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Freebies May 14, 2008

Our latest addition to our free vector art section is a vector globe icon set created by the nice folks over at These icons are available for download exclusively on You the Designer. Please be sure to check out for Illustrator tutorials, tips and tricks on vector art.

Vector Globe Icon Set | Created By


Download and Usage Terms

Edit: We changed the download link at one point when we started hosting the icon set on our own server, but we put the wrong link by mistake. We’ve fixed it now, though. Sorry for the inconvenience, and enjoy!

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  • MediaMisfit

    These are great for blending into subtle backgrounds. Great Stuff!

  • Alex Samsonas

    nice work

  • mark

    thanks a mill needed this

  • Amanda Vlahakis

    Nice globes, but as designers, can any of us really stand to use globes any more for anything? ;)

    I guess there must be some situations that arise, that a globe is actually necessary, lol.

  • Gino

    Mark – No problem, I love giving out free stuff!

  • Gino

    I would say globes are overdone with logos, but I think these could definitely find a home in some other designs if used correctly!

  • ryee

    nice work! keep it up!

  • Zena


    Just what I needed, AND they look good!

    Thanks a million…

  • mike

    these might come in use sometime, thanks!

  • Lisa

    Thanks so much. These globe icons are great!

  • Sean Hodge

    I’ve had needs for globes come up many times when creating logos and icons. Usually the globe is a part of the overall design. Here is an example,

    Thanks for the great freebie. Sometimes even just finding a good world map is great. Thx.

  • ali

    very very beauty

  • ali

    these might come in use sometime, thanks these might come in use sometime, thanks

  • Emily

    These are great! Though I do have a question, in terms of usage. I understand we are not allowed to alter the image(s) in any way, so that we may make a profit from the design. But are we simply allowed to alter the image slightly if we are using it as part of a logo, or corporate identity?

  • P

    These are awesome

  • รับวางระบบ, รับทำ seo

    it’s cool. thank a lot.

  • alexandra

    very usefull thank you

  • Anonymous

    many thanks

  • Leaderzakzouk

    thanks a lot, I need this so much

  • nina

    brilliant work very handy

  • Chadlonius

    thank you for the vector illustration resource!

  • Supriya Surve

    Thanks alot :)

  • custom web design

    Thanks a lot for the web icons, i will use them for website design!

  • infoniac

    great stuff! I used these globes in several of my projects… they blended in just perfectly! thanks a lot guys!

  • AliveIT

    Thanks!!! ;-)

  • Patti

    Thanks! Very nice. I haven’t found any “for pay” globes this nice.

  • Freeda

    Fantastic! You rock!

  • Dmitri

    great globes! used them for designing new cards for my firm! thanks!

  • IdealHut

    Thanks for sharing great globes!

  • Quality Web Design

    useful icons, i will share this with my friends. thank you very much…

  • Jennifer

    The Icon vectors Set, are fantastic! Thank you very much!

  • Dines T.

    This is inevitable for all designers and thank you very much for share this beautiful globe design.

  • Joshua J.

    Thanks! I Googled vector globe, and this was the first site that showed up! You saved me a huge headache, but I would not know where to start with doing the Earth by scratch…well, ok, maybe start with a circle, but the continents?!

  • Mitch

    Thanks for the vectors

  • J-P

    Download link broken?

  • Meg

    When I click download, I get “Error on page.” Please fix and let me know. Thanks.

  • Daniel

    When i open them it is just text (html) that when put in a .html file creates the downloads and usage terms?

  • Anonymous


  • peter

    i only download a textdocument containing some kind of source code :(

  • angelo


  • Nick Karis

    The globe vectors Set is fantastic! Great work. Thank you!

  • László Harsányi

    great art, thank you for sharing

  • PAUL


  • Julian Cuestas


  • king

    doesnt work. I clicked “Download and Terms” and all I see on the next page is terms.

  • name

    I go to the download and terms and all i get is the terms! no link to download!