You! Be Informed! #0040 – Core77 Design Awards x Penguin Design Award

News February 19, 2013

For this week’s You! Be Informed! we’ll be talking about two different design awards, each being memorable for the dedication they show for design and for the people who make them.


Core77 Design Awards

Creatives and designers are known to challenge the norm – armed with their innovative ideas and out of the box concepts, they’ll surely make a big difference in our world. But to be recognized and their ideas and concept be realized, designers must first be exposed to the world – they must be seen!

If you are a designer, or know someone exceptionally good, you can point them to Core77 now. Because Core 77 will be hosting their annual Design Awards this coming June 2013. The website, primarily known for covering almost all design enterprises, returns this year with 17 open categories, 15 of which students can join.

Here are some notable works from Core77′s 2012 Design Awards, taken from their Visual Communication category:


Core77 Design Awards

From Farm to Fork – A Green Summit, Amore

Core77 Design Awards

7TV rebranding, Greg Barth

Core77 Design Awards

W.K. Kellogg Foundation 2011 Annual Report, Yuri Priamo Canales

 Interested in other Design Awards and Events? You might want to check out The Adobe Aspire Awards

Penguin Design Awards


Penguin books are known for their minimalist and type heavy book designs. These designs, inspired by typography’s simplicity and purpose – legibility, readability, and content – have influenced graphic designers in different industries, and all over the globe.


Penguin Design Award

The Penguin Design Awards is now up for their 2013 edition. The awards are divided in two categories, the Puffin picture books and the Penguin paperback books. If you’re up for the challenge, drop by their website today.  Here are some of Penguin’s 2012 Design Awards winners:

 Penguin Design Award

Penguin Design Award

Penguin Design Award

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