You! Be Informed! #0031 – Adobe Acquires Behance

News December 22, 2012

American multinational computer software company Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ABDE) just announced last Thursday their acquisition of Behance, an online platform for creatives that provides its members to showcase and share their artwork. The acquisition was part of Adobe’s thrust to improve and strengthen the reach of the company’s Creative Cloud service through the millions of viewers visiting Behance every day.


“Behance will play a key role in Adobe’s efforts to serve the creative world in the years to come and will accelerate our efforts to enable a more open and collaborative creative community.” – David Wadhwani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Adobe


The acquisition is expected to be equally beneficial to both companies. First and foremost, Behance will be closely integrated into Adobe’s web tools and later on to its desktop tools. This would provide a great facility for users to seamlessly upload and share their artwork straight from Illustrator or InDesign. This will also provide members of Behance with value added services and tools that will help designers and artists to improve their craft and at the same time provide an avenue to share and promote their work.

Adobe on the other hand would benefit through the empowerment of their Creative Cloud service and eventually the tools and services incorporated in it. Adobe may also benefit in this acquisition in the future in case they decide to launch a new product or service, especially with Behance’s massive fan base serving as pre-conditioned consumer group that can readily accept their products.

In terms of Behance retaining its original identity as a platform, a post was published by Behance on its blog saying that the website is joining Adobe to advance their mission and vision shared with Adobe. They also said that they will be continuing their roadmap and the process of refining the community and its services. For starters, Behance will still be offered for free to anyone who wants to register.

Behance CEO Scott Belsky Source

Moreover, Behance, along with its staff of 32 will remain in their NYC office, while the company’s CEO, Scott Belsky will be joining Adobe as the Vice President of Community. The only thing that is uncertain for now is whether Adobe would continue to offer Behance’s premium features as a paid service, if it will be part of the Creative Cloud or if it will be made into a service that’s free for all. I guess only time will tell.

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