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News December 16, 2012

Hey creatives! It’s again time to give you a quick round up of what has happened over the blog for the past week. Check out the list of posts below to stay creative and awesome for the rest of the week!




The Graphic Designer’s Gift Guide Part Three

Last week we have listed down some awesome books and magazines where designers can acquire knowledge and inspiration. We are finally down to the last post of our gift guide series and today we are featuring gadgets, software and apps that a budding or a veteran graphic designer would love to have in their arsenal of tools.


IM Creator and YTD Nexus 7 Giveaway

IM Creator, the online website builder, gave away a Google Nexus 7 tablet to Youthedesigner readers! The giveaway run from December 10, 2012 to December 14, 2012. The winner will be chosen by representatives of IM Creator and will be announced on You The Designer this week. The winner will win an 8GB Nexus 7 tablet, valued at $200 or its cash equivalent.


Noteworthy Skills of a Web Designer

A guest blogger shared to us a lot of things that must be considered while choosing a talented web designer. A trustworthy web designer would help you with a web design that is intuitive that help you meet your business goals in a better way. That is why you must prefer choosing a web designer only when he/she has the right technology and skill sets.


Looking to Steer Clear the HTML5 Potholes?

Touted to replace flash, HTML5′s proponents blew its capabilities out of proportion even while HTML5 was still in its nascent stages. This, over the past months, has been fueling a glaring gap between what’s expected of HTML5 and the actuals. These ideas and more were tackled by a guest blogger in this post.


The Red Dot Design Awards

The Red Dot Design Award is once again accepting entries for its annual product design competition. The Red Dot Design Awards is an international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. Participants from previous years include designers, artist and product manufacturers.



The Battle between Lettering and Calligraphy

Typography techniques are improved by constant practicing and when given the challenge of competition. This idea inspired the new website called “Lettering vs. Calligraphy” which features two amazing Berlin based designers in a unique challenge celebrating the creative process of hand drawn lettering and penned calligraphy.


Creative Mug Designs

Christmas is often associated with cold weather probably because of many types of media in the past that mentions of a white Christmas, with houses covered in a layer of snow and people huddle near a fire place to drink coffee or hot chocolate.This post showcases 25 of the most creative mug designs that will certainly get you in the mood this holiday season.


The Superhero Media Crossover Project by Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy created this project which features a mash-up of images combining art from classic comic books overlapped on screenshots from the latest superhero films. The project makes us realize how often movie makers rely on the format of classic comic books and graphic novels by interlacing cinematography with storyboard.


Ben Heine and his Pencil vs Camera Collection

Art literally meets reality in Ben Heine’s Pencil vs Camera collection. This 29-year old artist and illustrator from Belgium started this collection back in April 2010, as a fortunate consequence of own personal artistic development. The images in his collection usually depict a hand drawn artwork in white paper in front of a realistic background.



7 Vector Starburst

Last week we gave you another amazing set of vector graphics.The resource is a set of 7 starburst vector graphics that will definitely add some fine details into any design projects.


15 High Resolution Blingy Photoshop Brushes

To add some glitter to your Christmas inspired designs, we brought you a nice set of Photoshop brushes featuring 15 cool blingy graphics and sparkles.

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