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Hey guys! It’s time again for a quick round-up of useful stories, resources and inspirational posts we’ve shared over the past week. Read in the following articles for your reference and to start the week staying inspired and creative.




5 Avoidable Mistakes Made By Newbie Web Designers

It is not uncommon for newbie web designers to make mistakes in the initial stage of their career. These mistakes are easily avoidable if they take care of some fine points related to website design. Let us take a look at some of the mistakes made by newbie web designers, which are easily avoidable.


Infographic: Web Designer/Developer Salaries Around the World

The collaboration between the people from and Infoactive created this amazing interactive infographic that features an interactive user interface and shows the distribution of income for graphic designers, senior graphic designers, web developers, software developers and senior web developers.


The Graphic Designer’s Gift Guide Part One

In this first part of our Gift Guide posts, we have listed down some awesome novelty items and must haves that will suit the needs of graphic designers from their work areas up to their bags. From mugs, wallpapers up to pens these items will not fail to light up your colleague’s face when they tore open the gift on Christmas day.


Role of 3D Animation Software In Designing Graphics

With new technologies coming up in the modern era, the role of 3D or three dimensional graphics have increased. Before you read further on the role of 3D graphics, first you must know the meaning of 3D graphics. A guest blogger shared us some insights about the role of 3D animation software and how it changed the way designers do their work.


Design Tips and Inspiration from the Work of Saul Bass

Not only did Saul Bass design the unforgettable title sequences for various films, he came up with the logos for such companies and organizations as Geffen Records, United Airlines and AT&T. With such a figure in mind, ambitious graphic designers would do well to study Bass’s work and take away these lessons.


Art, Environment, Action!

In last week’s You! Be Informed! post we gave you guys another informative post about something that’s happening in New York City. The event is entitled “Art, Environment, Action!” and features an innovative gallery that transforms through several dynamic programs that rely on public interaction.



Art out of Old Blue Jeans

Ian Berry, the British contemporary artist popularly known as Denimu takes us to his amazing world of artworks made out of old and discarded blue jeans. Created by some cuts, stitches and glues – each piece of art is extra ordinary. Be inspired with his collection of denim artworks featuring urbanscapes and portraits.


Amazing Map Art Collages of Matthew Cusick

New York based artist, Matthew Cusick has made a name in the art industry by creating intricate artistic representations of humans, animals, and water and landforms made out of carefully crafted pages of recycled maps, atlases, encyclopedias and school textbooks.


Creative Christmas Trees

The common look and design of Christmas trees are already enough to imbibe a place with the holiday feel. But of course, designers and artists have a different take on this matter. It’s not just enough for a Christmas tree to be ordinary. It has to be different, cool and unique. Be inspired with 20 of the most uniquely designed Christmas trees all over the world.



25 Christmas Inspired Free Fonts

For designers and creatives, Christmas is not just a season for giving and a moment to spend time with loved ones but also a nice opportunity for possible design projects for the holidays. Last week we gave you a nice collection of 25 free fonts just perfect for those Christmas themed designs you might be working on.



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