TEN’s 3rd PSD by Brazilian Artist Adhemas Batista Available Tomorrow, March 8th

News March 7, 2013

Fotolia launched the TEN Collection last December 2011 worldwide: ‘TEN’, as in 10 artists, 10 themes, 10 months and 10 PSDs. As they continue this year for TEN Season 2, Fotolia will showcase some of the most amazing graphic artists in 12 countries to share their works and stories with the aim of inspiring all graphic artists across the globe.

TEN Collection Season 2

  The ten digital artists plus two surprise artists for TEN Season 2 were from France, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany. Each will share new beautiful work as well as the local cultural influences with the world. Internet users especially digital artists will discover the different creative techniques by downloading the PSD file of each artist’s work for free in 24 hours. It comes with a making-of video, shot in the native country of each artist, sharing their cultural background and creative processes subtitled in 12 languages. In addition to the 10 new artists, two surprise artists will be featured, unveiling all new creative works. The third featured artist and work in the series will be unveiled tomorrow. March’s artist, Adhemas Batista, is known as a “color salesman” thanks to his use of bright and lively colors, which has inspired his slogan, “I’m selling colors”. Inspired by the vibrancy of his home country, Brazil, Batista’s work is highly energetic, detailed and urban.

TEN by Fotolia Season 2

  “I think our environment and personal experiences directly influence our life, as artists or designers. My work is probably more Brazilian than I am. I can be very calm and serious, while it’s happy all the time,” says the now L.A. resident. According to the artist, his creation is a “graphic explosion evoking the urban and youth culture, a kind of energetic rebellion, with bright colors and complex shapes. More than just a learning tool for other designers, every artist shares his or her personal style and influences, how they came to become the artists they are today, along with the techniques they used to create the PSD through short videos. These videos are released on TEN Collection’s Facebook page and on Twitter (@Fotolia), or view them directly on Fotolia’s TEN Collection channel.

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