Vector Art Free Download – Envelope Icon Set

Freebies June 10, 2008

You the Designer Exclusive! Vector Art Free Download – Envelope Icon Set

Our latest edition to our exclusive free vector art collection is this awesome and extensive envelope icon set created by our good friend and talented illustrator Phil Earley.

This set features a variety of different envelopes and folders of different sizes which we foresee being extremely useful for many print and web design projects. We hope you love this vector art free download as much as we do, it has to be one of our favorite icon set giveaways to date!

Vector Art Free Download – Envelope Icon Set | Created By Phil Earley


Download and Usage Terms

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  • adelle

    nice looking vectors!

  • Jon

    Excellent, thanks for sharing!

  • Christina

    Very nice!

  • Eli

    Wicked nice designs. Just need some ideas for what we can use them for :)

  • freddygirl

    Thanks for these, they’re great!

  • Gino

    Glad you all like them!

  • Daniel

    Nice set. Thxs a lot.

  • Alison

    Very nice :D

  • Qvectors

    nice set of free vectors. thanks

  • Daisy

    I love these, thank you!

  • bkaju

    Thank You very nice

  • alhaidari

    bon jour

  • Andre

    Looks great, thx for it…

  • mahalie

    I really, really, really love these!! This made me subscribe to your site…like I really need ANOTHER rss feed!

  • Curt Simon Harlinghausen

    Genius _ great work. thanks

  • pablo

    thanks, is a wontherfull work

  • LoveBloggs

    These are all very cute! I have no idea what I would use them for, but I can’t help but download them! Thanks :)

  • JonnieGirl77

    Sweet! Thanks!

  • DaBloggr

    hello Gino,

    any chance you could put them up in .png?

    I absolutely love them, but .eps doesnt open and I don’t have illustrator..

    thanks a lot!

  • quaden

    that is great, thanks

  • quaden


  • darwin

    thanks galing ganda!!!!

  • NaldzGraphics

    very nice.keep it up

  • alexandra

    thanks a lot :)

  • Praky

    lovely thanks a lot.

  • Nathan

    These look really nice, thnx!

  • VectorJungle

    These are really clever. I like them A LOT!!!!

  • Susan Jackman

    These are great! Not sure what to use them for but I’m sure I will think of something… Thanks!

  • Ali

    thanks for your great and nice illustration!

  • catalog32

    very useful thanks