3D Wall Flash Component Giveaway!

News April 25, 2008

Our friends over at Flashloaded.com have just released a truly amazing fully customizable flash component that will display your work on a 3D wall and they gave us two of these to give away to You the Designer readers! The flash wall has over 60 adjustable parameters, a built-in-preloader, and users can scroll, tilt and zoom in, ensuring maximum freedom and interactivity while viewing.

There are so many options for customizing the wall that I can’t imagine any two walls would look the same. This is a great opportunity to win a professional flash component that will help showcase your photos and or designs in the best light possible.

Want This Flash Component for Free?

We are giving away two of these for free! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you would use this flash component for and be descriptive! I will randomly choose and announce the winner on Friday, May 2nd so that means your comment must be left on this post before it becomes May 2nd. Good luck!



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  • http://www.backstageperu.com Heldrik Lynch

    Really nice Flash Component! Greetings from Perú!

  • dy

    WOW! Awesome stuff

  • http://www.bladedthoth.com/ BladedThoth

    This is a really good Flash tool. I had one small issue while using it, but overall it is THE premier Flash gadget for those in photography or specialty item sales!

    (I’d like to win this. Please, thanks! :))

  • Zach

    FIRST! I’d love to have this at my disposal! :)

  • http://www.giackop.com giackop

    eh he it’s very nice indeed

  • http://engstromfamily.com Jeff Engstrom

    I would love to use the Flash Component to finally create photo albums with real spunk. It has been a long time coming for us. Between the family and all the communities I help run the component would really get showcased!

  • http://studentgallery nick

    I would like to use this to showcase student work at school, I feel it would inspire other students to take up the graphics course we are running

  • http://www.stillthewhizz.com Elio Trapani

    As an aspiring Graphic Designer I am always looking for the perfect way to present my work. Not only do I study Graphic Design but I am also a budding photographer and I can think of no better way to present my photos than with this frankly amazing component.

    Let’s be honest… how many times are you going to hear that? A zillion? I guess I’m looking for a bit of luck to push me closer to the industry.

  • http://halflings.awardspace.com Ahmed Kachkach

    Wow ! What a Giveaway !

    Well , I’d love to use this wall in two project :

    1) My portfolio : Having all my creation on it , with a separation between sections (cover,flyers,business cards, …)

    2) A class project : I’m creating a website for my college , and I’m looking for a “WOW” effect gallery , and this wall is the perfect one to do that ! I’m already imagining what It would like to have all the photos of the college and the school trips !

    Well , I really hope that I’ll be chosen :-( ! Anyway , thanks for the clue YouTheDesigner !

  • http://www.vibesdigital.net Vibes

    with this component i can make cool portfolio for my site with a lot of impact for my visitors :D i cal also create easily image gallery for the sites that i design.

    sorry for my english :D

  • Preston Lee

    I think the better question would be “What couldn’t i do with it?” What an awesome flash component!!! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. This would be the COOLEST way to display a portfolio on my website!

  • http://www.thelager.de Ben


    great thing! I could use it for my diplom thesis. I study Mediadesign in Ravensburg, Germany. I try to design a tool to administrate an online Mediathek. This component would be great for looking through the cover art or something like that. Would be nice to have. Thanks for the chance to win it!


  • http://www.atom-tan.com Christian Gonzalez

    I want this to set up my website! I can use it to display my photographic work as well as my illustrations. It would be a great tool to set up my website!

  • http://mevrouwmikmak.nl/weblog/index.php Mevrouw Mikmak

    I would love it to use for my potfolio and photography.
    I am really amazed that i am the first to reply.
    It looks amazing.

  • Gino

    I’m glad were having so many responses so quickly! Sorry if some of you think you are the first to post i moderate all posts to eliminate any spam that might get by the filter.

  • http://www.desbytree.com Ressa

    This is so beautiful and dramatic. I would love to have to use on updating my portfolio. The beauty of it would actually improve the look of my work (if that is possible) ;)

  • http://mevrouwmikmak.nl/weblog/index.php Mevrouw Mikmak

    I was just feeling silly, when all of a sudden there were 13 replies.
    Im feeling less silly now, thanks

  • http://crayonboxdesigns.net/crayonbox Marissa Lerer

    wow this would be amazing for my new wedding pictures!

  • Saul

    every tool meke us better if we have the chance to learn it, amazing and pretty cool on. sttuning porfolio well be

  • David Mcintyre

    We are about to embark on a Handmade Craft Directory for Australia, and this would be a fantastic interface to promote “Enhanced” listings. It would give the visitor a nice “taste” of the types of products our listers will be displaying…

    I’d also look to extend the component by including additional information relating to the picture. eg: Add the creators name, a link to their page on the website etc…

  • http://www.olhares.com/homy Carlos


    This would be perfect for my photo landscape portfolio.

    No need to merge the photos on panos and loose the perspective feeling.

    Would be a great solution to show off a astonishing landscapes!

  • http://www.jonathanconnolly.com Jonathan Connolly

    Man this thing is sweet! I would use it for not only my personal portfolio but for work as well!

    We work for some very well respected automotive clients that would love to have their work displayed on something forward like this.

    Not only that but this would bring great recognition to you guys and the producers of this flash portfolio.

    Everybody wants press and that is something everyone can benefit from if chosen. Pick me and I will be your friend forever!

    If your interesting in seeing who we work for check out our blog for work. http://theoryconcept.wordpress.com/ or you can go to my personal website at http://www.jonathanconnolly.com/

    Hopefully you all can choose me. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

    Great site btw big fan!

  • Frosty

    That’s a stunning gallery app. I have an immediate use for it to showcase photos from a a 48 KM coastal hike on Vancouver Island last summer with a dozen friends. I haven’t made the photos available until I found the perfect way to present them. 3D Wall is it.


  • Germán

    Amazing giveaway :)
    Thank you Gino! ;)

  • http://augmentology.com mez

    flash ftw!

  • http://justpixel.net pixel

    This is awesome! I will use it for my portfolio.

  • Pek

    I could really do some cool stuff with that.

  • http://konterfai.com Pierro

    my name is Pierro and im from Germany – thats awesome. Nice Giveaway.
    It would be an exciting variant to start a nice Picpresentation. .
    I hope the best . . Salut

  • http://www.dwainekocsis.net Dwaine

    If only we all had it!
    Its amazing, its the future of flash.
    Ive been working on portfolio designs for weeks and I cant get it right.
    The 3D wall would give this interactive media designer the edge in the industry.
    I would add dozens of flash animations and designs to the wall.
    It should come with flash as an update or something!
    Think of all the poor starting out designers!

  • mela

    Mamma mia !!!

  • Danny Fisk

    This is the feature set that I’ve been looking for…………
    My multi-media presentations and project reports would rock with this ability.
    What else can I do to get this slick package?

  • http://www.mefcreative.com Mike Fischer

    Wow, this really engulfs the user in the subjects works or images. I would for sure use this for my portfolio of clothing design, and I would for sure use it when going into client meetings to show them their entire new season of designs. Make them feel like they are in one of their own shops and see how everything looks hanging on the wall together. Nice work to the programmers!
    ps – pick me ;)

  • Maxwell

    Great component. I’ll definitely use it to display my portfolio work.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/oligoelement xavier

    Great flash components!
    Thanks to them I’ll be able to create a cool interactive book, in order to integrate a graphic design school for the next year.

  • http://jodhpuriguy.com Avi Mehta

    I’d want this so that I can use it to display different types of media at a glance. I’d try to display videos, images, and other things through these… These can be used really well if they are used properly to display various levels of information!!

    *************Pick Me!!!*****************

  • http://www.q-interactiva.com Marcos

    Great component!

    And the look & feel it’s really nice!

  • robin

    That would be nice for my next website! Looks very, very smooth!

  • Donald Piret

    If this component is dynamically updatable, I would like to use it in a new (still kinda secret) mobile social meeting website, where users would be continually updated on what other users are around them, literally having the pictures around the user would make the experience much more immersive.

  • // AdJi


  • http://www.vju.no Are

    A really great component for for my new website!

  • Lasse

    I would use it to take over the universe!

  • Isabel Freire

    This is a great way for presenting visual info!

    I would love to use this app for my final project in Communication Design degree in Lisbon!
    I’m working in a platform for an hipervideo project and this would be simply perfect for presenting the initial visualization and possibilities of choice:)

    Pick me;)

  • Peter Rodriguez

    This is a fantastic way to finally get my portfolio work online. Given my limited knowledge in web design, I can finally make a proud presence of my work online with this piece of software.

  • Evan

    This is very cool! I could def. see myself using this!

  • dino3011

    wow…what a great tool to present a portfolio…send it to employer to check it out…just WoW…
    way to many things you can use this for…

  • http://goedgy.com RAMI

    What a great component, I’ve been waiting for somthing like this since ever I seen the Piclense Firfox plugin, it is a very nice component, I would love to win this.

    Great work Flashloaded.com as usual!

  • http://www.handsome-design.de Jerry

    If I had this beautyful component, I would use it for my new portfolio website to show my work .

    That would be coooool… ;-)

  • http://www.handsome-design.de Jerry

    I might use it for my new portfolio site.

    That would be cool!

  • Andrew

    i would love to get hold of one of these.

    Im helping some friends of mine to put together a photography portfolio, this would be perfect!

  • http://www.thesocialu.com Sean Ryan Connolly

    You’ve got to be kidding! I’ve been trying design a very similar functionality to visualize aggregated social ‘environments’ with multiple dimensions of information (and access points)! With the data sets I have I think I would be able evolve some pretty interesting environments on this new technology.


  • http://www.ankitkhare.com Ankit

    I would use the wall sort of like a time machine where i would run a sideshow starting with pictures of me as a baby till the most recent ones. This way i could reflect back on my life, see how much i have changed and fell good about myself. The 3d immersive environment will make the experience very nostalgic and emotional.

  • Junyoup Kim

    I would use this wall for showing a lot of images of the poor children in other countries.
    The audience will be anyone who wants to participate in helping children.
    Many people try to help others. However, in a busy world like today, people have a hard time to even concentrate on their work.
    Therefore, by showing this wall with images of children, people will think more about helping the children and they can actually start helping the children.
    Children are the future. We can help them to have better future.

    This is my thought.

  • Erick


  • Erick

    This is really cool…i need to get this!

  • Carly

    I would use it to create a digital lomography wall. Like the fantastic lomography walls that people make, only digital. I would present my lomography photos on my web site with it and hopefully it would go beautifully with my portfolio.

    Real lomo wall —>> http://www.danmacholdphoto.com/bioimages/friendlyfriends.jpg

  • http://www.jennybrownhertel.com jenzkind

    Very cool!

    I am a grad student in a human-computer interaction design program. I would donate the 3D wall to the program so they could use it to showcase their students’ work.

  • cbdesign

    Hey Gino.

    This looks like a great tool to use on a portfolio/display. I would use it on my up and coming graphic design website to showcase my works and/or maybe works that I have seen and liked by other users.

    Hopefully I win haha.



  • http://mekuriageti.net mekuria getinet

    designing a weddeing site for friends and this would be a great way to show navigation and content.

  • http://www.noqui.org Noqui


  • http://www.carloscastillo.co.uk Carlos Castillo

    I never win anything :(

  • http://www.arabgn.net developar

    Great component, i will be glad to be a winner of one

  • http://professio.blogspot.com Abhishek

    Hey i want this soooo bad. please please me! please pick me!

  • Luigi Maldonado

    Wow, that looks awesome!
    It’d be great to compile all my artwork and make a 3D Portfolio, hah
    You could also make nice presentations using projectors.. I want it!

  • http://www.annkwilinski.com Ann K

    I would use this for a new client of mine that is a photographer, she is looking for a way to display her gallery in a really sleek and contemporary way. This would be perfect!!

  • Kyle W.

    Wow, that’d be great for some web projects I’m working on. That is pretty sick stuff there.

  • Rob

    Super cool.
    I’m a graphic designer and have begun to convert my portfolio to Flash and this would just put it over the top. I sure would like to win it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • http://www.mattlangevin.com Matt Langevin

    I have seen stuff like this before. Really great tool. I would utilize it on my new portfolio site I am working on. (If I were to win that is). Cool stuff!!!


  • John C.

    Very cool component! I would use it to present my pesonal pictures.

  • http://www.twentyfifth-designs.com Peter Franco

    Hi, i have a huge project coming along for teh Australian Museum, and would love to use a component like this in their, cause the component is sort of an idea i was to develop. I will be very glad if i win it.

  • http://www.dspa.com.br Leonardo

    It’s realy incridible. It’s new, elegant and so much beatiful.


  • http://www.ladoporlado.com David Torres

    Well , When i see this i think in apple and core animation…. i think the best use for this is for a new 3d flickr or in my case only for my portafolio. dt .

  • http://www.downinmexico.org Ryan Maness

    This would be an awesome tool for our ministry. We work with the Tarahumara Indians providing clean drinking water in the Copper Canyon. This could be used to promote the work we are doing here and in turn provide the means to meet even more needs.

  • http://www.dmsceylon.com Damian

    WOW! thats a beauty. i was searching for something like this and its more what i thought. so i want to use it to display my movies pictures with a link to play them.

  • aashish

    wow…what a great tool to present a portfolio…send it to employer to check it out…just WoW…
    way to many things you can use this for…

  • Jens Knolle

    Very very nice

  • http://55degrees.co.uk sergio alex

    Great component, i have been using picLens for awhile!
    And I would use this for a User Generated content video search display.

  • http://55degrees.co.uk sergio alex

    Great component, i have been using picLens for awhile!
    And I would use this for a User Generated content video search display.


  • http://www.jonathanconnolly.com/blog Jonathan Connolly

    Ok I am ready to win this thing and post it on my site. Can’t wait!

  • http://www.hiddenfeet.com Sara – Hiddenfeet.com Owner

    Beautiful – this is something us ladies would love add shortly to our ever expanding (no pun intended) Big Breasted website. We have started taking pictures of young busty models and will be showcasing their beauty soon. Our photography will include many dozens lifestyle images per model that will need to be presented to our readers with thumbnails – the Flat Wall layout would be perfect. It has an excellent National Geographic documentary look (as if they/we are traveling around the world) that Hiddenfeet.com is looking for.

    Regardless of who wins this competition, Flashloaded.com should be proud of this prize. No doubt it takes many hours of coding to create such art.

    Best wishes to everyone!

    Sara – Hiddenfeet.com owner

  • Jash

    I luv to test them… but I’m late…

  • aeiou

    I really need this!!!
    but is $$$

  • freemen

    finaly i have found my dream project here. How beautiful if my current under-developing website will look like.

  • E

    I want it :)

  • http://www.shteeble.com dushy

    i will use it to show my projects!!!

  • Michael

    here’s another 3D-Wall made with papervision. The Source is also included! Looks great! http://www.flashden.net/item/imageworld3d/13154

  • http://www.flashden.net Michael

    here’s another 3D-Wall made with papervision over at flashden. The Source is also included! Looks great!

  • Jeongsoo

    omg! so coooooooool!!
    can i download this component??

  • http://www.sam68.com Sammy

    I would like to use this componet for creating my portfolio
    Have read about the product in Computer Arts magasine.

  • http://chca.com David Naas

    I would use the component on our website to display the work our owner hospitals are doing in saving lives and helping children. Also I would use it for training video’s


  • NateB

    I plan on using this as a mini-portfolio sales presentation.
    You know, really “WOW” potential clients ;)

  • George

    Great job

  • Carissa_Lyn

    Having a tool like this would be amazing when presenting you’re work to a client or your boss. It would give me the edge I would need while going on the job hunt. I graduate in 2 months, It is well needed. =)

  • ET

    Ahhh.. i was so happy when i see this.. then notice it is 2008… lol damn… late for a year.. haha..

  • Artem

    It would be very nice to have the ability to customize this more.

  • Leon

    WOW this is AMAZING… good job guys!

  • http://huuslund.dk Sara Huus Lund

    i would use the program too get an internship, at a advertising company.
    I’m from Denmak, and I am trying to find a company who would take my as there student for graphic design.

    Sara Huus Lund

  • alf

    awesome thanx

  • http://www.allthatjazzphotography.com Jen Gomez

    I am a photographer, so I can think of a few ways to use this fantastic product! For one, I could have my monitor playing it all the time my clients are in the studio – and at events, too! Great IDEA!

  • Anonymous

    very nice

  • http://www.snapbutton.blogspot.com Shalin

    I’ll use the plugin to display my photo gallery…great stuff guys!!!