Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Logo Designers

Articles November 9, 2012

Logo design is not that easy as it seems and the designers need to do a fantastic job in finding a way to convey the essence effectively with a few lines. The job is tough undoubtedly and to make the job easier a bit various logo design apps have come up to the world of logo designers to help them work whenever and wherever they want in a more effective manner. iPad and tablet devices are getting wide popularity among the professionals not only for accomplishing simple tasks but also for bigger tasks and more. In fact, in the age of technology revolution iPad apps have become a part of the job of logo designers who are creating excellent animated logo designs using the iPad apps. These apps are indeed playing a great role in taking the creativity of the logo designers to another dimension.

The iPad apps are helping the logo designers to design anywhere and anytime and these are not complex either. These apps play a big role in the vital stage of design process by helping in basic design tasks, sketching, drafting and digital painting.

  • iDesign: A fantastic 2d vector designing and drawing app, it works across all iDevices and easy to use as well. iDesign app can help the logo designers create illustrations and vector graphics in a much quicker and easier way. The offset controls and unique features of this app lets you draw precisely with your finger without blocking your view. When it is about professional quality animated logo designs, technical drawings and illustrations on the move, iDesign is just the ideal solution.


  • Adobe Ideas: This vector-based drawing device is a simple yet powerful iPad app. Instead of being a simple structure with an eraser, drawing pencil, color picker and a plain layer structure it lets you draw smoothly as if using a pencil. With this you can save your artwork and email it as well.


  • Design Ruler: Now a logo designer can work with a standard graphic design ruler even when he is on the go and check out if his design meets the proper size specifications. Design Ruler app lets you measure lengths in pica, metric, inch, points and agate scales.


  • iBlueSky: In the field of iPad mind-mapping apps iBlueSky is the ultimate answer. This iPad app helps you in connecting dots during brainstorming.


  • Layers: When you just want to doodle and looking for the perfect finishing touches on your design Layers would be the perfect answer. This is an ideal media painting app that performs something for everyone. This app is designed on the basis of feedback received from the artists on the go.


  • Freeform: This handy vector drawing iPad app is ideal for creating diagrams and mockups. With the help of this app you can also save the work and at the same time email the work on various formats. When it is about explaining your concept using visuals Freedom is the right option.


  • Sketches 2: This is a wonderful iPad app that can be used for sketching out ideas, decorating pictures, creating complete works of art and sending directions to colleagues as well. This app is all about simplicity and features at its best.


  • Palette 4.0: This is a great app that helps the designers creating and maintaining color palettes. This inventive, quick and handy app lets you get amazing matches and create wonderful color schemes.


  • Adobe Color Lava: When choosing the best color combination for their animated logo designs and artwork is one of the most challenging tasks for a logo designer, the Adobe Color Lava allows you combine colors and find new color ideas. Now with the help of this app you do not need to sit in front of your PC and struggle to get the best color for your design. Using this app you can mix colors from current images and save them to use while getting connected to Photoshop.


  • myPANTONE: With this app the logo designers can get access to a large variety of color libraries, moreover, with this you can also be able to share color palettes with your colleagues and clients. When myPANTONE is there you do not have to waste time in describing a color anymore.


Apart from the above mentioned apps there is Triangle Draw App which is the first of its kind providing the users an easy platform on which they can create new logos, typography and patterns using triangles. The designers also can keep a track of their previous creations and export the new designs to your email or to a photo album. Triangle Draw App can be of great help in creating stunning minimalist graphics.


NOTE: Images on this page are not owned by YouTheDesigner and are used solely as design examples. All images were taken from iTunes.


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