Round 4 Winner – International Poster Design Competition

Contests February 27, 2009

We finally are ready to announce the winners of round 4 of the International Poster Design Competition! Below is the winner along with the two other entries. We want to thank everyone for entering the International Poster Design Competition of 2008 and we look forward to holding another large contest soon with even greater prizes!

1. CheshireCat – Round 4 Winner

Design by Putsita


2. Every You Every Me

Design by FreshFauxx


3. Untitled

Design by Arsmephisto


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  • Maor Hazan

    Amazing, Thanks! :D

  • Calvin

    Great posters here guys.

  • Daniel Motta

    I really think that considering its a poster’s graphic design contest the second one is so much better… but congrats to the winner

  • Mela

    This are great posters! congratulations!! waiting for the next one…

  • Nathan

    Great posters and congratulations to the winner! They’re all really good so it must have been hard to decide.

  • Rory Martin

    A very deserved winner. The image is brilliantly crazy, and I love the look and feel of the text.
    Great Job!

  • G-Land

    cool imaging

  • Muhammad Usama Zahid


  • atsil arsamanggala

    Great collections!! I wanna be in part!

  • yanet moreno

    Putsita’s work is amazing.