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Resources September 2, 2008

Ok, today we are going to look at how to make grunge / worn style type to use in your art. The process is actually quite simple, and you can get endless variations.

Adam Woodhouse

Step 1 – Setting up our canvas

Ok, first step is pretty straight forward. All we are going to do is open Photoshop, and create a new canvas ( File > New ) and I am going to create a canvas 640px wide by 300px high.

We are going to add a background colour, so using the paint bucket tool (Shown below) we are going to simply click on the background layer with our selected colour. I am going to use a shade of dark red as my background colour:

Step 2 – Creating our type

We are now going to select the Horizontal Type Tool, which is the big “T” in the tools panel (Circled Below), we could also hit the “T” on our keyboard to select it. This will add an array of options at the top of the screen where you customize your font. I’m going to select the font “Coolvetica” ( which you can download free from here ) set at 172px and in the colour white.

Step 3 – Rasterising our type

Now we have our type set up, we are going to make it raster rather than vector (which it is currently in) – Raster means it can’t be scaled without pixelisation basically. We do this by going to the layers panel, right clicking on our type layer and clicking ” Rasterise Type” from the list.

Step 4 – Erasing the edges

Now we have our raster type on the canvas, we can start it edit its form directly. We need to select the “Eraser tool” from the tools menu – Eraser or press “E” on our keyboard. Then our tool menu will change at the top of the screen. We need to select the “Oil Pastel Large” brush.

We now need to just erase the edges of our type by clicking on our type layer and erasing around the type itself.

We can change the brush, and get a more varied effect, or even create your own brushes to erase with!

Step 5 – Adding effects

We can just as easily add grunge to the type now, instead of erasing it. So I’m going to select the “Brush Tool” from the tools tab (Or press B on the keyboard) and selecting a rough brush from the list. I’m going to use a variation of brushes from the predefined ones in Photoshop.

We could also look at rotating our type slightly to add a more random effect. We can do this by selecting the transform rotate tool from the menu ” Edit > Transform > Rotate” then rotating slightly to add that more random look, hit Enter on your keyboard to apply the transformation

Step 6 – Finalizing your type

Now we have our grunge type, its time to experiment! Now experimentation is the best way you can learn Photoshop, you can play with the tools and filters to really create some masterpieces or monsters! Don’t be afraid to experiment people :)

I’ve created loads of brushes for people looking to experiment to download for free, you can grab them here! After playing around with the brushes from my own collection this is what I managed to knock up in about 5 min’s!

I hope this helped, any questions be sure to email me or write a comment below!


Adam Woodhouse

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  • Dainis Graveris

    Simple tricks and nice output – good connection. I just think it would be more complete if you could add some colors and grunge type background too. Anyway – thanks!

  • printing capalaba

    Where are the brush’s available for download? They don’t seem to be on this page.

    Otherwise nice tutorial, good to see it with some colour as above.

  • Alyce

    Love it! But instead of rasterizing it, you could add a layer mask to do it non-destructive! Just a tip ;)

  • Tim Smith

    Nice tutorial. Simple yet awesome!!

  • linkto

    Thanks for your tutorial.

  • yousra

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love grunge and kurt cobain is my herro and he is not dead

  • Yuva

    very nicely explained.. surprised to know tat we can make grunge effects with the available brushes

  • Bheeshma Chand

    thanks alot mate :)
    this was my first attempt at creating something from cs2…
    i had been looking tutorials like yours, simple and creative..
    my best wishes to you…

  • Cinccliek
  • Julievive Empasis

    nice tutorial… thanks for sharing :)

  • Krystian

    Added to PSD Showcase

    just to let you know…

  • Angie

    It makes me sick that you just did in 5 min’s what I have been wanting to do my whole life. Well, ok, not my WHOLE life per say… but for awhile.

    See, I’m just getting started dabbling in all of this.

  • Rowan

    Everytime I download that font and use it, the G’s are backwards. like the line at the bottom of the g goes the opposite way around… weird…