You! Be Informed! #0028: Art, Environment, Action!

News December 1, 2012

Another week is about to end, but before we usher in the start of December, we’d like to give you guys another informative post about something that’s happening in New York City. The event is entitled “Art, Environment, Action!” and features an innovative gallery that transforms through several dynamic programs that rely on public interaction.

The event is conceptualized as a creative teaching laboratory and environmental artshop. It brings together different fields and disciplines in art, pedagogy and ecology, which in turn gathers numerous artists, designers, architects, dancers, chefs and scientists to provide people with an interactive display that showcases the creativity and ingenuity of the human mind.



The exhibition is open to the public and visitors are invited to sign up for workshops, off-site explorations, walk dialogues and other interactive exchanges led by artists, encouraging their active participation as makers and thinkers.

The event is curated by Radhika Subramaniam and features several artists including Beehive Design Collective, Cotard Syndicate (Toby Heys, Stefani Bardin and Siddharth Ramakrishnan), Beatriz da Costa, Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint/Ecoarttech, Futurefarmers, Michael Mandiberg in collaboration with Wikipedia Illustrated/Galia Offri and Mushon Zer-Aviv, Jennifer Monson and Kate Cahill, Beverly Naidus, OPENrestaurant with Jerome Waag, Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science and Red76 to name a few.



The gallery has been opened to the public since September 28 and will end on December 15, 2012. If you’re interested in participating, just drop by the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at the Parsons The New School for Design, Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery, 2W 13th Street, New York, NY 10011. For inquiries, you can check out their website for more information.


NOTE: Images on this page are not owned by YouTheDesigner and are used solely as design examples. Images were taken from the Sheila Johnson Design Center’s website.



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