Mall of America Identity Gets Redesigned

News May 30, 2013

For it’s 20th anniversary, the Mall of America recently unveiled their new identity in order to reflect their position as a curator of pop-culture.

Taking up the challenge in creating the new face of Mall of America is Duffy & Partners, a branding and design agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were asked to create an identity that will reflect Mall of America’s iconic and bold American image. The new vibrant identity now conveys the spirit of American ingenuity, energy and excitement. Duffy & Partners redesigned the identity, environment, promotional merchandise, website, social media pages and interior branding.

The agency redesigned the old American star of MOA to incorporate fashion, entertainment, cuisine, thrills and community. Each element is presented with a color and each of these colors intersect with one another. The end result is a fresh, exciting and diverse image that represents what the services of the mall. The mall also has other color variations like Pink for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, silver and gold for the holiday season, and red, white and blue for Independence Day. Apart from the new identity design, the Mall of America sports a new tagline: “Always new.”

In Mall of America’s blog, Maureen Bausch the vice president of business development said: “Mall of America is never static. Our challenge was to create an identity to reflect the dynamic experience of MOA. Far more than a logo, Duffy designed a ‘living’ brand with the ability to evolve as Mall of America grows…always new.”

Mall of America New Identity

Mall of America New Identity


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Check out the new website of Mall of America and the other works of Duffy & Partners after the jump.

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  • ChelleLange

    I think the star is a little cheesy but all other ribbon applications are nice. The color palette seems a bit elementary. Its too strong on the primary colors for my liking. and where the color overlaps its a bit muddy. Overall i like but im not blown away. it definitely doesnt scream ‘curator of pop culture.’

  • Sam

    It seems to be kind of fitting to the Mall of America aura, which to me is kind of “wholesome,” and the way the design conveys that (to me) is how it’s a simple multicolored ribbon folded into a five-point star shape. Nothing too complicated, just a star that says “America…” or a more interesting-looking Texas.