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News February 2, 2013

The European Design Awards, also known as the ED-Awards are annual awards presented to designers to celebrate the best of graphic design, illustration and digital design in Europe. It is a joint initiative by 15 communication design magazines across the region and is endorsed by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, the world body for professional communication design. And if you’re a designer living in Europe, they are already accepting entries for the 2013 ED-Awards.

Moreover, as designers, the stakes are pretty high for anyone who’s planning to participate. First and foremost, the ED-Awards is an excellent avenue where designers can promote their work on an international level as the award giving body is composed of different design magazines who have the means to spread the news about your work on a scale far larger compared if you were to do it alone. Second is that the ED-Awards provides a venue for European designers to meet, benchmark and build networks which will later on help them to hone their skills and improve their craft.

For those interested in submitting an entry, the submission period is from January 1 to February 15. Designs may fall under 30 categories which include: brand logo, company logo, annual report, book cover, brochure, product catalogue, magazine, promotional site, motion graphics, mobile apps, CD/DVD cover, calendar, cards & flyers, single posters and exhibition designs to name a few.

A fee will also be collected for each entry and a posted sample should be sent to the European Designs Swedish office no later than February 18. Each category will have a specific requirement in terms of samples, so you might want to read about the requirements and any additional guidelines related to the category you’re in.

For more information about the ED-Awards, you can visit their website, drop by European Design’s Facebook page or you can follow their Twitter account.

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