You! Be Informed! #0017 – The Art of Video Games, Hyper-Matrix and the Big BMW

News September 15, 2012

Hello creatives! The week is about to end again so it’s time to give you some dose of updates on what’s happening in the world of design. Today we feature two amazing exhibitions you must soon check out and an amazing installation. :)


The Art Of Video Games


To all the video game fans and geeks out there – rejoice! The Smithsonian American Art Museum explores the 40 years of evolution of video games as an artistic medium through The Art Of Video Games Exhibition which started last March 16 and ends on September 30. The exhibition recounts the contribution of video games in the world of art and design through the creative use of striking visual effects and innovative use of technologies.


The Art of Video Games Exhibition at Smithsonian American Art Museum  via YouTheDesigner


This amazing exhibition features 80 games and 20 gaming systems tracing back from the Atari VCS, SEGA  to Nintendo and the PlayStation 3 including some of the most influential artists like David Crane, Warren Robinett, Kellee Santiago, David Jaffe and more developers and contemporary designers during the five eras of game technology.


The Art of Video Games Exhibition at Smithsonian American Art Museum  via YouTheDesigner

In addition to the 80 games, five playable games are also included in the exhibition namely: Pac-ManSuper Mario BrothersThe Secret of Monkey IslandMyst, and Flower. Check out the exhibition trailer over YouTube.



Hyundai’s Hyper-Matrix Installation


Hyundai just set the bar high in terms of projection mapping in the Yeosu EXPO 2012. The installation is called Hyper-Matrix created by Jonpasang, a Seoul based media arts group for Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion in Korea. The mapping set a new level in mapping by using an actual steel construction supporting thousands of 30 x 30 cm lightweight cubes operated by motors and video mapping.


Hyundai's Hypermatrix Installation via YouTheDesigner


The whole presentation is made by making the cubes move in and out across the landscape in different wave patterns to create various possibilities. The Hyper-Matrix created a great user experience as the sound coming from the audience was used in the pattern making. Check out the video of the Hyper-Matrix below:




The Line of Beauty: The Big BMW Coupes and Convertibles


The BMW Museum is currently devoting a special exhibition to the development of their Coupes and Convertibles called “The Line of Beauty”. The exhibition is presenting 14 outstanding parts of exhibit tracing back the years 1937 – 2011. It features more than the presentation of elegant sports cars but as well as preliminary design studies and original sketches across their historical design tradition directly from the BMW Group Archives. The exhibition commenced last October 28, 2011 and will end this September.



The tone of the whole display is set by two of BMW’s most beautiful pre-war cars - the BMW 327 Sports Convertible and the BMW 327/28.  The 1960s were shaped by the BMW 502s and 503s in convertible and coupé versions, as well as the BMW 2000 CS and 3200 CS. Moreover, the world of the big coupés of the1970s is presented in the exhibition through the 3.0 CSi and the 635CSi, which began the 6 Series that has remained successful until today. Wrapping up the exhibition are the latest in the 6 Series range unveiled last year – the new BMW 6 Series Convertible and the new BMW 6 Series Coupe.


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