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News December 9, 2012

Hey creatives! It’s a brand new week so let us start by being inspired and creative. And to help you with that, let me give you a quick round up of what has happened over the blog for the past week. Check out the list of post below and stay creative and awesome for the week ahead!




The Graphic Designer’s Gift Guide Part Two

There are a lot of awesome items to give to graphic designers which is why we are making a series of posts on gift ideas for the coming holidays. Last week we pretty much covered the novelty items and tools, today we are jotting down books, magazines and art prints that will make designers squeal in delight as they tore the gift wrap away and see what is inside.


Mobile Website Design – 5 Considerations for an Amazing User Experience

These considerations relate to the way website designers have to rethink their priorities, conceptualize the website’s look and feel and design the website to align with the interactive experience offered by modern day mobile devices.


M2L Brand Event

Award-winning furniture designer Manfred Petri, the latest addition to the roster of artists of American furniture distributor M2L will be in New York City this week to launch a new collection of architectural cabinetry at M2L’s NYC showroom on December 13, 2012.


YTD and Themespectrum Giveaway

Last week we’ve teamed up with the folks from Themespectrum that gave our readers a chance to win premium set of wordpress themes to help you kick start your online portfolio. The call for entries ended last week and the five lucky winners will be revealed this week.



Featured Artist: Atmospheric Photography of Mikko Lagerstedt

Meet Mikko Lagerstedt, a professional photographer from Finland whose works are characterized by moody and surreal themes and mostly focusing on natural subjects such as landscapes, waterscapes, roads and forests. Our featured artist of the month, describes his work as “atmospheric” and had been producing amazing photographs since 2008.


Post Apocalyptic Art

Artists and designers have their own interpretation of doomsday theories that the world will end on December 21, 2012. There are a few of them that have found ways on how to share their ideas through illustrations and concept art. Here are three amazing artists and their take on how the world will look like after the apocalypse.


Cool Illustrations Featuring Santa Claus

To show how much Santa has influenced many lives of people and to celebrate the Christmas spirit of the season, we here at You The Designer have collected some of the coolest, amazing, funny and unique fan art illustrations of Santa Claus by various artists over the Internet. Lets see how the original image of Santa illustrated by Thomas Nast has evolved.


Best Video Game Characters

Last week we tried to take a look at (in no particular order) 15 of the most successful, most popular and most recognized video game characters that have graced our computers, handheld gaming consoles or other gaming devices one might have played in the past.


Photoshop in Real Life

Flóra Borsi is a Hungary based photographer who did a mini-series of what would it be like if Photoshop was real and how would people use it. The resulting images are hilarious and very well thought of, we are now thinking that Adobe should get her to do a print ad for Photoshop.



Wallpaper Freebie for December 2012: Santa Ain’t Comin No Mo

It’s the last month of the year, and as the Christmas season goes into full swing, we at You The Designer bring you this awesome wallpaper calendar, entitled “Santa Aint Comin No Mo”. Plus another free wallpaper for those who are already using Windows 8.


12 Vector Snowflakes

We here at You The Designer understand that most of your Christmas themed design projects would need something to give them the added holiday feel. That’s why last week we gave you an amazing set of 12 vector snowflakes perfect for your Christmas inspired designs this season.


5 Abstract Vector Lines Part Two

Another amazing freebie last week was a collection of five abstract vector lines in continuation of the first set we posted a few months ago. The vector graphics can be used in a wide array of projects, from prints, web design and illustration works.

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