20 Great Corporate Graphic Design Examples

Inspiration January 14, 2009

To kick the year off, here are 20 refreshing corporate graphic design creations for branding and identity development. These designs are upbeat and perfect for establishing a standout corporate identity. You can use them for work inspiration or maybe this list will help you re-think your own personal branding.Hope you enjoy these identity system samples below!

20 Corporate Graphic Design Samples

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    nice, these are really useful! like the way people presentate their work.

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    I love to see the face that corporate entities are catching on to the benefits of good design principles. Very nice post and collection!

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    These are really nice.

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    There are some really good brands here. Thanks very much for sharing. I particularly like the branding for Jorge GAlvez especially the business card design.

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    Thanks for the great post and cool site! I like to ask myself when reviewing designs of my own and others like this, “Will they still be good designs in 5 years?” In my opinion, most of these pass the test. Good inspiration, Thx.

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    Thanks for a great list of inspiration – Keep up the good work


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    GREAT great resource! This is a wonderful collection, and quite inspiring! The designs remind me very much of the good examples from a few of the books our design professor gave us for inspiration. Definitely bookmarked for alter use; thank you!

  • brian

    a great list of company branding and the different types of stationary they use, thanks!

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    I especially like the Persona Optimus stuff at the end.
    Keep em comming.

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    Love the examples – some of that work is really really high quality – the textured print is excellent!

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    This has helped me alto with my graphic coursewok. Now i actally know what a corporate design is.

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