10 Major Technology Sites Then and Now

Inspiration September 23, 2009

I am always amazed at how fast technology advances, especially in the world of computers. It seems like just yesterday… I was struggling to play Dark Age of Camelot on an old IBM laptop connected to a 56k modem. My old laptop was so slow compared to computers nowadays, I would not even have the patience to let it boot and this was not even 10 years ago.

What also amazes me, is how far web design has come in just a few years. This brought me to check out some big technology related websites to see what they look like now and what they looked like back around 2001. The differences are truly mind boggling and I think the changes have def been for the better. It just makes me wonder what websites will look like in another 7 or 8 years and how technology will enhance the web experience.

Technology Site Comparison – Now and 2001

Adobe Website in 2001


Adobe Website Now


Sprint Website in 2001


Sprint Website Now


Sony Website in 2001


Sony Website Now


NewEgg Website in 2001


NewEgg Website Now


Garmin Website in 2001


Garmin Website Now


Dell Website in 2001


Dell Website Now


CNET Website in 2001


CNET Website Now


BestBuy Website in 2001


BestBuy Website Now


Apple Website in 2001


Apple Website Now


T-Mobile Website in 2001


T-Mobile Website Now


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  • Marc Desbiens

    Just based on their home pages…

    CSS layouts: Adobe, Sprint, Sony (though home page is all Flash), Garmin, CNET, Best Buy (except Search bar), Apple, T-Mobile

    Table-based layouts: Newegg.com (that big search/nav bar thing), Dell (47 tables!)

    …not that I’m keeping score. A great looking site is a great looking site, regardless of how it’s built. Perhaps in 7 or 8 years we’ll look at these and scoff that some of them still use Flash or a bazillion ‘s.

  • Marc Desbiens

    Heh…that was supposed to say, “a bazillion div’s.”

  • http://websitedesign.nu Armen

    I enjoyed that journey into the past!!


  • http://www.martiandesign.com David Platt

    Amazingly enough, most of those websites still suck in terms of design (except Apple) I guess it can be hard to maintain a rich , consistent look with sites that have tons of info that change all the time. The adobe site in particular really needs to get their website design $#!t together. Aren’t they the leaders in design software? Sheeesh!

  • Gino

    I would have to disagree with you in terms of design David. I think the new egg site is a very well designed e commerce site and I also like a few of the other sites, but Apple’s site is def the best on the list.

    I think BestBuy has the ugliest site on the list. They are in need of a better website design. Also I notice a lot of sites nowadays are using HUGEEEE graphics, photos and lots of open space, especially Apple. Negative space and clean designs are very popular right now.

  • http://vinaydv.com Vinay D V

    Really makes difference

  • http://webitect.net Kayla

    It’s amazing what a little under 10 years can do to the web. I’ll give most of the sites props though…many of them were decent for those somewhat early web years.

  • http://circleboxblog.com/ Callum Chapman

    Haha I love seeing how terrible websites use to look!

  • http://www.sjlwebdesign.co.uk SJL Web Design

    I really enjoyed reminiscing, makes you think what websites will be like in 8 years.

  • http://www.ocondesign.com Mario

    The one that stands out the most is The Apple site. For the most part it’s still the same. Clean simple design is timeless.

  • Gino

    Yeah i think the future of web design will be major advances in interactivity. Touch screens and tablets are becoming more popular and cheaper to produce, so I think we are going to see innovations on that end. Such as being able to move around elements on a website with your touch screen and some crazy stuff like that.

  • http://www.six26studio.com Emina

    thanks for the post. It is amazing how much website design has changed over the years. Definitely is looking better.


  • http://hepstercardsink.wordpress.com hepster

    I can’t wait to put on my websuit and journey through VR interactive websites. Wait, wasn’t that the dream of 2001? When do I get my flying car, recyclable house, robo-maid, and VR suit?

  • http://www.dgenerador.com diseño imagen corporativa

    Great blog! thanks from Argentina.

  • http://qvectors.com QVectors

    wow even adobe was damn ugly :P, what’s up with the colour choices?

  • vixca

    Cool … :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/escalios Escalios

    WebSites look better now because browsers support CSS code. In 2001 browsers just read HTML code.

  • Gino

    Yeah advances in coding and browsers def go a long way in improving what web designers can do with designs.

  • http://www.jacobw.com technology

    Its right , technology is improved a lot, its unbelievable achievement.

  • http://www.arenacreative.com/ arenacreative.com

    Wow, a blast from the past is right.

  • http://ccpmultimedia.com Connor Crosby

    WOW, what a big difference! It is funny how ugly Apple’s site use to be and now it looks SO much better. The world wide web has changed so much in only 8 years. I can’t wait to see what happens in another 8 years!

  • Jon

    ” Welcome to __________.com , your source of ____________ . ”

    There used to be a little introduction on almost every website then. Wow!