40+ Various High Quality Free Paper Patterns and Textures

Resources September 2, 2010

Paper will never leave our lives, no matter how digitized we get. Its potential for beauty is celebrated in many designs today, whether in textures, layers, or other additional effects.

These following paper textures and patterns range from the simple to the exquisite, from the crumpled and colored to the wrinkled, faded and nostalgic. Download as many of them as you wish, and we hope you are able to use them in some beautiful paper-inspired designs!

Crumpled Paper Texture for Layers

Download Source

Dark Crumpled Paper Texture

pinksherbet 2
Download Source


Download Source

Old Paper Texture

old paper texture
Download Source

Paper II

paper II
Download Source

Brown Paper 10

brown paper 10
Download Source

Old paper 27 stock

old paper 27
Download Source

Untitled Texture CXXXXXXXXXVII

Download Source


Download Source

Rainbow Paper Texture

rainbow paper
Download Source

Squared Graph Paper

squared graph
Download Source

Paper Texture 12

paper texture 12
Download Source

Brown Paper 04

brown paper 4
Download Source

Wrinkled Paper Texture 06

wrinkled paper 6
Download Source

Cleanzor Texture 122

cleanzor 122
Download Source

Floral Inclusion Mulberry Paper

floral inclusion
Download Source

Free Parchment Texture

free parchment texture
Download Source

Wrinkled Paper Texture 19

wrinkled paper 19
Download Source

Yummy Cotton Paper

cotton paper
Download Source

Free Texture #146

free texture 146
Download Source

Paper Texture

paper texture
Download Source

White Crumbled Paper Texture

white crumbled
Download Source

Grungy Paper Texture V.11

grungy paper
Download Source

Free High Res Texture 394

free high res 394
Download Source

Old Paper Texture

old paper texture 2
Download Source

Parchment Paper Texture

parchment paper
Download Source

Texture: Notebook Paper 3

notebook paper
Download Source

Crumpled White Paper Texture

crumpled white paper
Download Source

Lines Paper

lines paper
Download Source

Dirty Paper Texture

dirty paper
Download Source

Paper Texture-Crumpled 5

crumpled 5
Download Source

Wrinkled Paper Texture 21

wrinkled paper 21
Download Source

Paper Texture-Crumpled 2

crumpled 2
Download Source

Paper Texture-Crumpled 4

crumpled 4
Download Source

Paper Texture-Crumpled 8

crumpled 8
Download Source

Old Paper 33 Stock

old paper 33
Download Source

Old Paper Texture Huge 01

old paper huge 01
Download Source

Old Paper 41 Stock

old paper 41
Download Source

Handmade Mulberry Paper

handmade mulberry
Download Source

cleanzor Texture 183

cleanzor texture 183
Download Source

Watercolor Paper-Texture

watercolor paper
Download Source

Warm Desire #1

warm desire 1
Download Source

Yellow Notebook Paper

yellow notebook
Download Source

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