12 of The Best New Poster Designs – July 08

Inspiration July 2, 2008

Each day thousands of designers across the world work on creating new and beautiful poster designs for bands, businesses, organizations, events and so on. Below is a collection of some of the best and most recent poster designs that were recently uploaded to a variety of graphic design portfolio sites. Feel free to link us to your most recent poster design in the comments or post a link to a recent design you fell in love with!

Best New Poster Designs – July 08

new-poster-designs-1.jpg new-poster-designs-2.jpg new-poster-designs-3.jpg

new-poster-designs-4.jpg new-poster-designs-5.jpg new-poster-designs-6.jpg

new-poster-designs-7.jpg new-poster-designs-8.jpg new-poster-designs-9.jpg

new-poster-designs-10.jpg new-poster-designs-11.jpg new-poster-designs-12.jpg

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  • http://www.outlawdesignblog.com Christina

    Those are really nice! I especially like the “Some New Things” one and the species/extinction one.

  • http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/ Steven Snell

    Some great use of color in many of them. Thanks.

  • http://www.heyitsadam.com Adam Morse

    My newest poster is up at http://www.heyitsadam.com/026.php ,
    as a designer, poster are my favorite thing to search through…album covers are a close second.

  • http://www.traceygrady.com/blog Tracey Grady

    I really like just about all of these. Great inspiration.

  • http://www.giorgosgeladakis.blogspot.com giorgos

    I loved those posters.especially the digital showcase.Such an illustration!Good worrk guys

  • http://nikibrown.com/designoblog/ Niki Brown

    I like the natural poster – so simple!

  • http://www.ashoksuthar.com/blog ashok

    Nice poster !! I like Kartell, black & blue color theme.

  • http://ilikegray.com/ DJ Gray

    Inspired by a tutorial at Abuzeedo.com, I made this little neon cosmic piece

  • http://ilikegray.com dj gray

    sorry about that, didn’t realize the “open paren” breaks up the link. lets try that again…

  • Gino

    Glad you all liked the poster designs showcased!

  • louie

    nice work!! very effectice use of effects and composition!..(Inspired)..\m/..

  • http://www.jesgraphicdesignco.com Jana Schweiss

    Wonderful inspiration! Thank you! Love the colors.
    Check out my site. http://www.jesgraphicdesignco.com

  • http://www.firebubbledesign.com Logo Design UK

    I agree with Niki I like the simpleness of the natural poster. I also like the red extinct poster but the facts make me feel a little sad :(

  • http://www.absolutecovers.com/ Ovi Dogar

    Wow…amazing work! I really like the colors…I think that the “Some New Things” is the best.

    Keep up the great work!
    Ovi Dogar

  • sammy o

    these are really good, i was just wondering what software does one use to create graphics like those? samomwega@hotmail.com