33 Fresh and Cool Fonts for Designers

Resources July 27, 2010

Finding the appropriate font for your design purpose is important. Simple designs can become extraordinary with the correct font choice. Though a wide variety of fonts are available to download online, there is always a demand for fresh varieties to express text or copy in a brand new way.

With today’s post of 33 Fresh and Cool Fonts for Designers, we bring you a collection of fresh and trendy fonts you can download for free. Breathe life into your design’s copy with these unique font faces. Enjoy!

Nobile Font

nobile font
Download Source

Arcus Font

arcus font
Download Source

Fracmetrica Font

Download Source

Free Font Two One

free font two one
Download Source

Qub Font

qub font
Download Source

Age Free Font

age free font
Download Source

Megapolis Font

megapolis font
Download Source

Section Font

section font
Download Source

Modo Font

modo font
Download Source

Musa Ornata

musa ornata
Download Source

Piron Free Ront

piron free fon
Download Source

Code Free Ront

code free font
Download Source

Acid Type Font

acid type font
Download Source

Sansation Font

sansation font
Download Source

Zero One Base Font

zero one base font
Download Source

Chunk Five Font

chunk five font
Download Source

Val Stencil Font

val stencil font
Download Source

Amperisk Font

amperisk font
Download Source

Code Font

code font
Download Source

Q Section Font

q section font
Download Source

Sumkin Typeface Font

sumkin typeface font
Download Source

Popu Font

popu font
Download Source

Laconic Font

laconic font
Download Source

Merge Font

merge font
Download Source

Oblik Serif Font

oblik serif font
Download Source

Dekar Free Font

dekar free font
Download Source

Lobster Font

lobster font
Download Source

Bebas Font

bebas font
Download Source

Patagonia Font

patagonia font
Download Source

Saf Free Font

saf free font
Download Source

Q H Font

q h font
Download Source

Tertre Font

terte font
Download Source

Glide Font

glide font
Download Source

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  • http://indierobot.deviantart.com indierobot

    What great fonts! Thanks for pulling them all together. Great resource.

  • http://www.webdesignexpertz.com smita

    This one is a great finding…handy for designers..I like the Q H Font…can be used in artistic designs :)

    Many Thanks

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Johnson

    This is a really good post. I always like it when a blog puts a collection of good fonts together, I’ll be downloading ‘Lobster font’ and ‘Arcus font’ for definite.

  • http://www.eatingdesign.com Eating Design

    Great post, really like the lobster font :) It will be mine.


  • http://twitter.com/kimwylie0523 Kim

    Great collection! Definitely taking advantage of it. Many thanks!

    FYI: “Code” is in here twice.

    • Jennifer


      Eep! Thanks for pointing that out. It’s a bit late to fix it now, but at least you have two download places to choose from, haha. We’ll be more careful!

  • http://www.jaywdesigns.com Jason Williams

    This is a great resource. Thank you very much for compiling this great list. I will be sure to visit all of the links and download and experiment with using them in future designs!

    Thanks again!

  • http://www.goblinridge.co.uk Ted Thompson

    Great collection of fonts. Musa Ornata is my favourite! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://penupdesigns.com Bay Area Designer

    So nice to see some fresh (font) faces ! thanks for the collection!

  • http://www.cruzine.com oliver

    Thanks :) Cool free fonts here. I like Lobster font, great.

    70 Free Quality Grunge Fonts – http://www.cruzine.com/2010/07/27/free-grunge-fonts/

  • http://www.e11world.com e11world

    Val and Sansation are not very fresh because I’ve had them for months now but still a nice collection here!

  • http://www.isisdsn.com Raelin

    QH, Patagonia, Glide and Lobster fonts are my favs here. Thanks for the free fonts :)

  • http://www.art2code.com art2code

    Nice collection ! thx

  • http://daFont.com DaFont

    Great post, but unfortunately most of ém aren’t free!

  • http://ottorascon.com/blog/ Otto Rascon

    Thanks for these sweet fonts. I just downloaded megalopolis, which will come in handy for some poster designs. Rock on!

  • http://www.uniq-designs.com Quentin

    DOPE selection of fonts, I am gonna get a few of these. Finding new fonts can be very time consuming so thanks for the leg work. Very nice post!

  • http://www.dsm-design.co.uk/ DSM Design

    Lobster font is my fave!

  • http://www.thebrisbaneline.com Web design portfolio

    great fonts! love the patagonia one most!

  • http://webdesigners.ca/ Web Designers

    Thanks soo much! I’m always looking for new and unique fonts and can never find any good ones.

  • http://blog.minutemanpress.co.uk Gareth

    It’s always nice to see unusual fonts such as these mentioned as all too many designers choose the same old fonts when they design posters, brochures and business cards.

  • Frosty

    Awesome!!! Thank You Very Much!!!