20+ Useful URL Shortener Plugins for WordPress

Articles February 29, 2012

URL shortening services have grown in importance with the expansion of the internet. Oftentimes we need to share URLs but the original address can be a bit too long. Furthermore, with Twitter fever gripping the cyber world, long URLs cannot suffice within the 160 words’ limit and thus, URL shorteners are important.

WordPress lets you shorten a URL to a post/page by using the ‘Get Shortlink’ feature just below the Post Title on the Add New Post page. However, in order to get really ‘short’ URLs, we can rely on URL shortener plugins as the default URL might still prove to be quite long!

In this article, we take a look at 20+ URL shortener plugins for WordPress.

1. Bob’s Dumpr URL Shortener Integration

Bob’s Dumpr URL Shortener Integration uses dumpr.info to shorten URLs and also provides an API for other plugins.

Plugin Homepage | Download

2. Custom URL Shortener

Custom URL Shortener makes it easily to quickly add a short URL to your posts or pages.


3. Goo.gl Shortlinks

This plugin uses Google’s Goo.gl service to shorten URLs.

Plugin Homepage | Download

4.Goo.gl URL Shortener for WP

Another plugin that uses Goo.gl to shorten URLs, but it comes with the added goodness of in-context URL shortening (shortens URLs within comments, posts and pages).

Plugin Homepage | Download

5. la petite URL

la petite URL offers personal and customized URL shortening for WordPress.

Plugin Homepage | Download

6. LNQ.me URL Shortener

LNQ.me URL Shortener plugin uses the LNQ.me service to shorten URLs and replaces the default WP shortlinks structure.

Plugin Homepage | Download

7. Self Shortener

Self Shortener plugin lets you shorten URLs on your WordPress site. It is available in both English and Japanese.

Plugin Homepage | Download

8. Short URL

Short URL modifies WP’s get_short_link() function. It is different from other plugins in the fact that it does not essentially use a third party service to shorten URLs. Thus, instead of www.goo.gl/YouTheDesigner, your URL will become www.yourwebsite.com/YouTheDesigner


9. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack by WordPress.com comes with a URL shortener in the form of WP.me Beyond that, it also features a plethora of other goodies!

Plugin Homepage | Download

10. Tinyit.cc

Tinyit.cc automatically generates short URLs for posts and places them at the end of each post. It can also be made to automatically post the generated URLs to your Twitter account.

Plugin Homepage | Download

11. Tweet Button with URL Shortening

This plugin adds a ‘tweet’ button to your site which can be used along with the URL shortener of your choice — such as su.pr, bit.ly, digg, tinyurl or awe.sm.

Plugin Homepage | Download

12. Twi.im URL Shortener

This plugin uses the twi.im URL shortening service to shorten URLs.

Plugin Homepage | Download

13. unfake.it URL Shortener for Twitter Tools

unfake.it serves as a filter plugin that shortens URLs before posting them to Twitter.

Plugin Homepage | Download

14. URL Shortener

This URL shortener plugin integrates many URL shortening services in the WP shortlinks mechanism.

Plugin Homepage | Download

15. WG bit.ly Shortener

This plugin uses bit.ly shortening service to generate short URLs.


16. YOURLS: WordPress to Twitter

This plugin generates short URLs using services such as YOURLS and/or bit.ly and then posts them to Twitter.

Plugin Homepage | Download



17. BuddyPress Tweet URLs

BuddyPress Tweet URLs add tweet buttons to your activity stream posts. It generates short URLs using the YOURLS shortener service.


18. GentleSource Short URL

GentleSource Short URL automatically shortens the blog post URL.

Plugin Homepage | Download

19. Short URL for Posts

Short URL for Posts converts all links in <a href tags to shorter ones.

Plugin Homepage

20. SosoBz Short URL

SosoBz Short URL is another plugin that can be used to shorten URLs using soso.bz shortening service.

Plugin Homepage | Download

21. Simple URL Shortener

Simple URL Shortener supports over 100 URL shortening services.

Plugin Homepage

Which service do you use to shorten your URLs? Let us know in the comments!

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