You! Be Informed! #0035: WordPress and Zenfolio

News January 19, 2013

Hello everyone, before we end this awesome week, let’s take a quick look first at some relevant news that’s happening in the world of arts and design. And this week, we are giving our You! Be Informed! Segment something different as we will be discussing some great news for our readers who are also in to photography.

So instead of the usual graphic design conferences and contests, we’ll be talking about two popular websites on the Internet that will certainly make photographers and enthusiasts jump for joy when they hear the news that these two sites will bring in the coming future.




Automattic, the creators of the popular blogging tool WordPress has finally seen the potential of photographers as a viable market for their services as they announced to roll out a vertical for portfolio sites just this week.

Although WordPress has long been used by a lot of photographers, designers, videographers and other people in the creative field as an online portfolio to showcase their work to the world, most of them only use portfolio-like themes in the past. And this announcement is the first time that WordPress is purposely creating a specific vertical to cater to the needs of these consumer groups.



Currently, users can choose from around 30 portfolio themes, all of which of course comes with the usual add-on services and support as with other WP themes such as access to CSS for more customization for an additional $30/year or $60/year for VideoPress service that allows users to embed HD videos.



After Adobe’s acquisition of Behance, another portfolio site by the name of Zenfolio has been acquired by Zenfolio has made a name for itself for the past 6 years or so by providing online photography and sales solutions for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Its subscription-based services allow photographers a convenient way to create their own website and sell their creations to clients.

Having said this, the acquisition seems a very logical way for both companies to expand and serve more customers. As Inc. is one of the world’s largest online specialty retailers of high quality wall art, it provides a bigger market for Zenfolio users to sell their products. On the other hand, benefits from the acquisition as Zenfolio users will definitely add value to the websites collection of purchasable goods.



At this point, both websites will continue to operate as stand-alone sites. However, it is quite interesting how all the cards will fall into place and how the two companies will develop. Nevertheless, we hope that this acquisition works for the better especially for the benefit of their customers.

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