11 Creative Outdoor Advertisement Designs

Inspiration January 25, 2010

Getting noticed in a busy street or crowded hallway isn’t easy, but the reward of reaching millions of consumers has possessed marketers to come up with some amazing and ridiculous outdoor advertisements.  Today’s post looks at 11 of the most creative outdoor ads around the world (according to us). Click on the image to see the original high-res images at adsoftheworld.com

Creative Outdoor Advertisements

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Canon Paper Jam

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Denver Water

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Sushi Do

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Floralp Butter

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Lays Chips

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - McDonalds Umbrella

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - McDonalds Salad

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - VastTrafik

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Something Special Whiskey

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - SOS Kinderdorfer

Creative Outdoor Advertisement Design - Barcode Stop the Traffic

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  • http://www.mycroburst.com Christian Logan

    Cool post. Creative advertisements # 5 and 10 are the best.

  • oscar mora

    It’s great!

    I have seen the bottle of something special in Bogota, Wonderful.

  • Anonymous


  • http://sexidesign.com Melody

    The last two are very powerful ads.. :)

  • http://www.logobang.com elisa

    Great post! I love 2, 3 and 5!

  • http://www.taptapdesign.com Igor Ivankovic

    Nice short release of quality stuff! I like the potatoes and Mcdonalds written in raindrops the most! Great job!

  • http://Nonejustyet ALF

    Love the overhead potatoes ad

  • http://www.psdfan.com Tom Ross

    Haha very creative. I love the canon ad!

  • http://oculoid.com/ Jonathan Kurten

    Successful advertisement is getting them to look twice. Great roundup!

  • http://spoutcreative.com Tracy

    Great creative uses of space that command attention. Nice showcase!

  • http://cssclassic.com cssclassic

    Excellent Posting,

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk anna green

    Hello, I like the toast and paper jam billboards the best. Oh and the scotch whiskey bus stop add is very nicely done, classy.

  • http://www.threadless.com/submission/247685/Bound Peach

    Wow.. .Very creative!

  • http://www.kbdesigns.nl Kevin

    Some of these are amazing!

  • http://autonomywebdesign.com/ Autonomy

    Denver Water representing D-town! Hee hee! They also have some really creative 3-D art around the city as well. Thanks for including them.

  • http://www.myohanhtun.com Myo Han Htun

    Great and Nice Idea. :)

  • http://edwards.heliohost.org/ Edward

    I love the 3rd ad.

  • http://www.eacgs.com KC – Enhance a Colour

    The rooftop potatoe chip install must have been fun. I hope on their website they have a web cam to show the peoples faces as they walk by. Very memorable.

  • http://www.sjlwebdesign.co.uk SJL Web Design

    Cool post, really inspirational advertisement. would like to go see #5.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • rafi

    The potatoes is the weakest. Most people will not make the connection between what’s hanging above their heads and the sign just below. They’ll just go, ‘huh? what’s that over my head” and giggle and keep walking. Cool idea, just over most people’s heads.

  • http://www.kdf-comp.com Matt V.

    Love the post outdoor advertising is truly one of the more creative ways to send a message these days. if you’re interested check out http://bit.ly/9G99dt is about 15 pics of vinyl wraps on buses, buildings, vehicles and more.

  • http://ecommercewebsite.co.nz/index.html Brian-Ecommerce website

    I am floored by the original conception of the ideas.The adverts are absolutely stunning

  • http://www.design-intellect.co.uk Web & graphic designer

    I love these advert, so clever, wish I had the creative space and clients to do it with. Cheers, M.

  • http://www.design-intellect.co.uk Web & graphic Designer

    WOW, wish I had the creative space and clients to do this sort of thing with! M.

  • omats

    great thinking i love this

  • omats


  • http://www.pixmac.com/ Cathy Mason

    #10 and #11 are my favorites here!
    Thanks for the post!