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Resources January 2, 2015
UPDATE: This post was originally published on August 11, 2008. We’ve updated the links and added new website. Enjoy, Creatives!


Graphic Design Forums are great medium to  immerse yourself into the graphic design community. You can meet other designers, ask questions, talk about the latest design news, ask for critiques of your work and much more. Being active in a design community is also another great way to promote your own work and get your name out there. If you are an active member and you contribute quality posts, most forums will let you add a signature after your posts linking to your portfolio.

Don’t spam forums with links to your site or most forum moderators will ban you right away. If you are going to join a forums, join with the intention of becoming part of a new community. Most forums tend to have their own unique environment, depending on the users, the layout and the forum categories, so be sure to explore each forum to see which fits you best!


Graphic Design Forum (GDF)

GDF is one of the oldest and biggest graphic design forums around with over 20k members. The community is very active, very large and consists of a a variety of general categories.



The HOWDesign forums are great for showcasing your work and getting constructive feedback from other designers. They also have a very active business and freelance section where you can ask questions and find a lot of useful tips.



Estetica is very popular, but tends to lean more towards chatting for enjoyment rather then for knowledge. Their off topics section is perfect for chatting with other designers about anything, but design. So if you are looking to chat with people who share common interests, than this is the graphic design forum for you.


All Graphic Design

The All Graphic Design forums are very old and have an extremely active general design section where members chat about all kinds of design news and articles. They also have a great pre press section for designers looking for advice on printing and setting up files.


Design Forum

Design Forum is a popular design forum which is heavily focused on UK audiences, though it does have numerous members around the world. With over 7,000 members as of 2013 and sitll growing. A friendly community with vast amount of informative post to choose from.



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  • Carl

    I think the ‘All Graphic Design’ is having some trouble at the moment as that site just loads up a php error page when i visit it. Aside from that they are all great, though the All graphic design forum on print is a extremely helpful!

  • Gino

    All graphic design seems to be working fine now

  • Gino

    Nice forum Mike!

  • Wes Wilson

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. I agree, I hadn’t heard of, but it looks nice.

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for the mention.


  • James Tryon

    Very post. Very good design forums.

  • Logo Design UK

    Thank you for the post gino this has given me lots of new online graphic design resources to explore, like the identity of the Estetica site.

  • chris

    it’s nice…to all designer

  • Conrad Gorny

    Only been to one of those so far, thanks ill check them out.

    Conrad Gorny
    Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Sayed

    Hi Dear,
    This is very Good to all web and Graphic Designers.

  • has recently been launched, focused on UK design discussion, check us out if you haven’t already! thanks!

  • heidel

    Thanks a lot. Good resources!

  • BlindAcreMedia

    These are all great! I’ve been looking for legit forums for a while. Thanks!


  • Jophan Celebi


    thank for this great list of forums. I want to present my new site to a lot of designers because I think it will interest most of them. They can offer their work for any price they want. It’s still new but I am currently promoting to people.

  • Up Graphic Design

    Nice, They look like very interesting websites. I will definetely join them. ;)

    Up Graphic Design

  • Paul Swonger

    Looking through these slowly. I’m immediately disappointed with GDF. Seems like almost everything posted there turns into a suggestion to post to their in forum “classifieds” so resident members can have a bidding war on you paying them to do what they won’t cough up knowledge on. Just personal opinion here, but that sort of thing is really disgusting to me on several levels.

    • Brenton Crawford

      and the amount of Rules you must follow or else get banned forever,so many rules to follow you’d end up losing your mind and end up quiting and leaving the forum,i agree the admins are assholes and talk down on others and always want something from you in return instead of just a simple ‘how to’ explanation to a novice gfx designer,i been in graphic design since 2003-2004 and i still dont act like im a god in the graphics section like those guys do,i love to help people,cuz art is my life

  • welogodesigner

    GDP and HOW design is very popular and most designer’s choice. The new one is UCreative forum definitely going to give it a shot.

  • stu9000

    I just left GDF after a short time there. I found some of the members there very willing to offer to help and advice, but some of the older members have bad attitudes and the admin appear to be a bit up themselves. So I went looking for alternatives, I’m sure there are plenty. I don’t hang around long in places that are like that. 4/10

  • Sean Jamshidi

    Great, thanks.

  • clark

    hello guys! help me how to find a kuler color i dont know how to find it in adobe illustrator

  • TroyalATC

    I’m going through all these now…. Thanks!

  • friv

    Very good post. It will be supported for anyone using it, including me. Thanks

  • Yana Opa

    Good collection but I suggest it’s a best forum template you will ever see…^ ^

  • Carlos Paredes

    nice post, but there are two sites that don`t allow register, greetings

  • justin reynoso

    Great Sites thanks for sharing , i have a professional logo Design website and looking to research on some topic i think this is great source for me but the UCreative Forum are not working

  • Fernando Chavez

    Great information thanks for sharing, 2 of the websites though don’t allow registration. I am a graphic designer and so I am interested in getting feedback from others in my field.

  • Tribalbell

    Personally for me, I find that forums aren’t very reliable. The problem I have with forums is that sometime you have to go looking page after page just to find that one person who tells you exactly what you need to know. I guess I’ve just never had a good experience with forums in the past.