11 Round Die Cut Business Card Designs

Inspiration August 19, 2009

When I heard that UPrinting.com is planning to offer round die cut business cards, I decided to scour the internet for some awesome design examples. I’ve always been a fan of round business cards, because they are so different from the rectangular cards that we are used to. Making an impression is often about differentiating yourself from the crowd and your business card is a good place to start.

Inspiration for Round Business Card Designs

chm_systems cafe_java basta christine-cerniglia graphic_zing hypno_design murillo_design phonomat whatsup_juggling marstyle paul-schiller Do you have a cool round die cut business card? Take a picture and post a link in the comments sections to share! Stay tuned for a chance to win your own set of die cut business cards from the folks at UPrinting.com!

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  • http://karinnelegault.com Karinne

    These are great! I haven’t seen many of these cards before so thanks for that. The Java one is very cool.

  • http://www.carsonshold.com Carson Shold

    Awesome! You don’t see completely round ones too often.

    I opted for the rounded corners on mine too, check them out,


  • http://trushots.blogspot.com/ Trudy

    These are gorgeous. I wonder if the people you give them to will get annoyed since they may not fit in a wallet I am guessing. Still beautiful designs though…

  • Anonymous

    They look like coasters….

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk paul

    very nice! they do seem a bit thicker than the average mind! but they also definitely stand out above the rest. could get some really interesting contacts using these cards.

  • http://new-logo.co.uk/ Matt – New-Logo.co.uk

    These are really nice. This really offers designers a greater chance to get even more creative with their card designs.

  • http://www.blindacre.com BlindAcreMedia

    I think die cuts are always a nice touch on any project. It makes people want to feel it, making it very interactive.

  • http://www.seespend.com Alan

    Really nice. The juggling one should have a cut from the edge to the centre. Attach 2 at a 90 degree angle and you have a ball. Repeat twice more and juggling ensues.

  • Axe

    cool! thanks for posting these.

  • Eileen

    These are not practical at all, most people keep business cards in there wallets or a business card holder.

  • http://www.webdesign-warwickshire.co.uk Warwick

    Great set of business card, I wasn’t too sure on round business card at first but these look awesome.

  • BiB

    Excellent collection. thanks for sharing. Also recommend http://www.cardonizer.com

  • Reader

    I agree with Eileen.

  • http://www.lisamikulski.com/blog Lisa Mikulski

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing these.

  • http://www.kamikazemusic.com Dave Sparks

    I wonder if the benefits of being original are out weighed by the awkwardness of having an unusual shape?
    I’ve been toying with the idea of beer mat style cards just for something different.

  • http://redmunds.net Redmunds

    These are fun to look at (love the color schemes of Chm Systems, and Basta) but I have to agree that they are not practical because they do not fit within a wallet or card holder. I have a collection of designers’ cards and keep them all in a Chipotle gift card holder and a round one would throw off the groove. However I am digging the half business cards, where they are cut horizontally so they still fit in a wallet or card holder but still bring about a unique, memorable look.

  • http://www.kaplang.com Kaplang

    these are really cool :) I don’t have a round business card but I now want to design one. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://nevverbord.wordpress.com zkinslow

    very cool stuff. but they remind me of coasters. or POGs.

  • http://blog.yellowdoggdesigns.com Mark

    Nice cards. I have always said that these types of die-cut cards are very good for trade shows. Probably not practicle when you are doing your normal networking.

  • http://www.rakdesign.com Rak Logo Design

    These are really cool, I would love to design a round business card.

  • http://www.carsonshold.com Carson Shold

    For those of you that think a business card has to fit in a wallet or card holder, check out this video:

  • http://www.arenacreative.com/ arenacreative.com

    I think they’re definitely funkier – maybe a standard size biz card with rounded edges or other die cuts might be more practical. At least they’ll fit in the standard credit card sized wallet slots.

  • kitty

    Who says the round cards can’t fit into a wallet or card holder? All you have to do is have the right height to the circle and BAM you’re in a wallet! Maybe 1/2 a mm taller just for an added impact…

  • http://www.kimberlyrobertsdesign.com Kimberly Roberts Design

    What was the quality like on the rounded corners? I had some some made from overnightprints.com and they were all ragged. I feel like I wasted my money.

  • http://zerimargroup.com David

    Where can I get some of these printed. I’m working with a client who runs hockey clinics for kids, and we want to make one like a hockey puck. I need to know where I can get these printed and if there’s a template available. Thanks for your help.

  • http://www.1milliondesigns.com Zafar

    I admire what you have done here.

  • http://stemgallery.net conrad

    love the idea my store logo is a green dot and i am excited to see one done!!

  • mohamed

    very nice …. thx