20 Magnificent Magazine Covers in Recent Years

Inspiration November 2, 2009

The art of graphic design is continually evolving with society, fashion, technology and politics. Our styles and colors are inspired by everything around us and in turn, we can see snapshots of our evolving culture in the designs of the recent past. Taking a look at 2 years of magazine covers from major publications, I collected 20 contemporary magazine covers that I appreciated.

Twenty Magazine Covers from 2007 – 2009


Bon Apetit Magazine – August 2008


Departures Magazine – October 2008


GQ Magazine – March 2008


Harpers Bazaar – March 2009 (Subscribers Edition)


Home Miami – May 2009


Latina – March 2008


New York Look – March 2009


New York Look – Spring 2008


New York Magazine – March 2, 2009


New York Magazine – March 9, 2009


New York Magazine – November 2007


New York Times Magazine – December 2008


New York Times Magazine – June 2008


New York Times Style Magazine – Spring 2008


Sports Illustrated – December 2008


The New Yorker – November 2008


Vanity Fair – January 2009


Vanity Fair – September 2007


WIRED – April 2008


W Magazine – March 2009

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  • http://www.dzinepress.com Dzinepress

    amazing choice and very much selective covers. cool

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Anna Green, Web Design

    Very nice collection i particularly like Vanity Fair – January 2009. I often buy random magazines just because i like the design of the cover and there layout. They make very good inspiration. Especially for laying out website designs.

  • Sceneel

    But several of these covers are terrible! Harpers Bazaar – March 2009 – her hair is not properly cutout and she doesn’t drop any shadow. New York Look – March 2009 – Horrible cutout! Just look at her chin and under her eyebrows! Home Miami – May 2009 – Did noone take a close look at the stairs in the pool?!

  • http://www.pokethebeehive.com Dan Hutson

    20 magnificent magazine covers? Not by a long shot. I count maybe seven covers worth including. The rest are nothing special. What a disappointment.

  • http://www.jonathanpatterson.com Jonathan Patterson

    The Eric Bana and the Bernie Madoff cover aren’t all that magnificent to me. Other are cool though!

  • http://www.brandmantra.net/ website design

    Hey that was a really nice post… I work in a website designing company and appreciate it a lot…

  • http://www.elevenwest.co.uk Isaac

    Good collection of some interesting covers!

  • Neil K.

    Yea, not all that amazing in my opinion.
    But how could you miss the great Esquire cover featuring hand-painted typography on a beautiful woman?

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Anna Green, Web Design

    Iv just realised that the Eric Bana photograph its not at all flattering i don’t think. The lighting makes him look a little like a burns victim. Is it just me that see that?

  • http://queenofbows.com Stella Burchard

    Definitely a range. I personally didn’t find the GQ or Miami Home picks very standout, especially with all the great covers there are out there, but perhaps they will inspire others!

  • http://www.touchtaboo.com Nathan

    Nice list, some are brilliant (Latina Bazaar), others… meh.

  • http://lava360.com Zohaib

    Jessica Alba Latina cover. Fantastic

  • http://www.logobang.com elisa

    New York Magazine – March 2, 2009 – Great Cover! It’s amazing seeing mainstream media commissioning graffiti artists! (Kaws in this case)

  • http://www.michalwurm.com Michal Wurm

    There are some interesting covers mentioned here. I’m more of a “keep it clean” kindof guy so I really like New York Look – March 2009 and The New Yorker – November 2008. Some good ideas there, even though they have some unused real estate so it makes them seem more like a book covers than a magazine.

    The Sports Illustrated – December 2008 and the Vanity Fair – January 2009 are really well done and have a feel of real “cover, cover”.

    And I have to give it to Neil – the Esquire – July 09 cover with woman and hand painting looks really good. Thanks for mentioning it and posting a link :)

  • http://sexidesign.com Melody

    Very cool covers..love the ones from New York Look! Very inspirational for composition of a design..

  • Kristina

    thanks for the posts, it helps to see what there is for variety today and makes me feel better about the outlook in the design field for myself when I get a job someday. Not all covers need to look so alike like some do.

  • http://izdelava-spletnih-strani-1a.blogspot.com/ izdelava spletnih strani

    nice stuff, Gisele is really hot babe

  • Mehrdad

    Very Beautifull

  • http://pariskuechler.blogspot.com/ Paris Kuechler

    Nice selection of covers… Especially the New Yorker stuff is always interesting and refreshing! Thanks

  • http://illustrator4fashion.wordpress.com Fashion Illustrator

    Very creative covers! Really love them

  • http://designbuddy.com DesignBuddy.com

    I personally wouldn’t consider most of these as being “magnificent”, but there are some that are quite nice. The Benie Madoff as the joker is a pretty powerful and eye catching cover. The last two covers just don’t look good to me though. Thanks for the post.

  • http://twitter.com/someidiot Someidiot

    I liked New York Mag. and Wired.. the rest are bleh for me

  • http://www.estilolab.com LA

    I love the departures one, as a matter of fact I have that mag and kept it for that reason.

  • http://charanj.it cchana

    the new yorker one looks amazing.

  • http://blog.aceinfowayindia.com Ajay

    Great collection! much appreciated.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.signrightsigns.co.uk Magnetic Sign

    Great collection of stunning magazine covers, I really like the New York Times covers, especially the one with George Clooney.

  • http://msn summa white

    all tof ther pics are shiyt

  • http://edwards.heliohost.org/ Edward

    Wow, some of these are great. As for the others, they aren’t that great

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    If you are reading this and you are from the VLC, you should be getting back to work!