200+ Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes

Resources July 28, 2008

Photoshop brushes are one of the most useful and often under-rated aspects of the program. All you have to do is download these Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes and upload them to Photoshop and you will open up an entire new design arsenal!

Below is a collection of some of the hottest and newest free grunge Photoshop brushes from a variety of brush sites. Many of these grunge brush sets come with several different styles of brushes and tend to vary in resolution. For even more Photoshop Brushes check out Qbrushes.com

Grunge Free Photoshop Brushes

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-1.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-2.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-3.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-4.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-5.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-6.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-7.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-8.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-9.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-10.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-11.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-12.jpg

grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-15.jpg grunge-free-photoshop-brushes-13.jpg

Know any other new free grunge brush sets? Link us in the comments!

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  • http://www.plrminisites.com/ PLR Website Graphics

    Very cool brushes! Thanks for the heads up.

  • http://isallcaps.com kim

    bittbox.com has some good brushes.

  • http://developerfox.com Fox

    These are attractive and lovely.

  • http://www.traz.fr Traz

    Nice, thanks 4 the link ! :-)

  • http://qbrushes.com Qbrushes

    One of the best packs i found is Ultimate Grunge3 by Ardcor, it contains 52 brushes. http://qbrushes.com/grunge/ultimate-grunge-set-3/

    more grunge brushes here http://qbrushes.com/category/grunge/

  • http://qbrushes.com Qbrushes

    my browser crashed on my so i’m not sure if my comment got through..
    I wanted to share this awesome grunge pack http://qbrushes.com/grunge/ultimate-grunge-set-3/ by Ardcor.

  • http://www.rainforestmultimedia.com Brett Childress

    Dude I can’t wait to start using these!

  • http://www.kara-kalem.com karakalem

    Very cool brushes. ;)

  • http://www.webdivisions.net Web divisions

    Look great. thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    WOW!!!!!! REAL GOOD!!!!!!

  • untamed

    thank you so much…………….

  • http://www.ootytour.com Ooty Tour
  • jb

    where i get the best shot of brushes that make in website??? thank you

  • Gino

    jb – http://www.brusheezy.com/ is a nice site for brushes

  • http://www.firebubbledesign.com Logo Design UK

    I like the one on the right second one down, red background. Thanks.

  • Dodda

    Cool brushes

  • Anonymous
  • http://www.tcetveli.org gogo


  • http://abazas.org Serkan-

    nice brushes thank’s

  • http://urfriend143.blogspot.com sree

    [...] 200 Free Grunge Photoshop Brushes | You the Designer – [...]

  • http://www.photoshopbrushes.com/grunge-brushes.htm Grunge Brushes

    Here are some of mine, might be of some interest


  • caulk

    cool thanks :)

  • elif

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  • http://somebodysomeone.org Jef

    Really nice, thanks!

  • http://robertoblake.com Roberto Blake

    Thanks for posting some amazing photoshop brushes. I’m sure I can speak for everyone here when I say we really do appreciate it.

  • YouTheDesigner Fan

    Thanks for these great brushes, I can use them!

  • http://www.123myspacebanners.com Myspace Banners

    Nice brushes. Thanks

  • http://www.dockerydesign.com Tyler Dockery

    These are totally sweet! I’ll have to use this with the paper texture project I have in the works!


    -Tyler Dockery

  • pablo

    Thanks for these great brushes, I can use them!

  • MaGic

    Thnx U

  • http://webdesignsurvivalist.com/ Montia Garcia

    You can find a set of 25 high resolution Grunge brushes on my website – http://webdesignsurvivalist.com/brushes/free-photoshop-brushes-grunge-web-design-survivalist-exclusive/

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    nice brush

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