25 Gorgeous Graphic Designer Folios

Inspiration March 18, 2009

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to bring some new life to our graphic designer portfolios. Portfolio websites should be updated regurarly with new work, updated contact information and the overall design style of your site should be kept up-to-date. You may have a more timeless design, but if your website design is more trendy you may want to consider a new look. Today I have put together a bunch of great graphic and web designer portfolio sites to help inspire your spring portfolio cleaning!

Fresh and Creative Graphic Designer Portfolios


























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  • http://www.patternhead.com Patternhead

    Some nice work here, reminds me that I’ve really got to make time to update my personal site.

  • http://www.jonathanpatterson.com Jonathan Patterson

    I like these. They’re not run-of-the-mill.

  • http://www.blog.clickpreston.com Preston Lee

    WOW! One of the most amazing round-ups I have ever seen! thanks for the burst of inspiration!

  • http://www.web-button-zone.com Web Graphics

    These portfolio posts get me both inspired and depressed at the same time. Everybody’s work is so good that it makes me want to quit designing all together. But at the same time it’s like a push to improve my own skills. Either way, thanks for the list!

  • http://www.netage.co.za G Web

    These designs are awesome, it reminds me how much I still got to learn. Its inspiring to say the least. Thanks Goran

  • http://nutuba.blogspot.com nutuba

    These are impressive folios!

  • http://www.adtecstaffing.com/index.html Luke Whitburn, Adtec

    This is a great collection of creativity and talent!

  • http://www.dcypher.co.uk dcypher.co.uk

    Great collection of folios

  • http://www.plankdesign.com Warren Wilansky

    A very nice gallery for design inspiration! I also wanted to say thank you for including my team’s site in here.


  • http://www.lifeimitatingdesign.com Media Designer

    Very inspiring. I’m officially giving up sleep…

  • http://www.webunicorn.com WebUnicorn

    all are fixed width

  • http://www.olliekav.com Ollie Kavanagh

    Thanks for including my site, it is always nice to be included amongst such amazing work.

  • http://www.adrian-apan.com Adrian Apan

    Great collection … Congrats for the owners.

  • http://www.navanee.com Navanee

    Excellent! Good Portfolio. Great Collection. Keep it up…

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk/ Rory Martin

    Lovely stuff, a great range of styles and designs here. I’ll have to raise my game to compete with these talented bunch of designers! ozon3 is so simple but so sexy!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.backcountrygeneration.com/ BGdesign

    Really cool stuff thanks a bunch.

  • alfonso

    Very useful,give me great inspiration.
    amazing collection!


  • http://usman.coislamscience.com Usman Arshad

    Very Amazing and Useful designs, Give me very great inspiration really really creative and unique collection of designs.
    thank you very much for sharing…
    keep it up.

  • http://findshorty.com shorty

    great inspiration, some proper talent on display here

  • http://www.gabokorn.deviantart.com GaBo

    Cool folios!!! Im a beginner designer… these folios, how are the made? in what program?… sorry about my ignorance and my bad english… hehehe

  • http://www.blueunplugged.com/c.aspx?c=56949 powerball

    It’s a fantastic and cool collection, thaks for sharing!

  • http://www.zanetine.com Zanetine

    This is wonderful collection .. Thanks

  • http://www.redsignal.biz Web Design Company

    great inspiration, some proper talent on display here

  • http://www.websitedesignjomtien.com website design preston

    nice sites

  • http://www.facebooklicious.com/services/iphone-developer iPhone Developers

    Great Design, Nice creativity and efforts indeed. Keep it up

  • http://www.erkasoft.com ertan (erkasoft web design)

    nice designs. thanks.

  • http://www.revenuerobot.com Revenue Robot

    nice collection… very inspirational :)

  • http://www.flashreseller.com/ Kate

    I like when designers use at list a little bit of photoshop and illustrator knowledge. Corvusart is nice (i like header),

  • http://www.fuse8.com Cara Dixon

    Each of these web designs utilises both imagination and creativity! Really insprirational! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.junowebdesign.com JunoWebDesign

    Thanks for the feature guys… really proud to be up there in such a strong field.

  • http://www.socialjitney.com Iphone Application Developer

    Very inspirational designs. Thanks for sharing :)

  • http://techglobex.blogspot.com Tech Reviews

    Really, Great design. All designer have to be creative like it.