Italy’s Newest Boutique School of Design

News May 22, 2008

The Florence Institute of Design International will be opening its doors to students world wide this September! This new institute of design has programs dedicated to Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Architecture and will have both master and academic level classes.

Florence is an ideal spot for students of design, due to its rich history and the schools modest size and limited class sizes provide students with a more in-depth and personal learning experience. The new school resides within the historic center of Florence, Italy within a historic Baroque palazzo making it a wonderful place to study and spend free time. Students will really get a chance to engulf themselves into a city rich in design culture.

Founder and Creative Director Marc DiDomenico

Marc DiDomenico is currently Vice-President of the AIA Continental Europe, and holds titles as an architect in both Italy and the United States. Marc DiDomenico has extensive experience in multiple areas of the design community and will also be instructing critical parts of the Interior Design Courses at the Florence Institute of Design International.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to see the world and learn design at the same time. If you are interested in this amazing opportunity be sure to visit their main website for further information:




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  • hailie

    is there good graphic course that you recommended? It sounds good ,and i really want to do it. But I’m not really sure…..need some advices guys!!

  • Aunt Carla