Great Resume Designs that Catch Attention and Got People Hired

Articles November 26, 2014

[This post was originally published on June 21, 2011]

The resume is a bird’s-eye view of our qualifications and character. In an open job position where there are multiple applicants, a greatly designed resume is a way to get noticed and be called for an interview.

If you are someone who is aiming for a position in the creative industry, then it is vital that you create a resume that is extraordinary, concise, and as genuine as possible.

Featured below are some creative resume designs crafted by different designers. They say first impressions last, so make yours count. We’re pretty sure these designs caught the eye of the employers!


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  • Manuel

    These are great for inspiration, thank you!

  • Janna Hagan

    Many of these designers are great visually, but very impractical for sending to companies as an actual resume. Many employees won’t take the time to figure out difficult charts, graphs or information that isn’t clear. Good source of inspiration, nonetheless.

  • Joe Nicklo

    I agree 100% with Janna. A lot of these are impractical. When I review resumes for hiring designers, I of course look for creativity however I also have a desk FULL of resumes plus all of my other papers, books, magazines, bills etc.,

    The last thing I want is a huge milk box resume on my desk.

  • http://www.e-crm.couk Richard Hill

    Great designs from Robbie Bautista and Rashid Mahmood – break the boring mould but easy to read and informational.

  • Jon Garcia

    I agree with Janna. Fun and creative design but mostly over-designed to something more artistic than practical. Then again, all depends on who you’re targeting your résumé towards.

  • Alee

    I too agree with Janna. Not all employees in these companies are creatively oriented to understand these kind of resumes; they won’t have much time to go through them either. i personally like the first one though, good if you’re applying as a packaging designer.

    • Leah

      Thanks, Alee. Yes, your resume should depend solely on what position you’re applying for. It would be best to make use of media that will highlight your skills.

  • Kyle

    I had a resume similar to this after graduating. It was a box with various cards and what not inside. It was pretty big and bulky and it landed me my first job. You just have to get it to the right person.

  • Leah

    I think the point of these resumes is to be creative and to help people stand out. Sometimes standing out is really impractical. And sometimes people don’t like them, too. (Imagine gigantic billboards, they are a classic example of being impractical, but for some reason they work) It’s still your call on what medium you chooses to use. These images are just here for inspiration after all. What you make of it still depends on you.

    Thanks for the feedback, though. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Lisa R. Tennant

    I see a lot of criticism here that does not belong. Of COURSE people need a regular resume! But, these examples are primarily people who are trying to get DESIGN jobs. In addition to a REGULAR resume, these resumes are intended to be used as a self-promo or leave-behind piece to grab attention. Hiring creatives is a totally different process. One of the most important things is to show your skill visually. Instead of criticizing these pieces that they won’t work, keep in mind that people got hired BECAUSE of them.

  • Adam

    Very nice! You could definitely still use this type of resume for most other jobs, its part of who you are: super creative. People bi^ching are those who never had the drive to develop and master that skill.

  • Batty

    Wow! I love every one! and I cant wait to sit down and make my own… I have never thought to go this far outside the box… might just land me a job in this small town :)

  • Edwina@FASHION + ART

    These are wonderfully creative but as stated above, no one’s got the time nor the inclination to figure out the charts and graphs. When I was in art school, we were told NOT to get crazy with our resumes for this very reason. I’d love to know which of these designers actually secured a position.

  • murali raju


  • Promosyon Ti?ört


  • John


  • SamklepavStudio

    Nice resume compilation
    designers are always creative


  • hello


  • Christina

    Super! Tusind tak, thanks a lot ;)

  • Dan

    I’d only look at these if I was running a design company. Otherwise they would go in the trash. No clarity at all.

    • Dan

      That’s the point of a design CV! I can’t speak for everyone, but I have a CV for design jobs and a CV for other jobs.

  • Cdncruiserboy

    Great resumes and great inspiration!

  • Snow

    They look great, but I’m not so sure that employers would accept these as resumes though. Although, they do share the qualifications that the folks have.

  • Mitzi Moo

    I figured this kind of resume were okay if you added a ‘proper one’ and put this to your portfolio… otherwise I think it’s missing the point of a resume… A resume should point out your education, work and qualifications, you can show off elsewhere…

  • ilesh Raval

    awesome designs i’m sure such design attracts the users to hire the candidate… nice ideas of resume design you have thanks for sharing this cool looking resumes