15 Delightful Brochure Designs

Inspiration March 25, 2009

I’ve always been a big fan of brochure design because I think it’s one of the hardest mediums to design. Brochures are often relatively small in size and packed with lots of information. This makes it very hard for a designer because you need to make the brochure eye-catching and easy to read, but still work in all the important information. One must also consider brochure printing since not all design translates well in print. Hopefully these brochure templates and samples will help you when you are stuck on a challenging brochure project.

Delightful Brochure Designs
















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  • creativecheetah

    These are fantastic. I wish I had seen these last year when I had to make one for college. They put mine to shame! Thanks for the great post.

  • http://www.cgtrade.net GFX – CG Video Tutorials

    Awesome… Very Nice…

  • http://www.traceygrady.com/blog Tracey Grady

    There are so many choices for brochure design: dimensions, folding or paginated, layout, and more. It could be a headspin but in fact I really enjoy working with brochure design for this reason.

  • http://blog.callumchapman.com Callum Chapman

    nice round-up of brochures! the first and eighth are my faves! thanks!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk/ Rory Martin

    Some great looking brochures!
    People say that paper based media is dead, but I think people are always gonna want a beautifully designed tactile object in there hands to browse at their will. I’ve always had a love for business cards and brochures..old skool!

  • http://maynaseric.com Maynas Eric

    nice :)

  • http://www.smashandpeas.com/ Lee Milthorpe

    Fantasic collection, very inspiring!

    I particularly like the first 2 and the last 1, they’re nice!

  • http://www.danhbaweb20.com/ Danh ba web 2.0

    Thanks for sharing. Great post !

  • http://www.designjar.co.uk Design Jar

    Some nice designs here, especially like the Pioneer-Pro-DJ-range brochure.

  • Great Design Anyway….

    Fell in love with No. 8 until I saw the grammatical error… “possibilites” is plural, therefore it should be “are” instead of “is”….. *twists the knife*

    A harsh reminder for us designers about PROOFREADING. Gorgeous design, nonetheless. :)

  • http://CreamyCSS.com Creamy CSS

    Great list! I likes China-and-Japan-Brochure,.. it’s really nice :)

  • http://www.navanee.com Navanee

    Nice and good collection.

  • http://www.nonsensesociety.com Chris Collins

    Great list. I love the ones that use deep/dark colors. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://creativeacclaim.com AlfredN

    The 8th, 9th, and 10th are my favorites. Beautiful list.

  • http://www.boraacemi.com BORABORA

    Nice collection!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandeep

    Very good collection.
    thanks for what you are doing for Designers around the World

  • http://www.youthkerala.com amith.s.raj

    Great Inspirations…..thnx…..

  • http://www.cdndesignstudio.com 3D modeling

    Nice brochure designs. I am searching for some decent designs for the brochure of IT Training Division. I like design-8 & 10 most.

  • http://www.pro-filemarketing.com Las Vegas Brochure Design and Printing

    Beautiful designs! We can only wish all clients would agree on so much negative space. Usually they give you enough text to write a book, not a brochure. Of course, in their opinion the font shouldn’t be small either. Ha! :) Luckily, there are few who understand basic design rules.

  • sathishbabu

    sorry, not to satisfied me, please go to next level its all usual

  • http://aureliandesign.com Brad

    Wonderful pieces – thanks for listing these!

  • sshp

    what is the best way to quote some customer feedback on a brochure?

    • thejudeman


      In terms of pricing? Would you care to elaborate?