You! Be Informed! #0036: Search and Vine

News January 25, 2013

Hello creatives! We’re about to end the week again so before we usher in the creative days ahead filled with inspiration and freebies, let’s first get our heads pumped up with the latest news from all around the globe that’s most relevant to graphic artists and designers.




As graphic designers, a lot of us rely on images sourced from the internet to become the building blocks of our design projects. And as such, we oftentimes use image search services to find the perfect image to match the ideas we have in our heads. So it’s very important for us to have the most convenient way of sourcing images.

Fortunately, the folks from Google have heard our prayers. And in response, they have just announced that they will soon roll out updates on their image search engine based on feedback from users and webmasters. The update will focus on making the image search more beautiful and reliable. At present, Google Images currently shows a grid of thumbnails wherein users must click multiple times on different links in order for specific functions to be performed such as enlarging, visiting the host site or seeing metadata.

The future update will change the image search’s UI displaying images in an inline panel so that users can flip through a set of images using their keyboard. Through this update, users will see one main image framed by a set of smaller images above and below. Moreover, an image’s metadata will be directly displayed underneath the image itself as opposed to the current style where users are redirected to a separate landing page.

The update is scheduled to roll out in a few days so just keep an eye the next time you search for images on Google.




Popular micro-blogging site Twitter has just unveiled Vine – an iPhone and iPod touch standalone app that lets you create short looped videos and post it on Twitter or Facebook. For those of you who don’t know, Twitter acquired Vine last fall and has worked for the past months to make the service to be integrated to Twitter and other social networks.

Users can capture video using the Vine app which can then be uploaded to Twitter. Users are limited to a maximum of 6 seconds worth of video which will be played in a continuous loop. As of today, the app is only available for download for the iPhone and the iPod Touch but Twitter said that versions compatible with other platforms will come eventually in the near future.

Nevertheless, the service is still quite new and there are still quite a few kinks to fix. In fact, just a few hours after its announcement, it seemed that the “Find your friends on Facebook” feature of the app has suddenly been disabled. There are also reports of users who experienced delays when uploading videos to social networks (even in Twitter).

Whether or not Vine will become the next big thing on the Internet is still quite early to say at this point. So we guess that only time will tell.

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  • CLIP Graphic Design Nottingham

    Great Article. Shows how much technology has developed over a short period of time, as Instagram has now designed a video choice! Mind- blowing. Keep up the good work.

  • DAB

    Great blog post. It just goes to show how much technology has developed throughout this year when not many people I know actually still use vine.