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News January 5, 2013

Designers Against Child Slavery (DACS) is a Florida based non-profit organization that brings together designers and other creatives to rise against child slavery, trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. The organization makes use of its wide network of artists stretched over 20 different countries in order to raise awareness and create a source of funding for the prevention and restoration of survivors of trafficking.

The group recently launched an exhibition entitled RECLAIM which was produced through the collaboration of over 40 artists from different countries over the course of the past 10 months. The exhibition revolves around the story of a girl named Mint who is a former trafficking victim and a current employee of the Blind Project, another non-profit group that helps empower victims and survivors of human trafficking in Southeast Asia.

The exhibition features numerous art works created by artists affiliated with the organization which are inspired by Mint and her story. According to the organizers of the exhibit, each of the 40+ artists included in the exhibition was given a brief that includes information about Mint and her story in order to provide inspiration. The brief was given in an interview format in order to provide the artists with information about Mint at its rawest state. The organizers also hope to that by hearing the story come directly from the girl will provide personal insight into her experience and hopefully will inspire people to share her story with other people.

The exhibition started only a few weeks ago, so if you’re interested in the organization’s cause, you can contact them by visiting their website or emailing their creative director John Mark Herskind. And if you’re an artist, and would want to contribute and join the group’s network of artist, you may do so by filling up an application form on their website.

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