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Freebies July 28, 2012

How many times have you turned down some projects ’cause you think you can’t do them? Most people are still submerged in this attitude. Having not much confidence about their abilities, stopping at roadblocks and scared of trying out new opportunities. I am like that before but not anymore today. This condition inspired me to create this piece called HIATUS COLOSSUS - reminding me about breaking huge boundaries and realigning things to work easy when I meet difficulties along my way. Now it’s your turn!


Hiatus Colossus - Free Wallpaper Calendar for August 2012 by You The Designer


This week’s freebie is an awesome wallpaper calendar companion for your PC, Mac or Ipad. This is available at sizes ranging from 640 x 480 up to 2560 x 1440 to perfectly fit your gizmos.

Check out the details of this work on my Behance page. Don’t forget to show your appreciations!

Get this for free by clicking the button below and don’t forget to share this with your friends. Stay awesome for the rest of the month and enjoy the adventure!

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