You! Be Reminded! – January 13 – 19, 2013

News January 20, 2013

Hello creatives! It’s a brand new week again and it’s time for us to give you a quick round-up of creative awesomeness from our posts last week. Check out the posts below to stay inspired for the whole week.




Best Free Icons and Fonts for Web Design

We started the week by a useful resource article by a guest blogger which collected some of the best and free icons and fonts for various design projects. Each of these resources can be easily downloaded and use instantly on whatever creative field you are in like print and web design.

Best and Free Online Photo Editing Tools

This article mentions the best and certain freely available photo editing programs online which are the best for most of the operating systems. Whether you are a professional photographer or just a creative geek, you might check out this list and pick what’s best for your photo editing needs.

Exciting New DC Comics on Sale this January 2013

All comic book fans and enthusiasts rejoice, as we give you a round-up of new comic releases this month from the DC Universe! From the amazing lineup of writers and artists working on with these new issues comes a brand new representation of lines like New 52, Before Watchmen, Vertigo and DC Kids Series.


You! Be Informed! #0035: WordPress and Zenfolio

Last week, we gave you some great news for our readers who are also in to photography on oue weekly You! Be Inspired! post. Check out a new feature from WordPress for those who are finding a place to showcase their portfolio and’s acquisition of Zenfolio.




The Underwater Project of Mark Tipple

Australian documentary photographer, Mark Tipple has been taking rare moments with his camera for three years had his most applauded and inspiring works called “The Underwater Project” which takes underwater photography to a more distinct and emotionally driven creative discipline.



Book Carvings by Guy Laramée

Guy Laramée takes the issue of books versus technology a notch higher by carving his sculptures out of real books. According to Laramée his carved landscapes represent the erosion of “culture” that is happening in today’s generation of readers. This post showcases some of his imaginative creations.


You! Be Inspired! – The Fingering Project

Born in Albany, New York in 1947 this multimedia artist has been in and out of the art industry for most part of her life. Her current project entitled “Fingering” is a collection of paintings drawn by Judith Braun with the use of her finger usually dipped in charcoal and executed on paper or directly painted onto the wall.


You! Be Inspired! — DKNG Studios

DKNG Studios, is a design studio that has been making waves through its amazing and stunning music posters. DKNG is a fusion of minds of Dan Kuhlken’s and Nathan Goldman’s minds who both knew each other since high school. aside from posters the duo have also tried their hands in other venues such as packaging, apparel, web design and identity.


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