10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Articles November 24, 2014

[This post was originally published on April 21, 2008]

Are you a graphic designer and you’re currently in an adventure of exploring for the ideal job that will kickoff your creative career? Then, you have landed on the perfect place.

Listed below are 10 great platforms where you may find your first or next graphic design job. These websites are also quite helpful for creatives from another field in the industry such as web design, animation, and illustration.

1. Coroflot

Coroflot — Design Jobs   Portfolios

In this platform, you may view and search over 2,000 creative company profiles. Job listings are filtered by specialty and job level categories.

2. Behance

Creative Jobs and Freelance Opportunities on Behance

Behance is the leading portfolio platform where designers can both showcase and discover creative work. Hidden gems are also concealed in their creative job board.

3. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs   Full time and freelance job opportunities for web  design  and creative professionals

The job board for web professionals. This platform has helped creative professionals find work at huge companies such as Apple, Facebook, ESPN, and The New York Times.

4. AIGA Design Jobs

AIGA Design Jobs

As I was writing this post, there are 343 available creative employment opportunities in this platform. AIGA Design Jobs has successfully matched creatives with over 10,000 jobs from colossal companies across the US like Amazon, Bloomberg, Facebook, IDEO, MTV Networks, and Nokia.

5. Krop

Find Creative  Design   Tech Jobs   Krop

Like Behance, Krop offers a creative industry job board and is also a portfolio hosting website. This platform is used by creatives at all experience levels, and the world’s most esteemed brands.

6. Dribbble

Dribbble   Jobs

Dribbble is a platform for creatives to share screenshots of their work, process, and projects. This website has also become the go-to platform for exploring and connecting with creatives all over the world.

7. Design Observer

Jobs  Design Observer

Job postings in this platform are instantly distributed across famous design websites that make up their Design Employment Network like Coroflot, PSFK, and CreativePro.

8. Smashing Jobs

All Jobs   Smashing Jobs

This website is featured in Smashing Magazine that has more than 4 million monthly users and is one of the most successful magazine for creative professionals. It is trusted by a diverse set of companies such as Amazon, Mercedes, MTV, and Lonely Planet.

9. Fresh Web Jobs

A Job Board for Web Pros   Freshwebjobs.com

Fresh Web Jobs leans more towards web design related jobs, but there are jobs for graphic designers on this site and you don’t want to miss any listings!

10. Simply Hired

Find Jobs on Simply Hired   New Jobs Added Daily

6M open jobs in 974 official occupations in the US by 228K unique employers. Simply Hired displays graphic design-related job listings from various websites. It also has filter options so you can easily weed out listings that do not appeal to you.


There is a number of other online platforms where you may find graphic design jobs. If you have something in mind that should be on the list, feel free to share them through the comments box below! Have a nice exploring everyone!

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Gian is a multimedia designer from Manila, Philippines. He specializes in graphic design, illustration, and photography. Follow his works on Facebook, Twitter, Behance and Tumblr.

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  • http://www.cssblogger.com/ Razvan

    Useful post, thanks! Didn’t know some of the sites listed..

  • http://www.smashingapps.com Sarah

    Great collection of designers jobs website. Thanks for making a good list!

  • sophie

    I’m a student and stay at home mom, so I need a job that I can do at home. I’ll be graduating next year with a 2 year degree in graphic art. I’m mostly interested in doing cover/album art for books, cds, dvds, and movie posters. When I was younger I would make mix tapes and decorated the cassette jackets myself with magazine cutouts, drawings, and anything else, I eventually moved up to Cds, but that was all before I got my first pc and photoshop copy!!

  • Gino

    I hope this article helps you all find your dream job!

    Sophie – Yes design is great because it offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. You can work a full-time job or freelance from home and still make great money. I find it good to specialize in what you do best. I enjoy logo and identity design and creating website layouts.

    Feel free to showcase your work at our forums:


  • http://www.rdegree.net/ Rask

    Thanks for the list, got some new ones. :)

    My dream job? Something between a web designer and a web developer. Preferrably as a permanent location, with a team who knows what they’re doing. :D

  • http://www.creativeskills.be Bart

    There ‘re also some local variants like http://www.creativeskills.be

  • http://jobs.designers-network.com/ Gavin

    I’ve recently launched a new job board on my Designers Network site which might be worth a look for a few jobs. http://jobs.designers-network.com/

    Happy hunting!

  • http://bhggraphicdesign.com/blog bgrundon

    While I was skeptical at first I have landed a few gigs from Craigslist. I am not sure if this was just luck or CL is a worthwhile time investment. Lately I have been taking feeds from CL just to get new posts when the go up. What’s your experience been?

  • http://www.DesigningCrossing.com Harrison

    Check out http://www.DesigningCrossing.com This site takes the jobs from all of these websites and puts them on its site.

  • http://www.pinkpetrol.com PinkPetrol

    These are great, just wish there were a few more UK based ones, like NoAgenciesPlease !!!

  • http://alyan.co.uk Adam alyan

    Very useful list, it will make me reconsider working from home. Thanks.

  • http://www.visualcv.com/katrinakibben Kat

    The best way to brand yourself is on visualcv.com- check it out. It works really well for graphic designers because it lets you upload your work (video/pictures/screen shots) Check it out- http://www.visualcv.com

  • http://- Gopal Krishna

    I want to be a great designers
    I want to know drawing & painging & coading also .

    I am working as a graphic designer. from 6 years

    can u send me any thing regarding designing ideas list of books

    Thanks & Regards

    Gopal Krishna

  • Neeraja

    My dreams are full of colors and patterns.I’m a woman of 30 yrs.married.Mom of a 10 yrs old boy.I’m doing my post graduation in Master of computer Applications.I’m looking for an arena here my creative ideas can be better exposed.I want to work from home in my free times.My only resources are coraldraw ,photoshop softwares,internet and an unlimited creative ideas.If I can get a good and appropriate oppurtunity ,I’ll be the most happiest person who can play with lines and curves,colors and patterns through my imagination.

    Thank you

  • http://www.krepesh.mysite.com Krepesh

    Painter, Illustrator, Cartoonist and animator. Working in an advertising agency. Looking for more freelance jobs.

  • http://nil toufiq


    I am toufiq hossain khan. i am a freelancer artist & graphic designer. i am working in Bangladesh. i work with full enthusiasm for quality graphic design.
    I do any kind of Graphics design, Clipping path,
    Photoshop Masking, data entry etc. and many kinds of design
    oriented tasks.

    I am graduated from the
    Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka,

    I believe and hope that , i can serve you better, and
    can work as an extension of your office.

    Let us build a working relationship. i am waiting
    for your good response.


    Toufiq KHAN
    House # 52, Road # 16, Level # 5
    Nikunja # 2, Khilket, Dhaka : 1229
    Tel:88 0175 169167 (m). Bangladesh.
    E mail : toufiqhossain@yahoo.com

  • http://yahoo bria

    im not as old as everybody els on here im only 12 years old but i am really thinking about my future and i want to make it somewhere in life and i think that every child should be worried about there future to i want to be a oncherpanuer in design or make a center just for kids to come and learn about forinsic science and other jobs that they mite be interested in so they can be focased on making this world better adn if there focased on there future job then there not really focased on having sex and drugs

  • http://www.redstargraphicdesign.com Samon


    I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas from Portland, Oregon and started a design firm in Jaunary of 2007. It’s only been 1.5 years and my design firm is already starting to belly up. The funny thing is my designs are some of the best in the area (seriously). I’m starting to think I’m really in the wrong location.

    I am heavily intergrated into the business community through my seminars on visual communications. I am also part of the Chamber of Commerce and the Arkansas Small Business Development Center, teaching seminars on data analysis, marketing, and visual communications through graphic design and yet no business. My seminars have been rated 5/5 all across the board. Does anyone believe I’m in the wrong state? Perhaps the economy is as bad as they say?

    I am now in search of a “creative” Graphic Artist position and it is difficult to come by in the State of Arkansas. Relocation? GLADLY. The experience was a harsh learning curve for me as an artist but I am thankful I had the opportunity to explore.


  • Gino

    Well I mean some places are def better then others for example NYC is a great place for design, but if you like where you are you should def get involved more with internet marketing.

    You can def keep steady work and do designs for people all across the United States from just being online. Make sure you have a nice online portfolio website and start research SEO and website marketing. There are a lot of ways to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

    For example you could create a blog on your portfolio site.

  • Sandra

    I am interested in finding out what qualifications/experience you would need to create storyboards for scripts for movies and t.v. Anyone got any ideas?

  • Drea

    This site has given me some great new places to continue my job search. I graduated four years ago with a degree in studio art, graphic design emphasis and a minor in textile and appare. I still have not found a full time job in g.d. So over 200 resumes later (yes, really. I stopped counting over 2 years ago) I am still looking and hopeful. What I would really like to branch into though is textile design and product development. I love art, fashion, and have an eclectic sense of style. Right now I am trying to rework my portfolio in between dirty diapers and bottles (stay at home mom right now). So I am hopeful but I am baffled about exactly what gets jobs without experience. I did do a contract production artist position for 7 mo. but I don’t have anything to show for it portfolio wise. But still excited to land that first really job. Would love to hear what has kept others going!

  • Gino

    Hey Drea i sent you an email, check it out!

  • Gino

    Sandra – I would check out job listings for this type of work to see what they are requiring or try and talk to some one in the field.

  • Rob

    http://www.99designs.com Is another resources you can look into if looking for work.

  • val

    Hi, hopefully in the fall I will be able to go to school here in Las Vegas majoring in Graphic Design paralleling some classes with Web Design because most of the classes will supplement both. I also have a love for Photography as well. I am just very fearful of the whole freelance idea. I have the drive to be my own boss because of the politics that I have endured for the last 7 yrs working in the medical field. I now stay at home with my first child and I would like to help the load of my husband and hopefully get into the something where the money is pretty good. I am not looking to get rich by all means. So I constantly go back and forth trying to see which would be a more lucrative career either web designing versus graphic design or both or photography. Or would it be too much to try to incorporate all. I know it will take sometime but will it be worth it in the end besides having the flexibility which is definitely important to me. I am constantly doing Photoshop works for flyers and a logo and helped build and maintain my husbands website and as stated before I love Photography.

  • http://www.cobyneillcreative.com Coby Neill

    This is a stunning example of fantastic information!

    Thank you for your supreme effort!

    Coby Neill

  • neeraj

    can u please also provide list 4 india jobs.

  • Erin Holt

    Thanks! This helps because it is so hard to find design jobs. Especially in MI right now, our economy is really hurting.

    My dream job: its not so much the specific title but the organization I work for. I want to work for the Humane Society or the ASPCA. I love animals! I had the opportunity to freelance for the Michigan Humane Society for awhile. Loved it!

  • Paóla Zbinden

    Thanks for the help, one website that I use frequently is creativehotlist.com to look for jobs.

  • darren


    I am a uk based designer graduated for a year now and struggling to find a job. it would be great if there was a list for uk design web sites, anyone know of one?

  • Angel

    I am a young student majoring in Graphic design.
    I love working with different programs such as photoshop and Illustrator. I am told that I have a lot of creativity, but I’m still scared about not finding enough work to fully support myself later in my career…
    I would rather work for a fulltime company/design studio(creative team) rather than freelance. Both sides appeal to me, but I would feel most secure with a set job place rather than searching on my own. Since I live in a rather small area with little graphic design job opprotunites, in order to be successful, I might have to move and that worries me. (Not saying I need to be really rich or anything, but the old “starving artist” thought doesn’t appeal to me!)This may just be worries/paranoia because I am young and inexperianced, but I plan to live and take care of my mother and I just hope that I can survive and be happy in this field with so much competition.
    (I am not really aggressive to “fight” for jobs in a sense)

    My dream would be to do character design or cartoon artist. But my professor has warned me that this tends to be a rather small niche and it’s not realistic to try and stick to one such thing as this.

    Thank you for this information! :) It make me more hopeful.

  • http://www.dfourf.com Bobby

    Hello all, I have been out of work for 5 months now and I dont understand why. I have 7 years experience and live in Los Angeles. Right now, work all around is starting to pick up again but I am NOT getting any interviews. It is really starting to scare me. Any suggestions?

  • http://www.designquote.net DesignQuote

    Dont forget Designquote.net – new jobs posted daily

  • Bobby

    I know…I have been out of work for 5 months in Los Angeles but dont know why. I think I have a good online portfolio but for some reason I am getting very few interviews but no connections. Recruiters are no help. Here is my site http://www.dfourf.com

  • http://gamesdl.org Ahmed Elmasry
  • http://www.creativesync.co.uk andrew cunning

    I am delighted to announce the recent launch of http://www.creativesync.co.uk

    would you like to include this on your list

    Our website is a new online creative magazine/network focused on
    celebrating industry excellence and advertising job vacancies.

    Check it out

    Team Sync®

  • rastogi

    i am an engineering student(b.e. computer science 3rd yr).i was wondering what is a scope if an engg student wishes to enter the graphics field.what can i do if i wish to be a part of the graphic industry by profession.i hpoe you can help me with this query

  • babak safari

    hi.i from iran im graphic designer .logo.poster.Book Cover.illustration

  • babak safari

    hi im graphic designer from iran.
    i can:logo-poster-book -cover-illustration

  • Susan Ball

    Hello, I am inquiring for my son who is very talented in sketching/drawing and I believe would be excellent at designing artwork for books, CD’s, posters, and even tattoos. He does not have a degree and is not employed doing this type of work, but if there is any helpful information you can provide me with to steer me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Susan

  • http://www.substanceorstyle.com Michelle

    May I also suggest http://www.substanceorstyle.com for fashion and graphic design jobs. If your looking for your first job after uni or want to build up your work experience have a look through the site. You can also take part in a live brief to design a singer’s website.

  • Alexis

    I am currently about to Graduate, come March, from The Art Institute of York PA and I’m really into Promotional Design but would love to also work for ads in magazines or direct mailers.

  • hrcdrc

    I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to express my talents, but it isn’t year around. I’m a seasonal employee at Six Flags that does airbrush art and Henna art work. I graduated last May, and it’s been difficult for me to find a better job with more stable income. I’ve gotten interviews before but no offers. I live in St. Louis. Is the economy seriously that bad? I wonder if it has to do with location and being in the wrong city? I thought about relocation like Chicago. If I do relocate, I wonder how I could afford it? Anyone else stuck the same rut I am? How did you get out of it?

  • Miranda

    I really enjoyed reading all of these comments. I am a highschool student in 11th grade. I am participating in a graphic design class and I just love it we have only touched bases on most of the programs but i have always been good with computers and I love working with them. I hope someday to pursue a career in either webdesign or graphic design(preferably graphic design). I could really see myself in either freelance or working for a company. So hopefully one day in the near future I will be looking at this website with much more intentions :)

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this site! I am at the end of a career as a computer-programmer who went into technical marketing. I’m a total computer geek, but the programming side didn’t let me grow to be creative in the areas that I wanted. After getting into marketing I morphed into more design (ads, newsletters, training communication, publicity) and now I’m looking to get into more of a pure visual/design role. I love InDesign, Illustrator, and everything about typography and fonts. So what would be the ideal career for an “artist of the printed page?” What companies actually pay money for typography and fonts expertise? What would such a job title be: Font designer? Graphical designer with typography specialty?

  • http://www.aseaofdesigns.com Sea


    Thank for the great list… I will make sure I bookmark those.

    My dream is to become a creative director…but you must walk before your crawl. I live in Metro Atlanta and I find that its very hard to get a job in my field and keep it. It seems that now days the lines are blurred between the duties of a graphic designer and web designer. It seems that companies want someone that can perform all the duties of a graphic designer, with web and flash skills embedded in there as well. And if you can action script that’s even better… all of this for the for the low low price of a graphic designer’s salary. Please help me figure out what I need to do… is there someplace online I can train to better my skills, so that I’m more marketable?

  • http://www.tachanapong.com Van

    Thank you very much for the information. I am a Freelance Graphic Designer myself and find that your website is very useful.

  • http://dougcloud.net Doug C.

    My dream job? To get up every morning and walk five feet to work. Being self-taught in everything with no schooling I have had to become as creative in pitching myself as I do when I design something.

  • http://twitter.com/Web_Design_Jobs Loretta

    I noticed 99designs.com mentioned in the comments above, and I’ll second that. It’s great for filling in the gaps and keeping yourself “practiced” between gigs. I’ve been noticing a decrease in pricing around the web lately, and it bums me out a little. The economy is going to pot, and there is so much offshore competition for US web designers it can be difficult. I’ve been recommending to my designers that they seek work more locally instead of online.

  • Dene

    Can someone give me a name of a school that specializes in Graphic Design.
    I have studied at Art Institute in Philadelphia but would like to transfer to another
    school. If you know of another school where I can study please let me know.
    Also, where is the market good for Graphic Design jobs?
    Thanks for your information

  • nelly

    Im starting collage next year in dreams to be a graphic designer but still not for sure where I should go to work at?

  • Akanksha Bhardwaj

    Thanks to tell these great sites of graphic designing, exactly i want to do job as a fresher in graphic designing feild..
    because i have no idea about that how to work for a company and which type of work i have to do in an company as a graphic designer

  • http://n/a Brian

    Also take a look at http://jobs.creativeleague.com … they actually let companies post jobs for free.. so I imagine they get a lot of listings..

  • http://www.hash.com Hashim

    May I also suggest http://www.substanceorstyle.com for fashion and graphic design jobs. If your looking for your first job after uni or want to build up your work experience have a look through the site. You can also take part in a live brief to design a singer’s Graphic tecnologies.

  • http://www.hashpni.com Hashim. k

    Dear sir,

    I have 3 year experiance Graphic designing feild now iam working ACON Printing
    Press W.L.L in Doha Qatar. Skills : Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3,
    Adobe Indesign, 3ds Max, Corel Draw, Adobe Pagemaker, Power Point.

  • Ian Aughinbaugh

    Thank you. The sites and info are very helpful. I wish to make a living as a freelance graphic designer, and I’m planning on soon moving in that direction full tilt.

  • http://n/a Eric

    I am a full-time student fixing to grad next May 2010 with a BFA in Graphic Design. This website has been really great. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of finding work once I finish school. The only sad thing is I live in Oklahoma and there seems to be no creativity here in this state. It’s all related to the Indian side of Oklahoma. And for the state it seems to be that sort of preferance for hiring for work. I am not from here so it leaves me out in the cold. But again, thanks for the site. Seems to be alot of great jobs other places, just not here.

  • EFI

    I’m looking to get some education to switch careers into the computer grqphics field. I would love to start classes, but am researching the right thing for me. I’m a mother of 2 and work full time, so I found an on-line scholl, Penn Foster, that offers what I was looking for. I would be getting a career diploma and and working with Adobe Illustrator. I hope this will be a good decision to start on my way to a great carrer with art and design!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djejc Euan Carter

    I am a recent graphic design/illustration graduate.
    I have already done some experience for a print/design company and also do regular freelance stuff, here in Leicester, UK promoting music events, and creating installations.
    I am looking for a studio job primarily as well as more freelance work.
    Check out online portfolio at http://www.myspace.com/djejc
    i also arrange music events here (mainly drum n bass and hiphop gigs) and would welcome feedback from other artists/musicians willing to get involved on new nights In leicester and midlands, UK.
    its a struggle in current economy and like other people have mentioned jobs often want all the web skills as well as general graphics, which i am trying to learn more about.
    Great site I will be checking out the sites mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    I’m 17 years old, and I’ve decided that I want to pursue a career in graphic design. My dream job would be to work for a magazine like Teen Vogue or NYLON. That would be amazing ! I know I’m going to have to work hard to make my way to the top, but it will all be worth it in the end.

  • Monjurul Hasan

    I need a job for my career develop and make my dream true

  • http://redmunds.net Redmunds

    I’m a senior in the Kansas State graphic design program. When I graduate I’m torn on whether I want to travel to a large city and work as a creative for a firm or at a company that does in-house design vs. staying around for a while and building my portfolio as a freelancer. I’m good with the software, copy writing, hand illustrations, and web coding so I think either way I can make it. When I was in high school my dream design job was to do print and commercial P.R. for VH1 or layouts for Entertainment Weekly–but that has changed as I’ve gone through college and have learned more about the industry.


    can u please also provide list 4 india jobs.

  • http://www.iggyink.net Ignacio Guerrero

    I am a graduate from Al Collins Graphic Design School. I have over 15 years experience in the industry. From Ad Agencies, Newspaper Industry and Freelance. Thanks for the great listings…

    - Ignacio.

  • http://www.globalcreative.co.uk Christian Redecen-Davies

    I find this job board is great as all the jobs are purely for creatives – http://www.jobs4creatives.co.uk

  • Rodrigues

    It is great to have a site where we can find such large list of links related to design and all the different areas.
    I would love to know more of the business in Europe and More job opportunities in Europe.
    Thanks much! Regards,sofia rodrigues

  • Rob James

    I used http://www.theidealcandidate.com this year – it’s really good. You get direct access to the employer, which means there’s none of those agencies sending you loads of rubbish jobs.

  • Kathy Wilson

    I am currently enrolled in school and going for my Associates in Graphic Design/Multimedia. I am trying so hard to find a paid internship in Houston, Texas. If anyone can help please respond! Thanks!!!!

  • http://idaniaperalta.com Idania Peralta

    I am looking for a great first full-time graphic design job, as I am recently out of college, and eager to learn and work. Creative director at an in-house department is my professional goal in the next 5-7 years. Directing my own studio is the end of the golden brick road for me! I hope I get there.

  • ahmed

    I got certificate in graphic design and web design. The thing is i got a different job, working as reservation at one of travel agencies. but i am not satisfied with what i do. . Becouse i lov designing and i want to progress with designing.can someone suggest what can i do.

  • mr shahzad

    i am interested in computer online graphic designing job
    kindly contact me soon

  • http://www.sanacreations.com Sana

    I am looking for Online Freelance Graphic job.

    Here is my portfolio


  • hari singh

    i am looking for online freelance graphic job.

  • Thampi

    i am interested in computer online graphic designing job
    kindly contact me

  • Patrick Bombardier

    Hi there, I’m Graphic Designer looking for some Freelance work, I’m in Canada in the Montreal, Qc region.


    will be happy to help you out with any project!

    Thank you

    Bonjour, je suis un Graphiste située à Montreal, Qc je suis à
    la recherche de travail comme pigiste.


    au plaisir de travaillé avec vous.


  • http://www.robertjfkennedy.com/blog Robert Kennedy

    Right now I am going to school for graphic design. I would like to work for someone one, anyone, just to hone my skills. Freelance would be o.k. too. Eventually I want to earn a full time income from ppc / cpa ads on my site, selling hosting, and from my membership sites. Then I would work on my graphic design at my own pace mostly building websites cuz thats what I enjoy most.

  • http://Website Iantha Naicker

    Hi. I’m iantha, 20 yrs old n i’m real deaf. I’m really want to work art or graphic design. I tried 2 lookin 4 work graphic design bt hope u help me wid dat. I love al art fantasy, fine n in my dream way.

  • Lubo

    Hi there! I’m a non japanese graphic, web, multimedia designer in Japan. It’s been quite of an adventure working for a Japanese company, so I’ve decided to move back to Europe.
    If anybody has any ideas or tips about creative jobs, blogs etc…in EU, I’ll be very happy to hear it. Even if it’s just experience of working somewhere there.

    I can share something about work in Japan too. (quite a lot to tell, actually)



  • http://www.facebook.com/kandys.torres.3 Kandys Torres

    Thanks this really helped alot.

    • Ali Rasheed

      try elance

  • AüTobaHn

    I worked for Quiksilver that was fun, making 63,000/year. Best surf wear brand you can design at.

    • Justin Joe Vandiver

      Hi, My name is Justin I am currently in school going for Graphic Design. I saw your post, It would literally be my dream to work for a company such as Quiksilver. I would like to ask you some questions if you do not mind. I am wondering what would be a trick to land a job like that considering from my research graphic designers only make a range from $40,000 a year.

  • Omer Ahmed

    I have been working as a graphic designer for a long time and I am looking for better chances to work with the big companies

  • sanjanadesigns

    sanjanadesigns specialist in magazine designing, book work designing etc., cell: 8608393907, 8608394245 or email : sanjanadesigns@gmail.com

  • Santiago Williams

    I am a 16 year old Junior at a school in Irving,Texas and I do graphic designs for my church, and if my dad gets me jobs I do those as well. I am really good and looking forward to checking out these websites so I can get more experience and some money (Its hard out here for a High School student,especially when you can’t get an “actual” job because of school) Thank you for these sites and I’m going to see where they lead me.

    • Oyan Waelah

      As a graphics designer, this article would be help me more, I think this article help those people who are dedicated to be graphics designer,

  • Stephen Downey

    Hey, I am a Freelance Graphic and Web Designer with a bit of Scripting and Programming mixed in. My Freelance Entity is Infiniti Freelance and have just started up again since being out of the military. My goal is to gain more experience wherever and whenever I can so I can make a name for myself and have my Freelance Entity transformed into a Company.

  • Nicole Baumgarten

    Thank you Cadence! I freelance as a graphic and web designer. I’m originally from Canada but I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. This list you have provided has been a great way for me to find design jobs that best suit me. Thanks once again!!! My goal is to continue to freelance as a designer allowing me to work for myself. Here’s a link to my blog http://designmarks.dk/ if you are interested in some home grown danish design. I just started this blog but it’s all about all things design related… from product design to typography. I feel they all influence each other.

  • Tas

    Thanks, this is a great article. My dream is to be a busy freelance graphic designer. It would be amazing if I had a good buildup of clients so I can just focus on designing instead of where next job is coming from. If anyone has any tips on this i’m all ears.

  • Wendy Perry

    I am a recent graduate. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design with a minor in information technology. My passion was in magazine design and layout with the possibility of web design using Dreamweaver. I love Flash, Illustrator, and I know InDesign like the back of my hand. Unfortunately, I have had no luck in finding employment within my field of study since I graduated almost a month ago. My e-mail is julesqwest@yahoo.com. Please help!!!!

  • ajit raichur

    Im a freelance graphic designer confident in photoshop, illustrator. I am hardworking, energetic & creative & have worked on logos, brochures,etc. I love to add colours to my creativity to design for the company’s requirements. I would like to work for you. Please give me the details of the job.

  • jannat muley

    i am student of MS UNIVERSITY ,VADODRA,GUJRAT .INDIA , visul communication design…….
    intrusted in graphic design………

  • saman

    hi.I am a recent graduate. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design.and Iam also a good photographer.I am hardworking, energetic & creative & have worked on logos, brochures,book titles,visiting cards,etc.I would like to work for you. Please give me the details of the job.plz help.e.mail : manzoor_saman@yahoo.com

  • Sherlock

    I’m sherlock a graphic designer fo almost 9years

  • Logan K Thompson

    I am trying to get my foot in the door ANYWHERE….. have an A.S in Multimedia and a B.A.S in Digital Entertainment. I find it very difficult and the walls are tough to climb. Have tried people like The Creative Group and have not been successful.

  • M.Hassan


    • http://wwwrodgerpeden.com Rodger Peden

      Your working as an Art Director…..YOUR WORKING! I would trade what you have any day. After many many years in Graphic Design….I started on a 1986 Mac Plus ( back in 1990) and we used ruby to cut color in our paste up department, I have yet to find a job in one of the biggest growing areas in California, Orange County. I have returned to school and I am 57 years old…trying seating in class with students in their early 20′s who don’t know much about life and only want to go to Spring Break. And my teachers are in their late 40′s…..can’t wait for the students to leave! I have completed 2 certificate programs in Web Design, with a 4.0 GPA and still can not get work. My advice: be grateful for a job, not as a production artist, or graphic designer…….but an Art Director at a leading agency. Sure, agency work is at times cut throat, but leave that to the Account Executives who sell…their good at their job. And yes….white comes in many shades of white……thank God. One shade of white is like one shade of red……boring. Love your work and be glad that you have it…..too many of us out here are just trying to get by…….doing piece work for $15.00 per hour.

  • pr

    I had the same problem when I graduated. What really worked for me was joining different agencies around my area. Try it out this would help with your porfolio and as well getting your name out there….Good luck with everything!!!

  • http://wwwrodgerpeden.com Rodger Peden

    I have returned to school to get my AA /BFA at 57 years old. I worked for one company for 22 years and have grown up in Print/Prepress/Production and Graphic Design and was laid off. I have been out of work for 2 years. During that time I have applied for numerous graphic designer positions with no response. Either I have no degree or I am too old for the Southern California Market. I just finished several Certificate of Achievement/Proficiency in Web Design/Web Authoring, with a 4.0 GPA…..yet no job. I am presently in a free internship program leaning Joomla, with hopes that the experience will bring me closer to employment. I check every day and there are many graphic design positions in Orange County, California. I send out 2-3 pdf resumes/design portfolios daily and still no response. Again…..either no degree or…..too old. If this keeps up…you will find me working part time in the garden department at Lowes!

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  • Bogart

    hi, im 10 years in graphic designing in different company, im looking for freelance or online job. Is there any online job for that? thank you

  • John Schlutz

    i am the president of a new company and we will be are are presently designing art for clothing if interested send message to fastjohn1957@yahoo.com or 3212952779.