12 Vector Snowflakes

Freebies, Vectors December 7, 2012

Christmas has always been associated with a lot of different things. But for the most part, and partly due to the influence of western culture over different parts of the world, this worldwide holiday has become closely associated with Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and sceneries covered in snow.

Snowflakes for example have long been used as a Christmas ornament in Christmas trees, a holiday décor and as a design element in various Christmas themed items. So now that the month of December goes into full swing, I know too well that it’s the time of the year where designers and artists such as myself start to accept design projects related to the yuletide season.

Fortunately, we here at You The Designer understand that most of your Christmas themed design projects would need something to give them the added holiday feel. So we’re giving you today an amazing set of 12 vector snowflakes created by yours truly.



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