15 Grandiose Green Website Designs

Inspiration June 12, 2009

Many websites are going green and by this I mean green in their color, imagery and overall style. Many of the sites deal directly with the environment or nature in some way, but others simply enjoy the emotion green color and imagery inspire in a viewer. People often find green colors and imagery relaxing and refreshing and if wielded properly can add a lot to a website design. So I thought I would showcase some cool websites that thrive off of the color green or nature related imagery and themes. Enjoy and feel free to link to any cool “green” sites you know of.

Green Website Designs













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  • http://www.lendlallenvtrazo.com/ Lendl Allen V. Trazo

    Thank you for taking notice of my website!!! :)

  • http://blog.callumchapman.com/ Callum Chapman

    Very nice collection, some beautiful web designs there!

  • http://www.bensky.co.uk Ben Sky

    Nice collection, bookmarked for inspiration, thanks!

  • Thomas

    What about this one? http://www.kiddikicks.co.uk/

  • http://www.pprogramme.de DiPa

    Nice collection ;)

  • bebopdesigner

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing

  • dynamic daniel

    cool examples.

    other green site I found this week. juandiegovelasco.com

  • http://www.oxidizzy.com Kamayana

    Thanks for sharing, very inspirational,
    I love the layout of http://www.greenglobeideas.com

  • http://member-6p011016410b95860c.vox.com/ David

    Green is very relaxing on the eyes. I recently set my VOX page to green. Also we had a lot of commercial orange and grey on sites in the last year or so and that was quite hectic, so I’m not surprised that people want to give the eyes a rest.

  • http://bevelwise.com David McCord
  • http://nuttersmark.com Mark Nutter

    Here’s a green website I made for a client a few months back: http://cleanenergyandpower.com. Great list!

  • mithalous qumer

    wonderful, inspiring, awesome

  • http://www.oneononetutorials.com Jeevan

    Some of these designs are just amazing. Thanks for finding these themes and sharing it.

  • http://www.creativresponse.com James Godwin

    Some amazing designs here, thanks for sharing

  • http://www.rakdesign.com Corporate Identity

    Wow, some amazing examples of green web design, my personal favorites are the Studio Sevens Design and RIP IE6.

  • http://www.techartistic.com Web Design New York

    Wow..awesome….Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.kekikliacicehrezayiflama.com ac? cehre

    very nice design

  • http://www.web4half.com Ecommerce Website Design

    its a great and nice design, i have bookmarked it for further use.
    Thank You.

  • http://www.blindacre.com BlindAcreMedia

    I really think the first and last websites are great examples. They are each very clean with minimal content. Very eye catching and they also look easy to navigate. Thumbs up.


  • http://new-logo.co.uk/ Matt – New-Logo.co.uk

    I really like the design of Ecoki. That one has to be at the top of my list. Thank you for sharing the sites.

  • http://www.petmag.ro Pet shop

    I love green themes. They seem a little happier than the rest.

  • Gino’s Fan

    The designs are looking good! Very Impressive.

  • http://www.gomasterkey.com/masterkey/websolutions.html You The Designer Fan

    That’s quite superb

  • http://dubai.dubizzle.com/property-for-sale/apartment/ buy Dubai apartments

    We need to remain in close proximity with nature. This is a good trend to be natural even on computers.

  • http://53mondays.com Alex

    Hey ! Really nice collection here.. You may like the website of the web studio i work for^^.. http://53mondays.com. Green web rocks !