You! Be Reminded! February 17 – 23, 2013

News February 23, 2013

Hello Creatives! The week’s about to end and we’d like to throw in a recap of what the awesome things we saw this past week.

Minimalist Monday – Less is More First off, we started the week with a feature about minimalism last Monday. Featuring some creative works from graphic designer Noma Bar and a couple of stunningly beautiful and intelligent ads from Amnesty International and Lego.



You! Be Informed! #0040 – Core77 Design Awards x Penguin Design Awards This week’s feature in You! Be Informed! are some of the notable graphic design awards events that’ll be coming up in the next two months. Check out Core77’s and Penguin’s Design Awards and take part – challenge your creative and show off mad skills.



Tutorial Tuesday – 5 Amazing Vector Portrait Tutorials! In our tutorial feature, we’ve compiled some of the best and in-depth tutorials about how to transform your self-portrait into vector. We’ve featured Beto Garza’s amazing step-by-step tutorial allowing you to transform your image to geometric vector graphics. Minecraft, anyone?



Artist Feature – The Vintage Style Graphics of Neil Beech This week’s featured artist is Neil Beech, a UK-based graphic designer and illustrator who uses vintage styles on his works. Neil’s works feature a lot of vintage typography, grunge textures, and retro themes.




Web Design Wednesday – Navigating the Web with Parallax Scrolling In our feature about web design, we discussed how Parallax Scrolling will probably change the way we navigate through the web. Also, how it can be used to naturally yet creatively narrate a story. We’ve put up some of the most creative Parallax-driven websites we can find on the web, such as Evan Halshaw’s inforgraph featuring James Bond’s cars.


Guest Post – Mobile Web Design Tips In another web-focused post, we talked about a couple of key points when you’re designing your web for the mobile platform. We tackled subjects such as navigation, content, and visibility.




Creative Advertising Ideas of the Week This week’s creative advertising ideas came from Fanta, Emirates, and Big Boss Brewing Company. I’ll hop on and tell you, check out Big Boss’ advertisemen —it’s awesome. Anyway, in the same post is UTEC’s innovative billboard design that generates drinkable water for the people of Lima, Peru.



Typography Thursday — How to Tell Your Client That Some Typefaces are Better than Others This week’s typography post is about how to handle projects that require sensitive typography, and how to tell your client why you chose a certain typeface for the project.



Freebie – Tools of Mass Creation Photoshop Brushes This week’s freebie is a brush made up mainly of drawing and writing tools we use every day. Download it for a tweet or a share on facebook, then you can do whatever you want with it.




Fanart Friday – Fictional Logos Compiled by FAUXGO If you’re looking for some logo inspiration, you don’t need to look far and wide for beautiful and memorable brand logos. All you have to do is revisit the video games, films, and TV series that you’ve watched and you’ll find that some of the fictional companies you loathed and fought against have some sensible branding in them.



Surreal Saturday – The Dreamy Illustrations of Victo Ngai This Saturday’s feature for unique and otherworldly artwork is graphic designer and illustrator Victo Ngai. She has worked with big companies such as The New Yorker, The New York Times, Leo Burnett, McDonald’s, Adidas Hong Kong, Bank Simple, Tor Books and more. Watch out for more creative articles and freebies next week!




Do you want to pitch in an article or an idea? Let us know, send us an email or just leave a comment bellow. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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