25 Fingerprint Brushes Volume 2

Freebies April 6, 2009

Today’s Monday brush giveaway is a cool set of fingerprint style Photoshop brushes. These brushes can form great background textures, or even be the central focus of a design related to some sort of mystery. I could see the brushes being used in a cover design for a mystery novel or even on a poster for missing children. The possibilities are endless, hope you enjoy the free brushes and stay tuned for more! Once we are done with volume 2, we will be introducing more tutorials to You the Designer as requested by many of your readers.


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Download 25 Fingerprint Brushes Vol. 2

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  • http://www.digdeeperdesign.com Brian Neas

    Great site, love the tips!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk/ Rory Martin

    Thank you very much, nice set of brushes.
    Saves me inking my fingers up for my next web design project!

  • http://www.graphicdesignercareers.com/ Tracy

    I just found your blog today. These fingerprint brushes are terrific, thank you so much!


  • http://www.ondesignworld.com/blog Ronnie Roper

    Thanks for the time saving brushes.

  • http://www.moraywebsolutions.com MorayWeb

    Another ‘handy’ set of brushes! ;)

    Thanks, I am sure to have a use for these soon!


  • http://www.rakdesign.com Rak Logo Design

    Hey thanks for another awesome set of brushes!

  • http://tipseri.net Clasament

    Can you change the download link please? This one doesn’t work..

  • oozie

    wat up

  • http://www.identitystudios.co.uk Identity Design

    Nice work – thanks!

  • Roy Alnashef

    Hey, love the brushes but whenever i click the download link, it brings me to the download terms page. from there, I’m not seeing a link to actually begin downloading. HELP

  • Annabelle

    Can’t access link either! : (

  • Natalie

    It’s at the end of reading the terms you fill in details and click download.