Colorburned Texture Pack Giveaway Winners

News October 28, 2008

Colorburned is an awesome site that offers High-Quality Texture Packs in their online store and they were kind enough to give us over 300 textures to give away to one lucky winner. Colorburned is a great resource site for graphic designers who need to quickly build up an arsenal of great design elements to use in their projects. Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway and be sure to Subscribe and stay tuned for more!

Colorburned Texture Pack Giveaway Winner

Tadd Mencer

Clouds – hands down – are the ones I would use the most. I try and have as many cloud textures as possible. They’re so versatile you can do just about anything with them. Space nebula, explosions, grungy back grounds … with the right tweaking they’re perfect for anything. I’m working on a large graphic project and man .. these packs would DEFINITELY come in handy. Here’s some fingers crossed!!

Sample Textures

For a limited time Colorburned will also let you buy all 300 textures for 50% off their normal price. This means you’ll receive all 300 textures for just over $35. So if you don’t win you can still get a hell of a deal!

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  • Tadd

    HEY! That’s me!

    Thank you so much! You have no idea how that makes me feel! I can honestly say that I’ve never actually won a contest in my three decades of life – so this is refreshing :)

    I feel like I need to make an academy award speech or something … hehehe

  • TwoSocks – Graphic Design

    ohhh :( well congrates Tadd!

  • Max

    Congrats happy texturing, hope the project gooes well

  • Johnson Koh

    Hey congrats Tadd!

  • Logo Design UK

    That was really cool that they gave away 300 textures and even better that if I don’t win I can still get a great deal on them :)

  • Grant Friedman

    Congrats Tadd! To the others, if you’d still like to get the textures, I’ll offer you a deal. Add me as a friend on Twitter then go to my shop. During checkout enter the discount code TWITTERFRIENDS and receive all 300 textures for $25. That’s an additional $10 off. Anyhow, thanks again everyone for participating! Makes me feel so great knowing you guys liked them so much!