10 Grand Graphic Designers

Inspiration June 18, 2008

Studying the work of other artists is a fundamental aspect of developing yourself further as visual artist. You learn whats been done, what can be done, whats in style, new techniques, you get inspired and everything you absorb becomes apart of who you are as a designer. The more you absorb the richer your sense of design will become. below is a great collection of some amazing graphic designers. Examine their portfolio sites, their individual projects and absorb everything you can! Enjoy these graphic design portfolios!

Grand Graphic Designers

1. Herman Lee

Herman Lee is a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator from Toronto, Canada specializing in custom t shirt designs.


View Portfolio of Herman Lee

2. Ian Macnider

Ian Macnider is a designer and illustrator from San Francisco, California who specializes in creating beautiful CD cover designs.


View Portfolio of Ian Macnider

3. Martin Joch

Martin Joch is an amazing artist who specializes in many areas such as graphics design, logo design, web design, flash design and more.


View Portfolio of Martin Joch

4. Harisson Santos

Harisson Santos is a talented visual artist with skills in many areas. Currently he works has an interactive art director in Toronto Canada.


View Portfolio of Harisson Santos

5. Rina Miele

Rina Miele is an amazing illustrator, web designer, graphic designer, interactive designer and art director all rolled into one super designer package!


View Portfolio of Rina Miele

6. Mauro Ramalho

Mauro Ramalho is a multi-talented visual artists who shines in many areas such as art direction, design, illustration, photography and more.


View Portfolio of Mauro Ramalho

7. Philipp Schillings

Philipp Schillings is a graphic designer with a distinct design style, which often uses a photograph as the focal point of designs and then branches outward using other great design elements.


View Portfolio of Philipp Schillings

8. Nicolas Arnold

Nicolas Arnold is a designer who creates amazing works of art by combining many design elements together which produces colorful photo manipulation masterpieces.


View Portfolio of Nicolas Arnold

9. Vincent Gosselin

Vincent Gosselin is an experienced web designer with a clean and professional style of design. He also specializes in photography.


View Portfolio of Vincent Gosselin

10. Dennis J. Fesenmyer

Dennis J. Fesenmyer has been working as a professional graphic and web designer for over 10 year and has worked on variety of great design projects.


View Portfolio of Dennis J. Fesenmyer

Know any other grand graphic designers? Show us your favorite designs in the comments!

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  • http://flickr.com/photos/opheliachong/ Ophelia Chong

    great choices. you should also check out Adam Larson Co.
    adam lives in boston and is an amazing illustrator, designer, web designer, flash plus a wonderful guy.

  • http://www.jefffinley.org Jeff Finley

    Good list! I love seeing photos of well designed print material. Very inspiring.

  • John

    AWESOME! Kick ASS!

  • http://blog.nerdburn.com Shawn Adrian

    Nice choices… I stumbled across this portfolio today for Steve Rura and was impressed. If I were to make a list I’d put him on:


  • neversleeping

    great…but i was checking out herman lee’s flickr and he has this poster:

    that looks just like this spike press poster…

    spike press is one of my favorites, i think he should be given credit if this is a tribute. that’s all.

  • taodutra

    Where id Adhemas?…

    see it: http://www.adhemas.com

  • http://www.fubiz.net Fred

    A good list !

  • Ghostsson

    lovely, nice fake list :)

  • http://www.alitimate.com alitimate

    nice ones!

    Designing industry is HUGE…you cant actually sum them up to 10 or even a 1000 i guess!

    some artist i rem the urls rite now…


    list goes on……


  • http://www.cpgportfolio.com CPG

    Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve mention your great site on my last post.
    I like a lot Philipp Schillings… great choice.

  • http://www.bangbouh.com/ bangbouh

    Great work! We have free stock photos for graphic design projects at bangbouh.com

  • http://www.firebubbledesign.com Logo Design UK

    I like Ian Macnider portfolio the best, he is an excellent designer there is a lot of work on his site definitely worth taking a look at. Thanks for the post gino, good work.

  • http://www.wiglingtonandwenks.com virtual world games for kids

    The strong brush strokes brings dynamic to the photographs. Taking the Sprite can for example. It is just a regular well taken photo. But the add ons makes it a great portfolio addition :)

  • dominic

    hey? cool displays…. expect my stuffs too ayyt? designer from Nigeria. Tochu.

  • http://www.multiwp.com Multiwp

    amazing works of interior ideas! thanks for great list.