10 Awe-Inspiring Interactive Websites

Inspiration October 29, 2007

We have scoured the web for 10 of the best flash websites we could find. We hope you find these flash websites as inspiring as we did!

Infinity Art

Best Flash Website Award – Infinity Art
Flash website for interactive design company Infinity Art

The Phaeton

Best Flash Website Award – The Phaeton
Great interactive flash website for the Volkswagen Phaeton car

HBO Voyeur

Best Flash Website Award – HBO Voyeur
Flash website for the multi-media stories that HBO has built around the theme of voyeurism.

The Mix Head

Best Flash Website Award – The Mixhead
Very cool interactive flash website for artist Ulyana Kalashnikova

2 Advanced

Best Flash Website Award – 2 Advanced
One of the most famous flash websites on the internet for 2 Advanced studio


Best Flash Website Award – Creaktif
Cool flash site for the multi-talented design studio Creaktif

Agency Net

Best Flash Website Award – Agency Net
Home of Agency Net’s well known interactive design studio

Red Interactive Agency

Best Flash Website Award – Red Interactive Agency
Very cool website of the talented Red Interactive Agency design team


Best Flash Website – Homeostatic
Interactive website for the Homeostatic web design firm

Turbo Chef

Best Flash Website – Turbo Chef
Website for revolutionary Turbo Chef oven.

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  • http://all Hulk

    I don’t get it. Most of the navigation on these sites are confusing or non-existent. If I was looking for something I would leave in seconds and go elsewhere. May be interesting if I was bored and stumbling around. Thats about it.

  • http://www.designbynumbers.com.au Design by Numbers : Printing and Web Design Perth Australia

    Great sites. Thank you.

  • http://www.tutorialsgarden.com/ Photoshop Tutorials

    creaktif.com and 2advanced.com are my favorite sites.

  • http://i5bala.com Balakumar Muthu

    Great list … thanks!

  • http://www.webtuga.com webtuga

    Great works…

  • http://hotrandomstuff.blogspot.com Hot Random Stuff

    really hot and inspiring interactive website and images, i go inspired,thanks

  • Peter Simmons

    Amazing websites! Thanks for the examples.

    How much money/investment do you think went into making these?

    As a web designer, I would be interested in anyones thoughts as to what sort of budgets these sort of sites might demand?

    Given the countless hours put in to building them, not to mention the creativity and planning, does anyone think we are talking 50-100K or more?



  • Phuzion

    @ Peter

    I have built sites similar to this for best buy and mountain dew. Most of those budgets are between 200K -500K. I am working on one now that with the applications that are being developed solely for this site it will be close to 1M when done.

  • Jay

    Considering only one of them loaded in less than 30 seconds. I only had the patience to look at one site. That was the HBO one. While that one was interesting, the hook was so obscur that I got bored and left.

    Flash sites hamper usability, are slow to use, take too much time to develop and rely on 3rd party non-standards compliant technologies.

    CSS / XHTML for the win.

  • http://www.modernpolymath.com/ Modern Polymath


    Yes, I would certainly guess, if you took all costs into account, we’d be talking 50 – 100K easily. But you have to remember with companies like 2 Advanced, they have developers on staff that are paid for by contracts with other companies (Ford, Motorola, etc.) The development of that site, for them, was probably more of a ‘soft cost’.

  • Ben

    Most of these sites could be just as appealing without making the entire thing in flash. The turbo chef one was my favorite but could easily be done without flash (besides the video), the rest relied too much on transitions and animations to add to the design, not the design itself. CSS / XHTML definitely for the win.

  • http://www.eylos.com www.eylos.com

    Good very good

  • http://id29.com Bryan

    Greatness. It’s great to see a small grop of sites that make you rethink how you should think. I believe “I don’t get it” is the point.

  • fiona

    Some really inspiring techniques, but I agree with Hulk that in most cases the IA is too difficult! Fine for a first time visit when you might be inclined to explore — they certainly all invite ‘clicking around’, but thereafter I found it irritating.

    Still, some great effects that I think could work really well when used in moderation in conjunction with a decent IA and CSS/XHTML based template.

  • Erwan

    They are all amazing!

  • https://www.vitamanglobal.com Luke


    Better than those portfolio sites. Way more interesting.

  • http://amrastelemnar.sytes.net amras_telemnar

    Some of these websites were good. Some were fun. But mostly the good ones were the fun ones.

    What makes the boring sites the “best flash website” apart from design? After all, design isn’t everything…

  • Jake

    I thought the first on the list was very good, but most of the rest, though visually appealing, had very little practical value either because of difficult navigation or lack of content.

  • http://noyso.iplot.ru keepaneye

    great sites!
    dropped out for a hour

    people who made turbochief site know how to sell stuff by playing on instincts :) TASTE THIS DISH

  • http://www.simmatonline.com homeworker

    Really nice but very annoyng…

  • carle perset

    i just came across http://www.21bet.com and i really like it, does anyone know what programs they used to make this site, is it flash, and how much would it cost to make a site like this? i am actually in the pet food business but i would like to make a site of similar quality.

  • Gino

    Some of it was built in flash yes and it seems to be pretty basic flash work. I think if you shopped around you should be able to get a site like that done from scratch for under $1,000.

    I would not use too much flash personally for a site selling products because you want as many people as possible to be able to access your site easily.

    Sometimes people are missing plugins to view flash or have it turned off and sometimes heavy flash can take a while to load… so just be careful! =)

    Although flash can be very great it has to be used very carefully.

  • http://www.gigastorm.net Elantrix

    My moto is “Shall use flash if html/css/javascript cant”…. 3 reasons

    1. Makes it a hell of a lot more harder to maintain, upgrade and understand by anyone else
    2. SEO and accessibility usually suffers due to the closed nature.
    3. Usually very slow and can limit the users who may see the website, especially those accessing by mobiles or very old computers (yes there are still people who do).

  • http://www.gigastorm.net Elantrix

    http://www.pasz.com/articles/FlashVsAjax.html gives you some ideas on what to use when designing and developing websites. Ajax is pretty nice technology and is nothing to pass lightly, if you are a big flash designer have a look over it.

    http://getahead.org/dwr/ajax/ajax-flash-compared Seems to be a very unbias look over the differences in ajax and flash.

  • http://www.svcreation.in SV Creation

    Please give me a any tutorial which is disign in flash and developed with php

  • BingoBot

    If the creative calls for its capabilities, Flash is the answer.
    If not, then there are better solutions.

    Pros and Cons to everything, but some of the blanket “Flash/CSS/Ajax is awesome” comments are like saying everyone should only eat cheese.
    All the time.

    I’d like a kiwi every now and then too please.

  • http://www.nadavtal.com Nadav

    check out my flash site!

  • Shyam

    Hey bro nice website I want to know how did u design it?