Web Design Wednesday – 3 CSS3 Tutorials You can Use to Improve Your Website

Resources March 6, 2013

There are different ways we can design and build a website. We’ve featured Parallax a couple of weeks ago, which was a great way of creating single page websites or even build an online portfolio. This time, we’ll be featuring three CSS3 tutorials ideal for improving or building an amazing website design.

Note: Just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the tutorial page.


Circle Navigation Effect



The circle navigation effect provides a nice touch to your website’s hover buttons and image navigation. It’s an ideal feature that you can place on a photographer’s or graphic designer’s portfolio.


Draggable Image Boxes Grid



Another ideal feature that you can use on an image heavy website, the Draggable Image Boxes Grid tutorial allows you to create a web page that doesn’t need scroll bars for you to navigate along. Instead it allows you to use your mouse’s left click button and just drag away and navigate through your page.


Blur Menu



The blur menu tutorial allows you to add some character to your webpage – may it be an image heavy web page or a corporate website. The tutorial will provide you with different styles and applications for the blur menu effect.


There you have it – you can now start building your website or be creative and experiment more with the scripts provided by the tutorials. Enjoy using these CSS3 tutorials and let us know if you’ve built a website through the comments section!



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