UPrinting.com 5,000 Business Cards Giveaway!

Contests October 20, 2008

The last week has been filled with great giveaways and today we have another awesome giveaway for you! UPrinting.com has given us 5,000 free Business Cards, which we will split between 5 readers. Each winner will receive 1,000 business cards courtesy of UPrinting.com

You can choose any of their business cards, including the eco-friendly cover stock (13 pt. Cover Uncoated – Recycled) or the the 14 pt. family in Matte, AQ, or UV at any custom size they offer such as 3×3, 2×2 or the standard size.

For over 25 years, UPrinting.com has been a trusted leader in online business cards printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free Project Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.

How to Win Free Business Cards

In order to win all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us what you would use the business cards for if you won. We will randomly choose 5 winners on October 31st.

Shipping is free for United States and Canada only. So if you live outside those areas, you will have to pay for shipping but the cards will still be free! See what real customers are saying at UPrinting.com Reviews.

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  • http://www.simpleotter.com Nathan

    I’d love these business cards to startup some freelancing (and break myself from the chains that bind me)! Thanks!

  • http://robsauer.com Rob

    I would use them to network with my website. I am a graduate of Full Sail University and didn’t take in consideration of most of the start up cost associated with becoming a freelance designer when applying for student loans. Or i would use them in the spokes of my bike. lol either way they are bound to let me get noticed for my designs. Thanks

  • http://www.johntwang.com John Wang

    I would use them to kickstart my freelance web designing in physical networking opportunities.

  • http://kerplunc.com Matthew Hall

    I’d use them to get some new cards for my web design and development company Kerplunc. We recently re branded and i need to get new ones anyways!

  • molly

    I would use them as I apply for jobs this winter as I prepare myself to graduate from school this spring!

  • http://inprogress Xavier Wastyn

    I would use the business cards to build a cardhouse with…
    and then play war in it with my action figures…

    no seriously, because I love creativity

  • Aaron Vance

    I could definitely use some business cards! I’m about out myself and have been looking for a quality place to print some more. They would advertise my small graphic design business, Vance Graphics.



  • http://jaredrhizor.com Jared

    I have been working on a new identity for myself, so I would print my newly designed business cards and give them out to potential clients.

  • http://www.devlindonnelly.com Devlin

    I would like the business cards as a way to get new business, and more importantly win free sandwiches by putting my card in the free sandwich give away jar at my local deli.

  • http://www.rosecitywebdesign.com Phe Le


    I have been following your blog for awhile now. I want to use the business cards for my web design business.


  • http://justamemo.com Sherwin Techico

    Awesome. I’d probably use it in hand when doing some event photography. Would be useful to handout to interesting people whose portrait I have taken. Good luck everyone.

  • http://www.twosocks.com.au brisbane printers

    Well having finally got around to designing up our new presentation folders and sent that to print, we are looking at our business cards next so this would come in very handy :) cause they need to go inside the folders for clients. Pick me, Pick me lol

  • V

    Hello. I would make series of flip books – print each individual frame (reverse of the business card) by hand to make each business card individual. Probably will use screen-printing or letterpress as a process.

  • http://www.bananasandberries.com Barbara Baker

    Please count me in, I would love to have the opportunity to win this for my husband…he is forever complaining that he needs more business cards and yet we could never afford more than 100 of them so he’s always having to make them last. I don’t want him to have to worry about this issue for a while so this would be a great (actually fantastic) prize to win and give my husband…

    Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  • Danny Tatom

    I’d spend a week givin’ ‘em out around town, try to get some local business going on!

  • http://www.staugustinepics.com/ Jak

    1,000 cards? I’ll be handing them out to tourists to advertise my St Augustine Florida photo site. Thanks for the chance.

  • http://www.dianebaumandesign.com diane

    I’m just starting to do design work and keep meaning to get card printed up and this would spur me to actually just do it.

  • http://www.bloglicious.com Socko

    I am walking away from the day job and jumping back into the freelance business. So I could use a few

  • http://www.lorenaguerra.com Lorena Guerra

    hello! I would use the business cards to promote my work and move into the freelance job realm, gain more experience, and work with some awesome people.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/mertxe mertxe

    i’m just starting as a graphic designer ir buenos aires, argentina and i would reeeeaaaaally like to have great business cards in order to get more clients! please!

  • Nicole

    I have recently started my own freelance business and I have no business cards to hand out.

  • Joseph Sites

    I’m a graphic design student (with 6 months til graduation) and I would use the cards to send out with resumes, and to round up some freelance gigs.

  • http://www.bananasandberries.com Barbara Baker

    If I was one of the winners I’d definitely give them to my husband because he’s been out for a while for lack of funds…this could really help his business as it deals with and is in the hunting/fishing field…PLease count me in, he would be so happy to hear that I’m giving him something very useful for his business…

  • http://camponwheels.org Stuart

    I work for a non-profit organization. We need business cards. It would be great if we are lucky enough to be picked!

  • http://www.rafikmassoud.com Rafik Massoud

    If I had Business cards, I would use the business cards to promote my freelancing which will hopefully pay for my college tuition; there are so many times, when having a business card would have sealed the deal.

  • http://yoernesto.blogspot.com/ 3rn3st0

    Because these UPrinting’s business cards, I will have a presentation with my clients who can’t resist :-)

    PS: Please excuse my bad English

  • http://benjacob.in Ben

    I’m a Design student and freelance designer, I will be using my business card to promote my OneMan army, and make good contacts among people i meet.

  • Pooja


    This is a very interesting chance to get me started with my new career! I’m an indian girl born and brought up in Spain and just a month ago I married and moved to Boston. Now I need to start looking for jobs, and after doing an Graphic Design course in Spain I’m really interested in changing my career and focusing in it. I need to start up networking and these cards would be just perfect for me to go for it!!


  • http://oorodi.com Bage

    I will like to have my business cards for my new hosting services. I like to have a professional printed card


  • http://colorbunch.com colorbunch

    i’m designer, and i would use them for promo :)

  • http://www.marcofolio.net/ Marco

    Great contest YTD!

    I would really love to win (all though I live in Europe) since I’m re-designing my website and I need cards to promote it. I never had business cards before and want to check it it’s good for promoting the website.

    I’ve heard a lot about UPrinting, expecting good quality from them!


  • http://egonomia.free.fr/ Forgaria

    If I won, I’ll use them for my start-up. Every little bit helps!

  • http://www.webdesign4me.com web designer

    wow I want this

  • http://www.webdesign4me.com web designer

    For sure a fine quality print will add value to my career which is freelancing web services when i visit a client and handle him a fine quality printed business card it will leave an impression on him that we care of doing business as we care of a well designed and printed business card I think the business cards reflect the company image. I really wish to win those cards

  • http://www.springnet.co.uk Danny

    If I won I would be able to afford to print off my own business cards for my self, as I have just took the plunge into the realms freelance work!

    It would certainly help save me some much needed money, given today’s financial crisis!



  • http://chergaoui.com Ahmed

    Leave them as a souvenir … okay, just one may be, and the others will be given to ‘future’ clients (to impress them :D )

  • Jarda

    Well, I would started my own business using those business cards, and of course – I would sell them. Thanks

  • http://www.firebubbledesign.com firebubble – logo design uk

    Wow another give away, this is great! I would go with the recycled cards and I would use the cards as a gift to give to an illustrator I know who is just starting up a freelance illustration business in the UK. I understand that I would pay for shipping but that’s certainly ok with me. Thanks very much for the post and all the freebies that have been given away on http://www.youthedesigner.com recently.

  • http://constantinpotorac.mindtripping.net/ Constantin Potorac


    I would love to have a few business cards that I will use to give to my clients. I am a Graphic Designer and these cards could help a lot. :)

  • http://www.Garcya.us/blog Garcya

    Awesome, I’ve designed my business cards long time ago but I keep telling me “I’m going to the shop to publish them” but that’s it, I still have the design stored on my mac but no “real stuff” :)
    Would love to have UPrinting.com publish my cards.
    PS: Great post! Thanks

  • http://www.fudgegraphics.com Franz Jeitz

    I’m quite selfish and would use the business cards to promote my freelance graphic designer career that I’ve just started. I’ve been far too often in a situation where a business card would have been handy without having one. So yes, I could really use them for some self-promotion.

  • http://www.chrlsmstrs.com charles masters

    I would use the cards to build my freelance work to help pay for college.

  • http://kenneth.ballenegger.com Kenneth Ballenegger

    Wow, I’ve been considering printing business cards for my new iPhone development company.

  • http://ariel-jakobovits.com Ariel Jakobovits

    I would use the cards to promote my new business that I am starting now.

  • http://www.gariphic.com gary holmes

    Mmmm… let me think why do I need 1,000 cards.
    Line bottom of rabbit cage – no.
    Attract new client @ next chamber meeting – perhaps…

    How about I’d like to use them as wallpaper for my office.
    Thanks for reading.

  • http://www.rgbsolution.com Rosanna Soriano

    I will give them away everywhere. I want people to know me as a web/graphic designer. I really want to start my own business.

  • Joseph Sites

    I’m a graphic design student, about to graduate, so I would use the cards to help get my name “out there”.

  • http://www.caetanorama.com Rogerio Caetano

    I will promote my website in my town.

  • http://eluckydesigns.blogspot.com lucky designs

    I would love new business cards to promote our Etsy shop.

  • http://www.edgmedia.us David Cortez

    If I won, I would use this opportunity to print my first business cards with my new upcoming business name, I’ve been putting it off while I build my site, but once I’m finished I’ll have business cards to match.

    Good luck!

  • http://www.pixenjoy.com pixenjoy

    I will use the business cards to leave a gift to my futur customer.

  • Lucky

    I’ll probably give them to pretty much everyone. Even tho nobody might be interested.

  • cg

    If I won the Business Cards I would use them to promote my designs. I make invitations, graduation announcements, magnets, monograms, and a variety of other favors. I also fix and edit pictures in photoshop, make collages, and photo illustrations. These Business Cards will really help get my name and voice out there in the design world.

    C.G. Schroder
    CG Designs

  • http://www.edwardjohnphotography.com Edward Maurer

    I could totally use these.

  • Fred D

    That’s great! I didn’t know uprinting.
    I’m currently redesigning my web portfolio and business card and will certainly look at the options they propose. That’d be great to get those free 1000 cards!

  • http://www.foxling.net Caytlin Reese

    I’d use them for my freelance graphic design business, of course!

  • Bethany

    I’d love to be entered! I was thinking about giving UPrinting a try, and this would let me see what kind of work they produce.

  • alex

    Designer in need of business cards =)

  • http://rebuked Jana Knepper


    i’m just graduating, behind on the following payments: car, credit card, cell phone (2 months), web host (already shut me down!), and student loans. i’m broke and owe family money! yet, i’m getting ready to send my self-promotional packet files to the printers to mail out to 45 places all over the us and world.

    i also attend networking, graphic design, and web design meet-up groups around my area… haha i’m always the young one with ‘no business cards yet.’

    i wanted to have the cards printed on French Paper’s #3050 Speckletone paper in Oatmeal but if i won 1,000 free cards… the heck with that!

    i’d truly appreciate it if you were to randomly choose me as one of the five. thank you.


  • Bonita Watson

    I would use these business cards to promote the beginnings of a freelance graphic design career. Having been a book designer for the last 3 years, health problems are forcing me to work at home. This would be a big help as I have no income at the moment.

  • Osama Gamal

    Coool :D
    I will use them as a Business Cards of Course :D
    As I think I couldn’t use them in a new artwork :)

  • http://mesopinions.ca Frankthetank

    I’d love to win this. I need cards to promote my new website !

  • http://www.otherroaddesign.com/ CloudedVision

    I already got a few business cards for my freelance work, but I’m developing an open source CMS which could use a few business cards. (Since I’m offering it to my clients, I could give them that if they want to know more about it. Or if anybody wants to see my past dev work, I could also give them that.)

  • http://chrissyblogs.blogspot.com/ Chrissy

    I’d use to card to help market my small business. Thanks!

  • Mike Jones

    I am disabled so I can no longer use my company cards. I have made some some attractive ink jet cards using the JuicyBC program, but I believe professionally made cards would be more attractive.

  • http://www.dermotholmes.com Dermot Holmes

    How would I use them?
    There business cards…
    I’de use them to make buisness cards…
    …or a fort for my leggo men…

  • ES

    Will use them as personal cards to distribute to friends, clients and colleagues.

  • John Briggs

    I would use these to go with my anaglyph 3d promo piece that I will be making for my BFA graduate show this semester.

  • http://www.agirlnamedfred.com FreddyGirl

    Oh, please, pick me!

  • http://n/ayet?? S.O.L.

    Hi from Canada!! I’m a current Ph. D. student at the university of Toronto and have been doing graphic/web/logo design work in the academic community for two years. It was only recently that I developed the idea of associating the work I have been doing with my own “company” and working as a freelancer. This development came as a result of being contacted by “people who knew people” I had done work for who were showing an interest in my services. Usually the first question they ask me is “can I have your business card?” to which I tactfully respond, I’m sorry, I’m currently re-designing it to reflect the scope of my services, but here is my personal number.” Of course I’ve only been working by word of mouth up to this point and don’t have a business card yet (although I’ve already designed quite a few of them :) It would be nice to start off with a thousand cards so when I’m approached by someone and they ask that famous firs question I can say “here ya go, hot off the press…” Thanks for the opportunity and for all the information!!

  • http://www.unit-zero.deviantart.com Luke Brunner

    i would use the business cards to write speeches on, in the speeches i would promote myself. Also if i had some left i might pass them onto people interested in hiring me for design work… maybe.

  • Jay H

    I would use these to network being that I’m about to graduate next fall. This would be a great way for me to keep contact with other designers throughout my area.

  • http://commanderjaygold.multiply.com/journal/item/201/Free_Love_Free_Photocopying_Ateneo_De_Manila_University_ Matthew Cua

    I would use to look more professional when presenting my ideas and concepts :D

    1000 cards would be amazing to have

  • mathi

    Would use these businesscards to stick it in some asses and promote from the inside!

  • http://melbourneguy75.redbubble.com/ David

    I enjoy photography, and would love to turn a hobby into an income through self-marketing. I’d attach the cards to the inside front page of photography magazines in libraries and at an international airport, to be distributed hopefully around the local community and also around the world!

  • http://www.menik8.com menik8

    Would use this bc’s to promote for my website! Promote for my works and finally maybe earn some money! That would be nice!

  • Claw

    I didn’t knew about Uprinting :)
    This business cards will probably help me to start up a freelance business, as I’m also thinking redesigning my image.

  • A.Parker

    I could use the cards to hopefully get some more freelance work and to start collaborating with new people. As a single girl, I would also like to test my friend’s theory that cards are a great, subtle way to get a date.

  • http://www.makarras.org/ SedueRey

    I have been working on a new identity for myself, so I would print my newly designed business cards and give them out to potential clients.

  • Gabe

    I would use them to get word out about me in my new school. Since lots of students need graphic work, it would really boost my business.

  • Cassidy Washburn

    I would use the business cards to prove to all the people in my life that told me I couldn’t do it! But I have! Plus the cards will be useful after the verbal abuse to advertise myself in my current habitat so that I can continue to live here and marry my boyfriend!

  • http://superdoop.com ray mannelli

    My partner and I run a small upstart design group. We’ve been constructing our business card recently and keep dancing back and forth over the ideas. 1,000 free cards could really help forward the process at this point. design. meaning. result.

  • http://www.behance.net/chriisz Christian Castañeda

    This would be great if I won. Definitely could be the start of my freelance graphic design career.

  • http://www.pandasign.com Kristine Chan

    I have been holding off starting my own design business. And I think I have to start working on it again. These business cards will surely give me a great start!

  • http://alexjuarez.com Alex

    Lets be honest, I would use the cards for shameless self promotion and networking.

    And maybe the ladies.


  • Chantwan

    I will use them as a contact gateway for myself and best friends’ illustration/artwork, by adding a signature design on the back of each card. Green(environment) business cards.

  • Andrew Conlan

    I’m starting from scratch, trying to learn all I can about design, trying to kick start a career

  • http://www.Shawnporterdesign.com Shawn

    I would use my design skills to design some new business cards that would melt faces and help my freelance business grow. As a designer I am always revamping my design work making it fresh and eye catching. I love what I do and I just want to shear it with the world!!!

    So help a designer out and share the love

  • Fule

    I want to win the price to force me to create definitely my own company!!!!!

  • http://virb.com/juangabriel John Estey

    Great! I would make some business cards for our church staff.

  • http://virb.com/yuria Yuria Ibarra

    I would use them to promote my photography.

  • http://Notyet... LuisG

    Well, if I was so lucky as to win one of the generous gifts that you guys are offering, I would use them for the same thing as almost 99% of the respondents say: I WANT to break FREE and get MY own Design Studio going. I’m Ready and this would be a great incentive to do it.


  • http://N/A Willie

    I am a graphic design student about ready to graduate! I have little money, but a lot to offer. I would use the cards to further my networking and get some clients hopefully!

  • http://www.bradfarleigh.com brad

    I’d get them printed, then use them as drink coasters when i give them to clients, each is personalized with a coffe/hot chocolate/beer ring. They would like that.

  • http://www.tomtaki.com Tom

    I would use the business cards to promote myself as a graphic designer so that I can get a full-time job and more freelance jobs.

    Just found out about this site. Awesome! Wish I knew about it when you guys were giving away the iphones :)

  • http://curtissharpdesign.com Curtis Sharp

    I’d use them to floss my teeth…

    both of them.

  • http://curtissharpdesign.com Curtis Sharp

    Then I’d pick up chicks with my pwn’d out new cards. “Hey baby, you come here often? Gimme a call some time, we’ll do lunch”.

  • http://onelovedivine.deviantart.com Adam Taylor

    I want to use the cards for completely self-less reasons. For world peace. You had me at “hello,”.

  • http://patelstrategy.com Patel

    We want to reach new clients offline via business cards. Most of our business already comes from referrals – business cards would just further help us promote our design agency.

  • http://aaron.jorb.in Aaron Jorbin

    I would use them to open doors or as a funnel just like Macgyver taught me

  • http://www.chintillga.com Rob Walker

    to find new freelance work… havent done a new one in years – design something for me – not the man.

  • Charles Valerio

    I am in need of job. I have no money. I do great artwork and I would like to use these business cards so that I can render a service for the greater good.

  • http://glamorous.be Jonas

    Would like to win these cards so I can promote my things that I do with PHP, Javascript and AIR! With business cards I’m able to network on meetings/events!

  • Chris

    i moved to another city and now i need some new businesscards to give out my new phonenumber and so one!

  • Chuck

    I would use these to promote myself. I have no money and no job. This would help me.

  • http://www.alinebottcher.com.br Aline Bottcher

    I would use my 1,000 cards to let everybody know what my passion in: design! I’d make a very special card that’d show all the world how design can change lives!

  • http://www.spacioart.com Juana Martinez-Neal

    I need some new ones. Time to redesign!

  • http://www.chriscarver.com Chris Carver

    I would love to use these business cards to help promote my freelance business that I am trying to get started.

  • http://www.homeextent.com Jeremy

    business cards are my entire business…the only way i receive any business is buy having my name saturate the market..

  • Eric Roland

    This would be great to get my name out there for freelance work. I would use them to network with people to get more work!


  • CF

    Man! This would be perfect to get me off the ground. As nayone who starts-up. The little breaks in expenses can add up!

  • Ezra

    I would use them as a simple calling card, intricately scribbling a personalized message to those whose paths I did not cross.

  • http://www.tasmanit.com Asfahaan MIrza

    I started a company recently and got my website up and running. Would be great if I got offered a set of business cards to expand my new brand.

    Asfahaan – Auckland, New Zealand

    (happy to pay for the shipping!)

  • http://www.iartcanada.com Mike Popovici

    Hello everyone,

    I’m Mike I am part owner of a graphic design / advertising agency in London Ontario. If i would have the access to 5000 BC to print i would VOLUNTEER FOR A CANCER Program, design the cards and print them for free.

    Mike Popovici
    iART Canada

  • Chris G

    meeeee meeeeeee meee me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.wise-design.com.au Holly Wise

    I would use them for networking and building a bit of a name for myself since about to be a recent graduate design student and need to get my name out there.


  • Kyle

    I would win 250 free lunches for myself and coworkers!!! ;-)

  • Laura

    My sister is a *fabulous* cake decorator. She has recently started making cakes as a side business, to help her and her husband make some extra money to save for a new home. I would love to give her some business cards to help her get started!

  • http://www.bananasandberries.com Barbara Baker

    I am also a fan too…http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1192901977&ref=profile

    Thanks so much!!!

  • http://www.sterlingmotorworx.com Jose Bonifaz

    Sterling Motorworx is a small car dealer located in the Orlando, FL area that specializes in an auction buying service* and the export of vehicles to PERU. Our business will benefit greatly by having business cards so that we can hand them out to potential clients.

    * We buy vehicles directly from dealer only auctions at wholesale price and take care of all the registration paperwork for a fee.

  • J

    I would use them to promote my band

  • James

    I finally came up with a freelance idea to put my art background to use. Turning photos of people’s pets into works of art simulating oil, watercolor, cartoon fx,and incorporate various painting styles we’ve seen thru history. I have completed three portraits and others are interested. (People love their pets and now they can have a portrait to hang on the wall. So, I was just thinking I need some cards to hand out!

  • http://shashidesigns.carbonmade.com Shashikant Warik

    Well, if I won the Giveaway, I will use it to print my own personal business card. I am recent college graduate and need business cards to give out on events and to the clients. It will be awesome if I won this….since I’m broke.

  • Bruce

    If I’m a lucky winner, I will print business cards for the photography business I am building (at last! a relief from the drudgery of engineering!) :)

  • http://www.throwcraze.com jon wilson

    I would write inspirational messages on the business cards and give them to people who look sad.

  • Tallain

    If I won, I would use them to help people smile.

  • Cookie503

    I would help my business be remembered better in the eyes of others using the business cards.

  • A7mad

    i’d use them to kick-off my web-designing freelance career =}

  • http://vectorski.info Ivanski

    thanx, great posts

  • http://DruSidle.com Dru

    I would use them to get me off my ass and start to network on a more serious level. Leading to more contacts, opportunities, and achieving new goals that haven’t entered my frame of mind yet.

  • http://515alive.com Flash

    I would use them _______________ to become the greatest _________________ that the ________________ has ever witnessed __________________________ and then I would _____________________

  • Tom

    I would just have my first name printed on them so as to get the most use out of them. That way I can write whatever information needs to be on there depending on the situation. I would use them for networking while drumming up work — putting my business phone and work e-mail on there. I would use them while working freelance, using the contact information for that. And for meeting other people — scribbling my personal information.

  • http://www.shockeventsmiami.com Alexandra

    I would use them to promote my business – Personalized Photo Slideshows as well as promote myself as a graphic/advertising designer. Business Cards are expensive these days so it would be a great help to get this.
    Thank you, looking forward to hear from you soon,


  • http://www.dirquo.com Jay

    I think the obvious thing to do would be to head straight down to Dorsia’s, get that elusive reservation and then show Bateman and Paul Allen and the boys just how good MY new business card is!

  • http://www.iconblog.com Myerdogan

    If I had Business cards, I would use the business cards to promote my freelancing.

  • http://fathusshudur.carbonmade.com alifi alias

    I would use the business card to promote my service and to use it as a tool to make friends everywhere i go. i like to meet people and i hope they can bring back home something to remember about, that is – friendship.

  • AP

    Would love to use the cards to start my own freelancing. In fact I think I have a design concept for them too

  • http://www.southcotabato.gov.ph elzr

    i love to have a new ideas in designing my own business card. This could be a great help too.