30 Free Adobe Photoshop Valentine Brush Sets

Resources February 7, 2010

As Valentine’s day approaches, more and more designers are searching for quality brushes to aid them in creating their Valentine designs. We put together 30 Free Adobe Photoshop Valentine Brush Sets to make sure our fellow designers have high quality brushes in time for Valentine’s Day…. This collection of brushes will help you create astounding designs for your loved ones to help celebrate a day of love.

Check out this awesome heart brush collection and download the brushes you like best. Each set of photoshop heart brushes is unique, so make sure you don’t miss any of them. Browse through our collection and use the brushes wisely… Have fun!!!

Valentine Brush Set

Valentine Brush Set
A set of 24 vintage style brushes for every occasion of love. The brushes within this set are large sized and a full sized preview is available if you click the picture above.

Valentine Brush

Valentine Brush
A series of hearts are included in this cute little brush set.

Valentine Floral Brush

Valentine Floral brush
22 Floral style brushes for Valentine’s Day. These Valentine’s Day brushes are high resolution!

Valentine Floral Heart Brush

valentine floral heart brush
A set of 20 high resolution floral brushes perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Brush Pack – Hearts

brush pack hearts
A series of vector scanned brushes shaped like hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Brushes

valentine brushes
Twenty-five brushes for Valentine’s Day ranging from red rose brushes to heart brushes. Perfect brushes for invitations and love notes.

Vector ‘Style’ Hearts

vector style hearts
A set of 20 vector hearts for Valentine’s Day. All vector heart brushes come with unique designs and are sized differently.

Valentine PSD

valentine psd
Several kinds of hearts in both brush and PSD form. Make sure you check the link for information on how to open these vector heart brushes in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Mega Art Brush Set

valentine mega art brush set
A beautiful set of Valentine’s Day stamps and brushes useful for developing templates, designing Valentine’s cards, and creating elegant Valentine’s Day designs.

Valentine 2010 PS Brushes

valentine 2010 brushes
Make your backgrounds stand out with 21 unique Valentine’s Day brushes. Inside, you’ll find hearts and floral accents to make your backgrounds stand out and your Valentine’s themed cards and notes appear unique.

Valentine Brush

valentine brush
12 high resolution grunge style brushes just in time for Valentine’s Day.

18 Decorative Heart PS Brushes

decorative heart brushes
A set of 18 Valentine’s Day themed hearts and assorted brushes perfect as clipart or accents to Valentine’s Day themed sites and cards.

Heart Brush Set

heart brush set
This Valentine’s heart brush set is excellent for that hand drawn look. These brushes would look great on Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine Brush Set

valentine brush set
24 Heart shaped brushes for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s heart brush set is more of a grunge design, perfect as a background or part of a theme.

My Heart Brushes

my heart brushes
These 18 brushes are inspired by love and perfect for any Valentine’s Day themed design.

Hearts Brush Pack

hearts brush pack
These 5 heart brushes would be a great companion to any of the Valentine’s brush sets on this page.

Heart Brush Pack 01

heart brush pack
50 hearts are included in this Valentine’s heart brush pack. The designs range from grungy to hand drawn, these shapes will be the perfect accents to any Valentine’s Day card design.

Heart Fractal Brushes

heart fractal brushes
These 11 heart fractal Photoshop Brushes were made with Apophysis and add a cool flair to any design made with love.

Hearts Photoshop Brushes

hearts photoshop brushes
These hand drawn heart brushes will look wonderful on any card or love note.

Valentine PS Brushes Part 3

valentine brushes
These 18 grungy floral brushes will definitely make your Valentine’s Day design stand out with cool heart brush effects.

Hearts In Motion

hearts in motion
The Hearts in Motion Brush set will give you some great Valentine’s Day design ideas for any card or theme.

Happy Heart Attack

happy heart attack
These hand drawn heart brushes will add a touch of personality to your Valentine’s Day designs.

Invitation Envelopes PS Brush

invitation envelopes ps brush
These romantic envelope designs will give you ideas of how to personalize your Valentine’s Day Stationary.

Heart Brushes

heart brushes
The 20 heart brushes in this Valentine’s Day brush set will add attitude and style to your Valentine’s Day designs.

Love Brushes

love brushes
Show your love with these elegant and simple Valentine’s Day designs.

Heart Stamps

heart stamps brush
These heart stamps will give your Valentine’s Day stationary that hand made touch to let people know you put love into it.

Heart Swirls

heart swirls brush
This set contains 14 heart shaped brushes that would be perfect as accents to a Valentine’s Day card or background.

Brush Hearts

heart cool brush
These heart brushes look and feel hand drawn. Make your Valentine’s Day cards look beautiful with these chic hearts.

Heart Attack

heart attack brush
These 8 heart shaped brushes give that grungy feel to any Valentine’s Day card. Use these in the corners of your stationary or as accents to your designs.

Damned Hearts

damned heart brush
The 6 brushes included in this set cap off our series. The vector brushes pictured here have paint spatters and stylized circles to add to the heart shaped Valentine’s brush design.

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    Thank you for these! I needed a heart shape about a week ago and ended up drawing it myself. This will come in handy for the future though.

  • Rob

    Nice. Where do you find these? I mean, if I were to start making brushes how would people find me? Is there a website people post brushes on? Or are you a known connoisseur of brushes everyone sends brushes to?

  • swosti

    pls send me these brushes

  • http://www.sjlwebdesign.co.uk SJL Web Design

    Some really neat brush sets, I’m sure these will come in handy.