possible with this great Flash component.


Want This Flash Component for Free?

We are giving away one of these for free! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you would use this flash component for and be descriptive! I will randomly choose and announce the winner on Friday, May 16th so that means your comment must be left on this post before it becomes May 16th. Good luck!

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  • Germán

    Always useful! :) and you can show almost anything on one of this

  • Zach LeBar

    AWESOME! I’ve always admired this component. I’d love to use and experiment with it!

  • Spencer

    I would love to use something like this on a future project… maybe with a clean looking portfolio that showcases beautiful artwork, photography, etc. Thanks for offering this free Flash component!

  • K.Brown

    oooo! Pick me, Pick me! Oh, good! Its free!

  • PixlNinja

    Page Flip Component is really a good Flash component for peoples who would like to present things in a different way. A unique online portfolio, or an eBook.
    Page Flip Component will help designers to make good looking, rich featured online books and so many other things.

  • http://NA Jean Eberhart

    Would use it for college work right now. Am just beginning to get into the graphic design industry and enjoy trying out and using new things.

  • Carli


    I reed this blog, every single give away, but I newer have that couple of minutes to post some smart comment. All the give aways are nice, and would be nice to have it, and include in some pages, special in personal pages. Well I hope that you will continue whit this give aways, and that people will buy your products when they need them for business!

    Well it is sunny Sunday, and it would be a sin to be here, so have a nice day … Bye …

  • Marcos González

    This component it’s really useful for online magazines, photographer’s books, … I have used this kind of applications on the web for some of our clients.

  • Mohammed Al-Asmar

    I really liked the reality flip effect this components is giving, and i can use it in all eMagazine applications I have developed & I am developing now

  • Ibrahim Ahmed Samir

    It’s outstanding component

  • giackop

    Wow I will use it to display photos and poetries in a website i’m building!!

  • liron

    If i will win the “page flip flash”i will put it in a website with my trip photos from india.
    liron :)

  • jonathan wilson

    Since my brother is deployed in Iraq, I would use the component to make him an online photo book full of memorable family images. The component also allows for video embedding, so I would add personalized support videos from his wife, our parents, and me. Once finished, it would serve as a way to help combat my brother’s homesickness and show our appreciation of his duties overseas.

  • Jash

    I would like to call my self as a Graphic Designer and so i am working on it really hard. Page flip is cool and I would like to build ma portfolio using this component.

  • mark’o

    I would say a page-flip book for a Photography site would be perfect for this! With lots of photos to show off, the page caching feature is very much suitable for a heave-graphic site – making impatient viewers stay on the site. Also, editing via an external XML file will give the client so much control over which photos are more important than others, as well as other parameters. With a powerful component like this, both the client and the designer would be satisfied with all its features and such.

  • Anurag Sharma

    Hi Gino,

    This looks like an amazing flash component that I can use to create only products brochures for my clients.

    Most of my clients ask me of a way to create an impressive online brochure for their products. Yeah I do create swfs for them but nothing comes close to this one. This is an absolute blend of flash technology, perfect artwork and impressive user interface.

    I would be delighted to have one of these.


  • jash

    y is ma comment not being displayed… i love this component! i am currently building ma profile and would love to make use of this cool page flip component. This will also help me to experiment flash.

  • Kino

    Yeah, good idea, i think to install one on my portfolio for create a real good webspace gallery for my photography area on my website. This contest is on the right time for me !

  • Mevrouw Mikmak

    It would be great if i can use it for my blogging it would give my blog a new dimension.
    I would also use it for my portfolio, so i can present it in an even more professional way.

  • http://www, Kaiserlino

    I would for sure use this component to promote our e-zine about games that we host right here:

    We have been using the spotbit to generate the .exes and saving all in pdf.
    This would help us a lot.

  • mehedi

    I want to use it to make my new creative homepage.

  • Eric Rasmussen

    The component looks great, would love to test it out!

  • S Sumpter

    Personally, I am very interested in working with students who have difficulties in reading and language comprehension. I had the opportunity to tutor two such students and found the work both challenging and very rewarding. Currently, as a personal project, I am developing a website that will provide free audio stories and other materials for K-6th grade students for both enjoyment and education. This project is designed to enhance the listening skills, comprehension, and language aptitude of developing children.

    A page flip component would be a great benefit as several learning opportunities can be incorporated. Students would love to flip through a storybook, view videos for extended learning, hear sounds and speech as they expand their reading abilities, ect. The options and uses for this component are vast.

    Thank you very much,

  • Carlos Castillo

    Awesome!! I’d love to build my comic books online in something like this… So people will be able to read them and enjoy them for free and I won’t have to worry about people downloading (sorry to say it but also stealing) my illustrations…

    Great stuff!!

  • Alejandro Mohamad

    Oh, I’d love to have this great app. I’ll use it in a lot of proyects I want to create lately, and get a digital content of my favourite magazines.
    Please, pick me! This app is so great! :D

  • Saul Rivera

    portfolios, galeries, learning, as many uses i can find to it

  • Geert

    Great tool! We would use it for our customers: they could upload their brochures, and we could display them in this great component. It adds interactive value, looks pretty good and usability is top !

  • Matthew Brindle

    I’ve been looking for a good one of these for ages. I want to launch a london based ezine to showcase talent in design, illustration, fashion and photography.

    I work freelance as a photographer and designer and know so many people that have so much talent but have no where to showcase it, these are all such hard industries to get into I thought it’d be great to at least get people into it and run it through a site I run that already gets lots of hits and try and get everyone some exposure.

    Unpretentious and super fun and creative! :)

    But it’s been pretty hard finding a really good one of these scripts.

  • Schadeck

    I have used another component similar to this one, but I would really like to give this one a test drive. The overall look is quite amazing, and would integrate very well into a project I am working on.


  • Andrew

    I am currently working for a number of photography portfolios that i would take full advantage of this component with. as well as using it for my online drawing and painting section of my portfolio which i am building. i would probably do a test with it here: and then use it fully in my portfolio. anyway it would be a very valuable resource and a great feature to have in my back pocket for use at work and on personal and freelance projects.

    /// A

  • Rola Ruba

    I love the topics talked about here it helps me a lot in my freelancing

  • steking

    If I have this component, I’ll use in my portfolio and photography.
    and I’ll try to use in my work
    for example, a event site, or a mini site…

  • John

    I really like this site! And the page flip flash component is awsome!!

  • Sebastian

    Wow.. awesomee i would use it for my portafolio!!

  • Michael_C

    This is really slick.

    Using this component in my portfolio or for my clients’ photography portfolios would be sure to get visitors ‘flicking through’ the pages just to see whats under that next ‘dog ear’!



  • Rachel

    I would love to use this component for my online portfolio. I think the page flip would go great with my site! I love me some page flip!

  • Danielle

    I am very new at graphic design and plan on making it a career. I would use the page flip to create new and wonderful things.

  • details

    i’d love a chance to work with this—it’s simple and clean. very nice. iot’d be a great way to show off work in a portfolio, or tell a story (literally!) within a campaign.

  • Real Estate Graphic Design

    I’m thinking that would be beautiful as a online counterpart to a print brochure for a luxury real estate listing.

  • James

    For one this would be great to show online portfolios for various designers, photographers, etc. This is also a great idea to allow online reading of the all mighty comic book!!!

  • Suwandi

    i would like to use this feature for my own website. it will look great to view my daughter photo gallery using this feature. hopefully, i can have this free version. thanks and God Bless

  • Patrick

    Looks really nice.
    Great that this is an component. That makes a new design so easy! ^^

    2 bad that I never won anything so far… and I think i never will.

    Take care and once again: Thx for this impression!

  • Patrick

    Wow. Looks really great.
    Thanks for the impression.
    Nice that this is an component. That makes it easy to use it.
    2 bad that i never won anything… and never will… ^^

  • Nathan

    I’m definitely up for a new component that can jazz up my website!

  • PissDrunk

    i would like this component to test it!
    I like the amazing effect of flipping pages!

  • Manoj W

    16 May is my best friend’s birthday & I would like to delight him with a special photo album created using the Flipbook component. He is a tech savvy chap yet he likes to read newspapers instead of reading news online. Flipbooks provide an interface analogus to regular flipping of pages which make them quite attractive.

  • Scott

    My cousin just got married on Saturday and I would love to create a nice gallery for all of her wedding photos. She would love this!!!

  • William

    Would use it for beautiful design and interaction

  • BJordan

    I create a lot of collateral for non-profit organizations. They often have few funds to designate to marketing collateral, but require the same level of professionalism and design appeal as profit producing organizations, in order to be compelling. I would use this application to spice up brochures and service catalogs. Very cool!

  • Daniel K


    I hope to use it to showcase the recent disaster in Myanmar. I’ve just come back from there with photos and accounts from survivors and i think this would be a nice user friendly way for people to browse through and find out whats going on over there… I’m hoping to raise some money for the victims by encouraging donations to the red cross.

  • Peter Feldon

    This app would be very useful to display children’s work or photos of displays. IT has a number of great uses and can really jazz up a gallery of some sort.


  • Ari Versiani

    I’m looking for this…. it’s really useful for online magazines and photographer’s books, this is great!!!

  • Trevor

    I think this component would be a great asset to my design toolbox

  • Albert Huertas

    this is an awesome giveaway, some other web sites are charging for this service.

  • Paulo de Brum

    Awesome component, i will love to use it for my portfolio, would be great!!

  • Oliver Mercado

    I will use this component to create my online personalized picture album. I have lots of pictures taken from my escapades and I would like to share it my friends with style. With this component I can create a Virtual Album.

  • Manzoor

    wow…this looks awesome….i will use this to create my personal site

  • Jako

    Great Tool !
    Online photo album of my family so rellies in far off places can see my kids growing up

  • Crazy Artist

    nice & useful give away

  • gaus

    Did come too late? Geez, needed this so much to create my illustration portfolio for years. Now I came to late, sigh. Any luck for me? Thanks

  • Christian Abrego

    Well I supose i’m too too too late but i’m really love flash and i have a little hope, its not so late but well thanks anyway… see ya…

  • raymon

    I think, it’s too late for me now.. is it available?

  • dasilva

    this is acool component thats i looking for

  • http://Personaluse fahad

    I need it to make special book, thanks alot I’m sure it will be helpfull thanks again.

  • sat

    Realy cool work,i would like this component to test it!

  • jay

    I have been dying to work on it and this really is a superb component. which is creating a new trend of eco-friendly concept in today’s world

    If i were to be chosen, I would be the happiest person !!

  • Elian

    Very usefull thing!

  • JO

    very nice material. for design. I love it.


  • Maz

    I’m a special effects artist, make-up artist and body painter. Overall I am just an all round creative.

    So if I had this program I would use it to create a website for my make-up etc.

    I would really like to create a website that is like a magazine, since make-up is all about film and fashion I think it would be great to have an online portfolio that looked like a magazine.

  • andre

    I’ll use it for a College job.
    Illustration book

  • cellocoelho


  • Locopon

    I can use this kind of module tu publish free tutorials

  • arghdey

    hi..this is a great flash component. i hope i can use it for my final task to get my bachelor degree…thx

  • Thomas Gustafsson

    I would use this component to rebuild my website (Which today is a complete disaster) I would add some features as my own composed music and try to take some cool pictures of my small home recording studio and put the on the pages as well.

  • omid

    very stylish and smooth …. love it

  • Simon

    I will use this component for our year magazine.

  • dAVID


  • waelsadek

    very nice work

  • marco

    i ll use for creating portfolios.

  • Fazil

    I’ll use this component for making my company product catalogue.

  • steve

    My design Portfolio…if i pass the course! Now gimme the thingy!

  • dawdaw

    wow great stuff i’d like it….!!!

  • Cr?ciun Delia